What is a Karmic Relationship? – 7 Signs from the Universe

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Where do you get a clue when the voice of intuition has gone silent? Ask the universe!

Many people make the mistake of thinking that by getting into a serious relationship they are beginning to meet the very person destined for them. Unfortunately, however, it is often no more than a simple crush that gradually begins to fade away. So how do you know that the person is your destiny and you are about to enter a karmic relationship? It is necessary to pay attention to the signs that are sent to you by the Universe—they will indicate whether the person is your karmic task.

Below are the 7 signs of a karmic relationship:


Prophetic dreams

Sometimes a future life partner comes into the dream long before the meeting. The higher forces are actively working to ensure that the dreamer learns about his chosen one even in a dream, and at a meeting in reality tries by all means not to miss him. Having met destiny in life, there is an impression that this is a loved one from the past, who appears in life for a reason. Such signs are found in everyone, just many can not consider in time the importance of them and make the right conclusions.


Feeling of recognition

When you meet the rigth person, there is a feeling that you have known each other for a very long time. It is as if there is a “mirror” in front of you: you find similar traits, mannerisms, and habits in the person.


Deja vu effect

Deja vu haunts everyone throughout life. Scientists believe that it is a malfunction of neurons or memories of pictures from our forgotten dreams. The effect is caused by the feeling that you already knew your soul mate, you know her so well, as if you have been close to her for more than a year. There is a feeling that you were missing a puzzle, and now it is finally found and the picture comes together. Such a feeling can arise when two people knew each other in past lives.


General coincidences

Coincidences can be different and not immediately noticeable. Names (relatives, friends, acquaintances, yours), dates, dreams that tell about the same events, but from different sides, as well as life similar stories. It may also happen that your first meeting will take place in a memorable place for the two of you. Coincidences can be connected with different areas of life, for example, with your hobbies and passions.


Loss of sense of time

When you are with “your” person, the concept of time doesn’t exist. Hours fly by unnoticed, and you are left with the feeling that you lack communication. With the person who is destined by fate itself, you will always be interested, you will always find something to talk about, how to spend time together. In addition, when the two of you are together, you do not leave the feeling of peace, calmness and comfort, you have no desire to escape.


Sense of predetermination

That’s the feeling you get when everything falls into place. You begin to realize that all this time you’ve been searching for just that person. He came into your life, and everything became easy and understandable. In a situation like this, a lot of events can fly by quickly, disagreements literally fly away, there are no quarrels or negativity. At a certain time, you realize that you can’t see the future without this person, and all the difficulties turned out to be only factors contributing to your meeting.


Repeating numbers

Numerology is one of the truest clues of the Universe. You must have noticed more than once that during a certain period of time combinations of the same numbers often appear before your eyes. This is one of the signs of the Universe. The combinations: 06:06; 12:21; 15:21; 22:22; 11; 111 indicate a karmic relationship.

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