What is the Strongest Zodiac Sign Physically? 4 Champion Zodiac Signs

AstrologyWhat is the Strongest Zodiac Sign Physically? 4 Champion Zodiac Signs

What is the Strongest Zodiac Sign? Astrologer Explains

Many people who are interested in astrology want to know what zodiac sign is the strongest physically. To begin with, you can’t rank zodiac signs from strongest to weakest physically judging by the Sun sign only. Many so-called astrologers claim that they’ve found a magic formula. However, it’s just a profanation of the ancient teaching of astrology.

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what is the strongest zodiac sign physically? 4 champion zodiac signs
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February 4, 2021

What is really relevant when determining personal physical strength is the starting point of the zodiac—the rising sign (or the ascendant). Human appearance and body are described by the first house of the horoscope of which the ascendant is the starting point. Sun sign can explain the degree of physical strength of a person only if the person’s rising sign is Leo. But this is only one of 12 combinations. For other 11 rising signs, Sun is an important factor which, however, rules other spheres of life and has nothing to do with the physical body and strength.

Therefore, the rising sign is the clue to the puzzle: what is the strongest zodiac sign physically?

When it comes to physical strength, we need to consider one of the main actors of the horoscope—the planet Mars. The symbol of Mars is the warrior who embodies physical strength, bravery, drive, and even aggression. Mars rules the athletes and the competition. The true person of Mars strives to reach the limit and then overcome it.  The energy of Mars can be creative or destructive, it all depends on where to direct it.

If Mars is somehow related to the ascendant in the horoscope, the person is endowed with Martial qualities and therefore, enjoys higher level of strength. Mars in the first house, for instance, is a clear indication that the person can become an athlete who will win many fights and competitions. Do you want to know where Mars is placed in your horoscope? Create your birth chart for free within seconds and read its interpretation!

So, we’ve already made important conclusions:

  • The rising sign determines physical strength rather than the Sun sign
  • Physical strength depends on whether the planet Mars is related to the first house somehow

Based on these assumptions, we can also conclude that the strongest zodiac signs are those ruled by the planet Mars or those that blend well with the red planet’s energy.

Are you ready to learn which zodiac signs are the strongest physically? Here’s the top 4—the Premier League:



(22 December–19 January)

what is the strongest zodiac sign physically? 4 champion zodiac signs

Capricorn, when rising, gives stamina, endurance, and persistence. Why? Because Mars is in exaltation in this sign, i. e. this is one of the strongest zodiac signs for Mars.

Athletes with this placement of Mars patiently pursue their goal—to become the best. They are Spartans among the strongest zodiac signs. They can sacrifice anything to achieve success.

Even if they don’t look athletic on the outside, we don’t recommend to start a hand-to-hand combat with them. If your rising sign is not one of those who are champions of our ranking, you’ll lose.

Athletes with Capricorn Ascendant: Cristiano Ronaldo

Date of birth: February 5, 1985

Occupation: Football Player

Sun: Aquarius

Moon: Leo

Rising sign: Capricorn

Source: astro.com



(23 July–22 August)

what is the strongest zodiac sign physically? 4 champion zodiac signs

Strictly speaking, Mars has no specific merits in Leo from the astrological point of view. However, practical experience makes it possible to conclude that Sun, Leo’s rule, is a good friend of Mars.

Many athletes have Leo rising—this is one of the strongest zodiac signs physically. Sun is the giver of life—therefore, the luminary’s influence on the body is very invigorating. Leo is a natural zodiac sign for sports, which is part of the red planet’s realm.

Leo is a very strong zodiac sign in a fight—they are born winners. Their competitors lose even before they start the fight.

Athletes with Leo Ascendant: Muhammad Ali

Date of birth: January 17, 1942

Occupation: Boxer

Sun: Capricorn

Moon: Aquarius

Rising sign: Leo

Source: astrotheme.com



(23 October–21 November)

what is the strongest zodiac sign physically? 4 champion zodiac signs

Finally, we’re entering the realm of the red planet—Scorpio is ruled by Mars. Here, Mars breaks free and expresses its pure qualities. Scorpio is selfish and calculating—this is a dangerous mix for those who want to oppose them.

In a way, Scorpio zodiac sign resembles Capricorn as a rising, but Scorpio is more intense. Capricorn may back off for a while when enemy’s resistance is too fierce. Scorpio will never do so. Scorpios’ relentlessness (even to themselves) makes them one of the strongest zodiac signs.

Win or die—this is their motto.

Athletes with Scorpio Ascendant: Mike Tyson

Date of birth: June 30, 1966

Occupation: Boxer

Sun: Cancer

Moon: Sagittarius

Rising sign: Scorpio

Source: astrotheme.com



(21 March–19 April)

what is the strongest zodiac sign physically? 4 champion zodiac signs

The undisputed leader of our ranking of the strongest zodiac signs is Aries. Mars goes wild in Aries and wins any fight hands down. Aries is fierce but never wicked—this zodiac sign is just very straight. Real, natural strength is always straightforward.

When you don’t hide any sides of your nature and simply express yourself—and your self is pure strength and power—you always win. Aries are Romans among the strongest zodiac signs.

Their motto is: “I came; I saw; I conquered.” Sounds familiar?

Athletes with Aries Ascendant: Shaquille O’Neal

Date of birth: March 6, 1972

Occupation: Basketball player

Sun: Pisces

Moon: Scorpio

Rising sign: Aries

Source: megaharbor.com

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  1. Somewhat accurate. But a lion is stronger than a ram. And the Sun is an indicator of physical strength too, vitality and overall health. It even rules the Strength Tarot Card.


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