Your Business Lady Type Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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Are you thinking about starting your own business, or are you dreaming of a long-awaited promotion and already imagining yourself as a successful manager? Or maybe you are an accomplished businesswoman and want to know what your subordinates think about you: admire them or whisper disgruntledly behind their backs?

Many modern women would like to build a stunning career or start their own business. Unfortunately, not everyone succeeds. Some lack stubbornness, others lack determination, and still others lack the willpower to risk changing everything in their lives. What qualities character favors success, and who is destined to become a true shark of business? The stars will tell you about it.

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Aries (March 21 – April 20)

Key qualities: stubbornness and determination

your business lady type based on your zodiac sign

Aries comes first, both in the horoscope and often in life. Ruled by Mars, these women are literally fire. When it comes to implementing their own ideas, nothing can stop them on the way to their goal. Aries are energetic, active, not afraid to take risks, which often helps them in their career. They are spontaneous and always seeking new experiences. Defending themselves and their own business, ready to fight to the last drop of blood. It is better not to stand in their way!

Aries businesswomen: Victoria Beckham, Sophia Amoruso, Lady Gaga


Taurus (April 21 – May 21)

Ключевые качества: терпение и настойчивость

your business lady type based on your zodiac sign

Taurus women very often become successful businesswomen. Why? It’s simple. They move steadily towards their goal. Taurus women are not stopped by failures and obstacles. For them, it is a challenge that they are sure to accept. Taurus does not like to work alone. Often they maintain a warm relationship with the team and often seek the help and advice of more experienced mentors. Girls born under this sign excel in professions related to design and real estate, are interested in the field of hotel business, and are often venture capitalists.

Taurus businesswomen: Jessica Alba, Mary Kay Ash, Julia Koch


Gemini (May 22-June 21)

Key qualities: sociability and focus on details

your business lady type based on your zodiac sign

Gemini women can easily integrate into almost any field of activity, as long as it is creative and interesting. Routine is not for this sign. As a rule, Gemini means sociability—they are able to instantly start a conversation with absolutely anyone, so they often have a wide circle of acquaintances, they are loved by both subordinates and partners. Those born in the period from May 22 to June 21 will easily achieve success in writing or publishing, design and fashion.

Gemini businesswomen: Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen, Marguerite Louis-Dreyfus, Françoise Betancourt-Myers

Cancer (June 22-July 22)

Key qualities: passion and intuition

your business lady type based on your zodiac sign

Cancerians choose their business partners carefully. They are guided by their own intuition and avoid dubious projects. Women-Raks interact only with responsible investors who have an excellent reputation and recommendations, and they form a staff of employees who are ready to share and support a potentially successful business idea of their boss. With their creative vision, Cancers are creative in their approach to solving any problems and easily handle their responsibilities.

Cancer businesswoman: Selena Gomez, Estee Lauder, Yang Huiyan

Leo (July 23-August 21)

Key qualities: independence and fearlessness

your business lady type based on your zodiac sign

The lioness recognizes only one superior: herself. These girls are very ambitious, so it is difficult for them to walk as subordinates. Having an outstanding mind and a purposefulness sharpened for imminent success, they quickly achieve their goals, rapidly advancing to leadership positions in the company or managing their own business. Lions must always be in the center of attention, that is why among the representatives of this sign there are many not only successful, but also very bright businesswomen.

Leo businesswoman: Kylie Jenner, Coco Chanel, Joan Rowling

Virgo (August 22-September 23)

Key qualities: perfectionism and attention to detail

your business lady type based on your zodiac sign

Virgo has an analytical mind and is meticulous about details that others might simply overlook. She takes criticism easily, especially from people whose opinions she values. Virgo is very hardworking and never stops on the way to improvement, paying a lot of attention to appearance and education. Her “point” is to remain the best, so her motto in life: not a day without productivity. By the way, most of the billionaires on the Forbes list are Virgo.

Virgo businesswoman: Beyoncé, Cameron Diaz, Claudia Schiffer

Libra (September 24-October 23)

Key qualities: tendency to compromise and positivity

your business lady type based on your zodiac sign

Libra is an excellent business partner. They are reliable, sociable, energetic, do not panic at the first difficulties and always try to find a positive in any situation. The only disadvantage of Libra is indecision, sometimes reaching global proportions. Therefore, business cooperation with a more active companion (Aries or Gemini) is the ideal option for the representative of this sign. Libras are very creative, sociable and, in general, just spirits. Colleagues, employees and mentors love to spend time in their company.

Libra businesswoman: Gwyneth Paltrow, Kim Kardashian, Jacqueline Mars

Scorpio (October 24-November 23)

Key qualities: assertiveness and ambition

your business lady type based on your zodiac sign

Scorpios cannot obey anyone’s orders. Being by nature excellent leaders, they often choose a niche in business for self-fulfillment. Women born in the period from October 24 to November 23 are conservative and secretive about money. They don’t like to spend a lot and tend to save and invest. Scorpions are excellent leaders, they do not go to extremes, they approach decision making wisely and in a balanced way, that is why they often succeed in business.

Scorpio businesswomen: Anna Wintour, Nita Ambani, Kendall Jenner

Sagittarius (November 24-December 22)

Key qualities: ease of communication and a broad outlook

your business lady type based on your zodiac sign

Intelligence, insight, inquisitive mind, creativity. All this multiply by a great desire to declare themselves to the world – and you get a standard image of the female Sagittarius. These ladies are active and energetic, the earth is burning under their feet, and they burst into flames a huge number of brilliant ideas. They are bored to sit in one place, so Sagittarius is not afraid to constantly try something new, trying to finally find his calling. Optimism and faith in the best always saves them from failure and depression.

Sagittarius businesswomen: Tyra Banks, Taylor Swift, Christina Aguilera

Capricorn (December 23-January 20)

Key qualities: diligence and responsibility

your business lady type based on your zodiac sign

One of the reasons Capricorns are so good in business is that they never put things off, they never wait for the right time or the right circumstances. They immediately take the bull by the horns and begin to act. Capricorns usually have a work plan in which everything is thought out in detail. If something goes wrong, they will bring you another, alternate option out of the pocket of their “wide trousers”. And maybe even a few. Capricorns are very ambitious and hardworking businesswomen. They surround themselves with exceptionally successful people and are always demanding of the team.

Capricorn businesswomen: Kate Moss, Helena Rubinstein, Madame C.J. Walker

Aquarius (January 21-February 19)

Key qualities: fearlessness and independence

your business lady type based on your zodiac sign

It is often said of Aquarius women that they are “self-made”, i.e. the one who has achieved everything by herself. She has amassed capital, while working hard on her own brand. What accompanies such women on their way to success? High morale, courage and determination, rationality and the ultimate goal of the endeavor. They always know what they need the business for and what they will do with the income. It is not uncommon for Aquarians to set themselves not only financial, but also humanistic goals. They are not particularly interested in money for money’s sake. They want to invest, to finance, to help others, to realize themselves in other spheres.

Aquarius businesswomen: Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, Cindy Gallop

Pisces (February 20-March 20)

Key qualities: adaptability and creativity

your business lady type based on your zodiac sign

Pisces are very creative by nature, so there are many artists, directors, illustrators, designers, and makeup artists among them. They won’t waste a day to make debit and credit, as they will simply die of boredom. Such women are ruled by Jupiter and Neptune, so they have a great craving for self-expression. But they are not too concerned about the profits and losses of the company. But since Pisces is practically always doing what they love and devoting all their time to, they are usually very successful in business.

Pisces businesswoman: Kat Von D, Rihanna, Natalia Vodianova

As you review astrologers’ daily advice, remember that the stars are only there for you, not to decide everything for you. As one of the successful heroines of our horoscope, Sophia Amoruso, founder of the fashion store Nasty Gal, said: “Focus on the positive things in your life, and you will be shocked at how many good things will suddenly start happening. But don’t think you’re lucky. Remember, it’s magic, and you’ve accomplished everything on your own.” Do not lose time and act, and then be sure to succeed. Regardless of zodiac sign, under which you were destined to be born.

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