Zodiac Signs As Girlfriends: 12 Star Signs Ranked

AstrologyZodiac Signs As Girlfriends: 12 Star Signs Ranked

Many men, especially those who are young and inexperienced, want to categorize girls and find a clue to how to deal with them. One of the options is offered by astrology, for example, we can analyze zodiac signs as girlfriends. We will not just find the best girlfriend zodiac sign—we will rank them! Let’s see which is the best female zodiac sign to date.

Worst Zodiac Signs As Girlfriends


(23 August–22 September)

zodiac signs as girlfriends: 12 star signs ranked

Women born under this sign are very ornate and orderly in everything they do, so they try to make their relationships as perfect as possible. This drives their partner crazy.

They will dictate their partner’s clothing style and demand that they be kept as well maintained as possible around them. A person who does not share this view may not agree with the Virgo.

Her biggest minus is insecurity. In the pursuit of perfection, she becomes her own worst critic. Nothing is enough in her eyes.

This mindset has affected her self-esteem, and she constantly seeks affirmation from her partner, which can become overwhelming over time.

Because of this, Virgo is often jealous. They want to know every detail about their partner every second they’re not together, and that’s not really what keeps two people together.


(23 October–21 November)

zodiac signs as girlfriends: 12 star signs ranked

To be able to date a Scorpio, you really need to get to know them on a deeper level. Their cold exterior hides a warm heart, and at first they can seem a little intimidating.

It’s in their nature to try to control everything including their relationships. They realize that this is one of their biggest flaws, but they can’t stop themselves at certain times.

They have set the bar high and do not lower their standards when choosing a partner to have a relationship with.

A man has to do more to be with a Scorpio because Scorpios don’t accept anything mediocre.

They are brutally honest, which is both a blessing and a curse. Not everyone can handle brutal honesty.

Therefore, Scorpio needs a tough one who is open to honesty, no matter how difficult it is.


(21 March–19 April)

zodiac signs as girlfriends: 12 star signs ranked

Patience is not something Aries is familiar with. She wants it all, and she wants it now, and she has no time to waste. Therefore, her relationship develops at a fast pace.

She likes to feel that she is in control and that she always has the last word. She is very dominant and needs someone who is her opposite in order to maintain the relationship.

Passion. Too much passion. This is what you will encounter when you begin dating an Aries girl. They love to rush things when it comes to relationships. They will push you to do things that you will not be ready for at that time. The Aries girl can be quite obsessive. She will do whatever she wants with you, and she won’t care how you feel about it.


(20 April–20 May)

zodiac signs as girlfriends: 12 star signs ranked

Women born under this sign are a real example of strong and confident women, to the point that she almost never turns to a man for help or anything else. Therefore, men often feel worthless around them.

Taurus prefers to build relationships carefully and does not rush into anything. They do not appreciate men who take them for granted or try to play with them—they are immediately turned off.

She needs a man who contacts her first and who will actually make an effort to be with her.

She responds to effort with effort and cold with cold. She doesn’t run after anyone.

She has a big heart, but always follows her brain and intuition. That’s why no one can play with her.

Mediocre Zodiac Signs As Girlfriends


(21 June–22 July)

zodiac signs as girlfriends: 12 star signs ranked

Cancer is one of the most sensitive zodiac signs. She has an enormously warm heart that always puts others first. She does not hide her feelings and makes everything clear.

She always goes in wholeheartedly. She will do her best for someone she cares about and do whatever it takes to make her feel loved.

The bad thing is that she can overdo all this and lose herself in someone else’s love.

In doing so, her self-confidence drops and she becomes dependent on the person she is with.

She is so afraid of losing her partner that she smothers it with excessive love and sometimes even jealousy.

Cancer can be the best and worst lover ever depending on her ability to control her emotions.

7. LEO

(23 July–22 August)

zodiac signs as girlfriends: 12 star signs ranked

She exudes confidence. She’s looking for someone with a personality as strong as her own, otherwise the two can’t work together.

She doesn’t like to be handed things on a silver platter, so she has no problem chasing or being chased herself. The problem is that she constantly chooses the wrong men.

Players who are safe and charming are her first choice. She wants to think she can handle their game or turn it around so she’s in control. But it never works.

Women born under this sign aren’t the worst girlfriends, they’re pretty good, but decision making isn’t their strong suit.

They usually choose men who prefer regular dating over a serious relationship.


(20 January–18 February)

zodiac signs as girlfriends: 12 star signs ranked

Aquarius is a combination of impulsiveness, intelligence and independence.

She values freedom highly and prefers a relationship where she is loved in a way that makes her feel free.

She hates when things are boring and needs a partner who is dynamic and energetic. She needs to feel fulfilled in the relationship and needs someone who matches her intelligence.

She thinks a lot and notices things that no one else will notice about her or anyone else.

Therefore, her partner will feel that it cannot meet her expectations, while she has the same problem with herself. She constantly believes that she can do more and achieve more.

She needs a partner who will stand by her and raise her confidence until she understands that she is enough and needs to work on her confidence.


(21 May–20 June)

zodiac signs as girlfriends: 12 star signs ranked

Gemini has two sides—one that is bright and outward, and another that is withdrawn and dark.

She will always put more emphasis on the light side when she is in a relationship, but she will be with the man who also embraces his darkness.

Because of this, she is the most accepting boyfriend one can have. She is never judgmental and never looks down on her partner; she does her best to understand and help if possible.

She values loyalty above all else, so anyone who betrays her once never gets a chance.

Gemini girls have the right balance of strengths and weaknesses. You will have fun with her, but at the same time your relationship will not be devoid of difficulties. Most of the time the representatives of this sign are cheerful, adventurous and good-natured, but sometimes there are moments when their dark side begins to show itself.

Best Zodiac Signs As Girlfriends


(22 December–19 January)

zodiac signs as girlfriends: 12 star signs ranked

Capricorn is very dominant, both in life and in its relationships. She always gives her best in a relationship and expects someone who can do the same.

According to her, the basis of all reciprocity is. She needs someone who shows love for no particular reason, an ear that listens, and the support she herself gives.

If she doesn’t get that, she’d rather have nothing at all. Anything in between is nothing to her.

The remarkable thing is that she is loyal to the bone marrow and will always protect those she cares about, even if they can’t hear it.

The Capricorn girl will never show bad results when it comes to effort. She is 100% committed to any relationship. Because of her perfectionism, she can be difficult to deal with, but you will still be grateful that such a girl appeared in your life. You know you would be much worse off without her.


(23 September–22 October)

zodiac signs as girlfriends: 12 star signs ranked

Libra likes balance. They don’t like to go to extremes in a relationship. They don’t like when things change quickly and they avoid conflict at all costs. Unfortunately, this is not always good.

They sweep problems under the rug instead of solving them or talking openly about them. They keep it to themselves until it breaks, and then it’s already too late.

They are charming and charismatic, they like to hang out and include their partner in the better part of their life. They reluctantly end up in the limelight, and this often arouses jealousy in their partner.

However, they dump their jealous partner early on because they don’t like to feel controlled. They need a partner who gives them freedom.

They are sweet, kind, supportive and loving. They favour their partner’s well-being over their own, which is not always good for them.

You can never go wrong if you start dating a Libra girl. Representatives of this sign are considered to be the kindest of the whole zodiacal circle. They always have a positive attitude and want the people around them to be happy. However, you should be very careful with your words. It is very easy to offend a Libra girl, but even if it happens, she will never tell you about it.


(22 November–21 December)

zodiac signs as girlfriends: 12 star signs ranked

Sagittarius is a straight and bitter critic. But to someone special, she’ll be the exact opposite.

She will cheer her partner on every step and encourage them to believe in themselves. She will think of her partner first and put her needs aside, which is not good for her.

She always tries to see things from a different perspective and does not rush to conclusions, so conflicts in the relationship are solved thanks to her.

She is very passionate, especially with those she loves. Boredom is a word that can never be associated with Sagittarius in any way.

Representatives of this zodiac sign are among the best girls to date. They are always trying to make the people around them better. If you managed to win the heart of a Sagittarius girl, then she will not cease to push and motivate you to become the best version of yourself. Girls of this sign are very generous and unselfish. They put the needs of others above their own.


(19 February–20 March)

zodiac signs as girlfriends: 12 star signs ranked

Pisces girls can be quite shy at first, but your attempts and patience will definitely be worth it. Representatives of this sign are incredibly reliable and will be able to take care of your heart.

They are very good at recognizing and understanding the feelings of others. Also, they are very sensitive and always show caution in their words and actions.

A woman born under this sign needs someone to take the first step and make a little extra effort to reach her heart. They are often shy and don’t want anyone chasing them.

At least in the beginning. They will open up and eventually let the walls down. When that happens, their partner will realize they’ve found a real treasure.

This woman is both a best friend and the best lover and, therefore, the perfect girlfriend. She is someone to trust and cuddle with the long nights.

She protects secrets and is a rock to lean on for the person she is with—she is very supportive. She is someone to hold on to.

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