12 Zodiac Signs Ranked From Strongest and Most Powerful To Weakest: The Seal of Mars

Zodiac signs ranked from strongest (more powerful) to weakest

Every day, people of all the zodiac signs face choices and challenges that require a strong character. The way we behave in a particular situation reflects our inner strength or weakness. Strong and powerful zodiac signs are capable of incredible achievements by their nature, while the weakest zodiac signs have to double their efforts to endure.

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This post was updated on:
April 5, 2021

Mars is the planet associated with strength and drive. Its natal chart placement determines the choices we usually make.

Mars is also very important in love affairs. The red planet determines our temperament. If you want to make a career in sports, you need physical strength which is also the realm of Mars.

Personal power also depends on how well your Sun sign agrees with the energy of Mars.

We have prepared a ranking of the strongest and weakest zodiac signs for you.

So, which zodiac sign is the weakest? And which zodiac sign is the strongest and more powerful?

What is a weak sign?

Each zodiac sign has its strengths and weaknesses. However, we can analyze their specific traits and summarize them in the form of a ranking based on conventional wisdom. Traits of the weakest zodiac sign, in general, result in a fragile, erratic, inconsistent, and unreliable personality type who fails to comply with generally accepted criteria of strong and powerful people. However, all isn't lost—Astrology is a wise teaching—other qualities help weaker signs stay afloat.

What is a strong sign?

A stronger or more powerful zodiac sign is the sign that embodies qualities that most people consider positive: energy, initiative, competitiveness, stability, generosity, etc. By weighing what kind of behavior each zodiac sign is prone to in this context, we determine the strongest zodiac sign.

Is this ranking ultimate?

Here, we discuss the Sun sign, which is an important, but not the only defining factor. There are other actors in each person's birth chart that contribute to the overall picture.

Strongest Zodiac Signs



(22 December–19 January)


Capricorn emanates perseverance and constructive energy. In a critical situation, Capricorns always behave like strong leaders.

As a cardinal sign of the zodiac, Capricorn demonstarates initiative and resourcefulness. Therefore, Capricorn is the strongest and the most powerful zodiac sign.

Astrology explains this as follows. Mars, the planet of energy and drive, expresses the best of its nature in Capricorn—Mars is exalted in this sign. Exaltation is one of the five essential dignities of the planets in Astrology. The energy of Mars in Capricorn is not emotional—initiative is the form of its expression in this zodiac sign. Capricorns have great diligence, discipline, and responsibility. They have a sense of purpose and do not (and should not ) rely on luck. Definitely, they are not the weakest zodiac sign.

Capricorns do not need to be stronger than they are. It is enough to emphasize their achievements or make their everyday life easier, so that they have more time for rest. If they sign documents, a good pen will do. In all other cases, a pressure cooker is great—just make sure that Capricorn does not have it. Anyway, here's the full list of uncommon gifts for Capricorn for your inspiration!

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(23 October–21 November)


Scorpios are endowed with a strong natural energy, bordering on the other world. Their strength of character and will is evident in many situations. Scorpios are brighter than all other zodiac actors—not only the weakest zodiac signs. They have magical powers, which sometimes help them in mundane affairs. Nothing can stop them on the way to achieving their desires. The powerful energy and inner strength of Scorpio is felt even at a distance.

Scorpios do not need to be stimulated to be strong. They need to relax: go hiking with a military compass or take a break in a camping chair in the middle of a beautiful landscape. Anyway, here's the full list of uncommon gifts for Scorpio for your inspiration!

Your Sun sign is an important, but not the only factor. Calculate your free Birth Chart within seconds to find out which zodiac sign is the strongest and, probably, the weakest in your personal planet configuration.



(21 March–19 April)


Aries, the most passionate sign of the Zodiac, is endowed with abundant energy which is sufficient to charge everyone around them or breathe life into a sleeping system. Aries radiates a powerful aura that can incinerate everything around if need be. Aries people are doers and achievers. That is why the stakes are high for them.

Representatives of this zodiac sign successfully cope with any difficulties. Aries is in the top three of the strongest and most powerful zodiac signs. Therefore, they only need to level out the outbursts of aggression and self-love. A balance board, a punching bag or a gaming mouse will do the trick. Anyway, here's the full list of uncommon gifts for Aries for your inspiration!

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(23 July–22 August)


Predatory Leos are endowed with strength of character and will, associated with the instincts of hunting and trophy. Leos are strong leaders who will not miss their chance. The power of Leos manifests itself where their interest is. Representatives of this zodiac sign are purposeful, successful and determined.

Leos always overcome difficulties on the way to achieving their desires. Leos rightfully consider themselves the best and indispensable. And Leos’ power is abundant.

Do you know that everything Leos have must be the best or the only thing in the world? These Leo traits can be emphasized by Lion cufflinks, a bed sheet set, or, at least, a barbecue branding iron. Anyway, here's the full list of uncommon gifts for Leo for your inspiration!

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Average Strength



(22 November–21 December)


Optimism and easy-going outlook make Sagittarians strong people. Their love of adventure and risk often leads them to success. Sagittarians have courage and an incredible desire to live. Their energy is so strong that it charges the people around them. Sagittarians do not get upset and do not worry if they are overtaken by failure. They learn their lessons from any situation. Sagittarians have a great sense of humor. They are always on the move and love to chat with friends.

Cheerful Sagittarians like to automate their life and do not mind lying in bed (like Winston Churchill). To do so, Sagittarius will need a cocktail blender or a bed tray table. Anyway, here's the full list of uncommon gifts for Sagittarius for your inspiration!

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(20 April–20 May)


Contrary to popular belief, Taurus is NOT the strongest zodiac sign. They are endowed with willpower and ability to work hard. The only thing that can prevent Taurus from becoming the best performer of the Zodiac is their reluctance to leave their comfort zone and change something in their lives. Very often, they remain where they are, because Taurus is one of the weakest zodiac signs for the Red Planet (Mars). Taurus must have a very strong motivation for change.

Taurus people are strong in their stability, they have staying power. But they do not have as much energy as the leaders of our rating. They should get enough sleep to restore their mental and physical balance. What they need is a back and neck massager and a memory foam pillow. Anyway, here's the full list of uncommon gifts for Taurus for your inspiration!

There are other actors in your Birth Chat that may occupy different zodiac signs and make them weaker or more powerful. Your free Natal Chart and its full interpretation will give you further insights in just a few seconds (the form of the Natal Chart calculator will appear in a new tab).



(23 August–22 September)


Virgo is hardly a strong sign of the zodiac. Dependence on other people's opinions can cause damage to their mental state and energy. Virgos, accustomed to perfectionism, are too fixated on this, not noticing the surrounding opportunities. Virgo has a restless nature. They are worried about their health. Despite the high level of intelligence, Virgo is lost in critical situations and can fall into a stupor. But still, they are not the weakest zodiac sign.

The lower the strength rating, the greater the need for incentives. Virgo’s power will increase if they breathe healthy indoor air improved with a humidifier and/or air purifier or use an eye massager. Anyway, here's the full list of uncommon gifts for Virgo for your inspiration!

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(19 February–20 March)


Despite the fact that Pisceans have a developed intuition and are endowed with magical abilities, it is difficult to call them strong people. Pisces is let down by excessive emotionality and dreaminess. They are very easily put off their stride. In a critical situation, they are lost because of their strong emotions. They can't look at problems objectively and sensibly.

Although Pisces is one of the weakest zodiac signs, it is worth remembering that Pisces can fight back when they are highly motivated. Pisces is capable of making an effort, but they need a good rest after that. Their weak points are their feet and fragile psyche.

Pisces will have a good rest and gain strength using a foot massager or enjoy sitting in a rocking chair. Anyway, here's the full list of uncommon gifts for Pisces for your inspiration!

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Weakest Zodiac Signs



(23 September–22 October)


Libra is too kind and light to be a strong zodiac sign. They hate conflicts and avoid them in every possible way. But still Libra is not the weakest zodiac sign. It is better for them to stand on the sidelines and wait out the crisis than to act and solve problems.

Libras, by nature, are very soft, gentle, and attractive creatures. They simply don't have enough energy. It is nice to be near them. Libra is an aesthete. Libras love to look after themselves, enjoy quality things and appreciate comfort. This is the only way Libra can accumulate strength.

To become stronger, they need to relax using a bath bomb set or a gravity blanket. Anyway, here's the full list of uncommon gifts for Libra for your inspiration!

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(20 January–18 February)


Despite their optimism, Aquarius can hardly be considered a strong sign of the zodiac. They lack the energy and power to move mountains. They do only what they like—only for this Aquarians have enough energy. There is a huge potential in Aquarians that they often do not fully reveal, preferring not to waste energy in vain.

In fact, Aquarius behaves like one of the weakest zodiac signs. The power of Aquarius is hidden and only manifests itself in a creative atmosphere. It is not so easy to unleash it, but there is something Aquarians can do.

First of all, Aquarians should get rid of the need for cleaning their shelter. Let a robot vacuum work for Aquarius, who, meanwhile, will be engaged in an intellectual board game. Anyway, here's the full list of uncommon gifts for Aquarius for your inspiration!

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(21 June–22 July)


Cancers do not possess much willpower, character and energy, because they do not need it. They are submerged in their house, family hearth , comfort. All their efforts are spent on caring and paying attention to their loved ones.

In addition, Cancers prone to be capricious and dramatic, which takes a lot of effort and energy. That's why Cancer is one of the weakest zodiac signs. However, if Cancers spend their energy in the right direction, they can achieve great success.

Cancers take care of their “shell” and always try to improve it. Men will need a household toolkit. Women will find a cookware set useful. Anyway, here's the full list of uncommon gifts for Cancer for your inspiration!

By the way, do you know the primary actor of your personal Birth Chart? It’s not necessarily the Sun who defines your strongest and weakest zodiac sign. Calculate your free Birth Chart within seconds to encompass the full picture!



(21 May–20 June)


Gemini is probably the weakest zodiac sign in mundane affairs. Their fickleness and mutability play tricks on them. Geminis lack staying power. They never finish the job, preferring to stop halfway. In a critical situation, Geminis simply run away—they don't want any problems.

As a result, issues they need to face and tackle remain unresolved. Gemini is a very vulnerable and fragile zodiac sign. Although Mars is not formally in detriment in this sign, Mars and Mercury (Gemini's ruler) are enemies. Since Mars is the planet of action, it contradicts the mental energy of Mercury . These two planets simply act in different planes and diminish each other.

To become stronger, Geminis need to develop a habit of getting things done. For example, a portable gym and a habit tracker can help with this. To stay in touch all the time, as Geminis like it, a power bank and wireless headphones can help. Anyway, here's the full list of uncommon gifts for Gemini for your inspiration!

Although Gemini as the Sun sign, in our opinion, is the weakest zodiac sign in everyday life, Mercury, when placed in Gemini, makes this zodiac sign the strongest and the most powerful as compared to others. Create your personal Birth Chart for free within seconds to see where Mercury is in your unique planet configuration.

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  1. So what are you then, the person who produced this?

    • Thank you for your comment.
      What exactly do you mean?

      • I think they ment to ask of your zodiac sign

  2. You person got be truly misunderstood. Gemini are powerful than all of zodiac imaginable like it you … I am Gemini. Don’t you dare that Air sign are powerful as possible

    • Hi Jr,
      Thank you for your comment.
      I've explained why I've concluded that Gemini is the weakest zodiac sign. In addition, my opinion is based on my 10 years of experience in practical astrology. What's your background? I understand your feelings (you mention: “I am Gemini”), but there's nothing I can do for you within the scope of this particular article. Please learn more about astrology, create your personalized natal chart . Of course, if your Mars is in Aries or in Scorpio, your Gemini Sun is very well strengthened. But in the abstract, Gemini is the weakest zodiac sign.

      • In my opinion, Taurus are the weakest. Geminis are quite strong and stubborn—they simply aren’t evil unless they have a reason (you are mean, you upset them, they are angry or upset) Geminis are always seen incorrectly.

    • lmao all geminis ive met are so weak like my sister she gets scared of anything and some more people

      • thats not the kind of weak the author is talking about, i am a gemini and when i compare myself to others i would say im weak but we are also strong in our own ways when it comes to mind games, we can get to the other person quickly and make comebacks, we dont like to finish things, we can manipulate people and be awfully stubborn. im curious what sign are you?

    • Even the late Sylvia Browne once wrote that no matter what anyone said, and she didn't care what anyone said, Capricorns were the strongest sign.

    • I can beg to differ. It seems you think very highly of yourself and can't take the criticism of another one's opinions. That's what truly proves you as ‘weak.'

  3. I'm a cancer I'm straight not that worrid like as long as I'm allowed to like connect with people and there emotions and stuff like that i really don't care to be honest with you I'm not the type that would get really mad about anyting stupid plus she has 10 years experience so like she's been like one year with all the zodiac signs I'm pretty sure I know dont I'm talk about whatever

    • Hi, thanks for sharing your opinion with us.

  4. that's disrespectful I what are you talking about whats your background okay you did 10 years or learning each individual zodiac sign you basically just wasted like 10 years of your life like it doesn't mean s*** to me oohhh I wasted 10 years of my life so I can go ahead and just talk to you and figure out what zodiac sign you are

    • Hi there, I don’t really understand what you’re trying to say, but it’s pretty easy to figure out ‘what zodiac sign you are’, no need to learn for 10 years. I am a professional astrologer and, I guess, I can express my opinion on what basic traits of the zodiac signs are. No disrespect at all.

      • Dont worry. U r right and u dont need to try and chnage ur mind lmao. Dont listen to these gemini who are pressed cause they are weak ( even tho we are talking about the individual sign not the sign as a sun sign ) but u got my point.

      • what sign are you thinking laura?

    • calm down paul dont freak out

  5. Wouldn't it make more sense to tell people to look at their Mars placements instead of their Sun signs when going through this ranking?

    • Hi Jay! Thank you for your comment. Actually, this is exactly what I tell people to do: create their free personalized natal chart. This Sun sign ranking is based on the assumption that all other planet placements are ‘equal'. However, it is not a mere hypothesis. All the above-mentioned traits of the zodiac signs can be easily noticed when you have some statistics and experience.

  6. Unquestionably believe that that you said. Your favourite justification seemed to be at the web the simplest factor to keep in mind of. I say to you, I definitely get irked even as other people consider issues that they plainly do not understand about. You managed to hit the nail upon the highest and also outlined out the entire thing with no need side effect , folks could take a signal. Will likely be again to get more. Thanks

  7. Hi I am a Gemini and there not weak. To prove it I actually take martial arts, gymnastics, swimming, and soccer and I think not just Gemini is strong but all the other zodiac signs are strong to.

    • bruh that dont make you automatically strong

    • Right there is your sign of weakness because you consider physical strength as being strong but strength is so much more than that. Strength of the mind is the strongest element of all. Your evident lack of self reflection is the problem. Work on this and you too can be strong.

      If Gemini’s really didn’t believe they were weak they wouldn’t have to come out in troves to say something. Besides someone had to be on the bottom of the list.

    • I am gemini and I'm the smartest in my class. I also disagree that Gemini is not weak. I get mostly As, and I can harm or break a lot of things. I once accidently hurt my sister because she was annoying AF

  8. Hi I'm a cancer and I got married to a cancer but then we got separated bcoz her and her family demanded more lobola money than what I could give here in South Africa and just now in 16/08/2020, I found her families secretly receiving lobola money from other family and after then she opened a false charge case against me of assault, threats of firearms and phone call threats so I'm busy with the courts but then I wanna know more of what to do when a woman of this cancer horoscope betrays you like this bcoz basically I can tell that she was the devil I never knew all my life

  9. I am always surprised to hear astrologist say things like “this sign is too…” or “this sign is weak”or “this sign is strong”. Astrology is associated with wisdom, hidden knowledge and the heavens. It doesn't sound very enlightened or contemplative to be so dismissive of the traits certain signs have to offer the world. “Strong” is a very vague term. Any study like this is also clearly skewed by the sign bias of the author, unless they are mature, high functioning.

    The point ought to be to better understand each sign, embrace those unique qualities and learn to work together to better ourselves and build a better world.

    • Hi Brad!
      Thank you for your comment.
      Is the dichotomy “weakest-strongest zodiac sign” a simplification? Sure, it is. Any generalization implies an error coefficient. But people get better understanding of astrology through this type of summarizing. They get interested. I always give a link to a free tool so that everyone can create and read their personalized birth chart interpretation and gain an insight into real astrology.
      I know that each sign is unique and neither of them are absolutely weak or strong-it depends on other planet placements. I always mention this.
      However, I don't agree with your statement that astrology is a sort a hidden knowledge. It's a perfect tool for everyone to understand themselves.

    • Well said Brad! There is perfect balance between the signs. What is perceived as a weakness can easily be perceived as a strength in different circumstances. It also would depend on the observer or the beneficiary, and the individual needs or preferences. I admire the discipline and responsibility capricorns deliver, but don’t care much for the materialistic tendency and the need for recognition that often takes center stage. So from my perspective I see both weakness and strength really in every single zodiac sign. And as such a list like this is incredibly vague.

  10. Hit Gemini right on the nose actually every sign resonates with not one but many people i know with each sign. I'm a aries was married to a gemini who was great a getting to a dollar anyway he could kept a job, very productive, cook clean etc,, took care of me then out of nowhere left me and or newborn daughter for an aquarius, never communicated ANYTHING. Only thing he could say is don't get him wrong i am a good woman and wife but couldn't explain why he was leaving..put a ring on her finger (engaged) while still married to me then got murdered apparently from something from his passed(teenage yrs) so I'm now a widow, he has 2 children under the age of 4 because he got her pregnant right after me. And the girl he left me for is already trying to take someone else man. His family is so confused they can't understand why he left a real woman for some young girl that shows she don't love herself. Talking about unfinished business….I only said all this to say you know what your talking about

  11. I do agree many Geminis are weak but what kind of weak? I am Gemini- 280 6/8 very strong, I’m kind of like hulk but not green.

    • That’s cute. And funny. Right there is a sign of strength you were able to take the information in without getting defensive or rude and reflected about what strength is. And you’re right it’s not always about physical strength. You’re on the right path. Keep going

  12. hey there. i am actually a libra (or virgo, to the new one), but i can't say ur right.
    i fight in school, am not scared of the common stuff girls are (yea, i'm a girl) and i love daring risks! so compared to most, i consider myself not weak.
    and i'm indian!!!

  13. To be honest i disagree 50% cause not all geminis are weak I'm not pressed or offended I'm Gemini but I think the Gemini is weakest on Mars sign?

  14. Calling someone weak is easy for you to say.

  15. The fact that there are Geminis reacting the way that they are in the comment section proves what you said.

    People need to remember weakness isn’t a physical thing alone. It can be a mental or emotional thing. But weakness doesn’t have to be seen as negative as long as you can recognize your weaknesses and work on them.

    This is also meant to be general. If you think it doesn’t apply to you then it doesn’t but if you get offended and defensive about it then it obviously hit a nerve and it does. You just didn’t realize it or don’t want to acknowledge it.

    • Hello LLcoolG,
      You're absolutely right. The purpose of my zodiac sign rankings is to let people discover their pain points.
      Thank you for your comment.

      • Smart. When I see my fellow Geminis react the way they did, it was like a trap🙄. I'm not gonna lie, I was a little offended, but lately, I've been trying to accept and understand myself and fix those bad habits. I somewhat agree. Especially after reading the comments lol. I've always tried to figure out why I've had a conflict with people when my intentions were always pure, worry what people will think, and usually tend to walk over eggshells for people I love. I've been told I can't handle the truth… It's not that I feel higher than others or think I'm perfect, I've been attacked all my life and it's hard to tell the difference between constructive criticism or negative. I try to adapt but sometimes it's hard to go with the flow and ignore the elephant in the room. We're also like mirrors. When I give the same energy, I'm the bad guy though lol. I personally take this as something to help improve myself, not sure about the running away part though. Any fellow Gems relate?

    • So you're saying any sign wouldn't react to being called the weakest?

  16. SPOT ON! Esp about geminis, my daughter…no staying power. . . All over the place.

  17. I am a published writer and architect, speak 3 lenguajes and have others skills that allowed me to open doors and i am a gemini, i have never in my life quit something or left things half way.
    The weakest can rise as the strongest, i don't feel attacked, i just saw this as an example that everything in this universe has its exceptions, you can become an exception too.
    Gemini, step in power.

    • Alex C, you seem to have ‘left learning English half way'. You speak ‘3 lenguajes' but this is not English. But, yes, the world's gone mad, and people like you're ‘stepping in power.'

  18. I would say Cancer is first, then Taurus, then Gem. Mainly because Cancer and Taurus dont really have the willpower and value comfort over actually getting anything done.They WILL NOT do anything until they are 100% comfortable. Sidenote: Gems are getting defensive because they are always the bad guy in astrology, yet some of the most accomplished people are gems (generally speaking). They are always bad talked, and after studying signs for some years they really arent that bad, and should be uplifted more for there good qualties

    • Also Pisces is a pretty passive sign too

    • Well.. Gemini's argue a bit too much.. So.. yea

  19. Aquarius falls pretty low to have some of the world's greatest athletes.
    Michael Jordan
    Wayne Gretski
    Christian Ronaldo
    Lawrence Taylor
    Bill Russel
    Babe Ruth etc.

  20. Lol yall really hate off cancer zodiac but we rule the flow of life itself our ruler is the moon and even look in history until now to even see cancer leaders smh haters if there was no cancer you wouldn't be able to thrive on this planet period!

  21. Marquis Metcalf

    Ok, Gemini's, respect the author please. There's no need to get mad over what he/she said. It's quite annoying to me you're saying all of this (Gemini's), I don't know 100% why, It just is. Stop being a baby, jeesh. And I think aries deserve the number 2 spot, they are not the best, but they are the second best. Taurus, I like where you put them, a lot of this is accurate by the way, Good job.

    • Marquis, thank you for your favorable opinion! 😉

  22. Geminis don't be offended, keep an open mind. Being gemini isn't easy to master, and these traits must be dealt with for your own good. Yes we are very misunderstood, but we must increase our understanding as well. Only then duality is overcome and the twin become one. Cancer will help start this process. Thank me later

  23. Gemini King, thank you for your valuable comment. Nobody should be offended. The most intelligent zodiac sign is Gemini, in my opinion. There is the respective post on this website.


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