What is a Body Pillow and How do you use it?

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Body pillow, its shapes and features

What is a body pillow? A body pillow is an orthopedic accessory with a sophisticated design that supports the spine and joints in the correct anatomical position. Body pillows are a lifesaver for pregnant women. But they can make life easier not only for future mothers: they can be used for long work in a sitting position, to relieve back pain, and even when feeding a newborn.

Why do I need a body pillow?

A full body pillow helps your muscles relax by supporting the necessary parts of your body. They were created bearing human physiology in mind. They are safe and easy to use.

Different types of body pillows

You can use a body pillow to:

  • get rid of insomnia;
  • relieve back and joint pain;
  • create a beautiful posture;
  • get rid of edema and prevent their appearance;
  • enjoy a comfortable position;
  • get enough sleep during late pregnancy.

The combination of elasticity and softness in the pillow filler provides support for tense muscles and ligaments, relaxing them. This improves blood circulation and oxygen supply of tissues. Relaxed muscles stop pressing on the spine, fully rest and recover, while keeping the body parts in an elevated position ensures the outflow of lymph and relieves edema.

Shapes of body pillows and their features

Pillows are divided by shape, filler, size and purpose. Basic forms: C, G, I, J, L, U, 7, 8.

body pillow 6
Body Pillow Shapes

Let's consider each of them in more detail:

  • C form. Popular among pregnant women and used for sleeping on your side. In this position, the ligaments and muscles that support the growing belly relax, ensuring proper blood flow. If you twist the pillow around (if the size allows), you can sleep on your stomach, putting it in the recess. In reclining or sitting positions, you can put it under your feet or back. You can also use it when breastfeeding a baby;
  • G – in the form of the corresponding letter. It can be used sitting, fixed on the lower back, to reduce the load on the spine. When sleeping on your side, you can place one end of the pillow between your knees and rest your head on the other. Provides support for the pregnant woman's abdomen, healthy blood flow, and relaxation of tired muscles;
  • I – in the form of a roller. The length of the pillow can be selected based on your height, so that it is convenient to put both your head and legs. It can be twisted into any shape or used in a straightened form: put it under your back, stomach, or throw your legs over it;
  • J – in the form of a cushion with a rounded headrest, which can be used as a pillow for the head or, inverted, between the legs;
  • L resembles the letter “G”. The short side during sleep can be used under the head or throw your legs on it. The long side will support the growing pregnant belly or back muscles, depending on the side in which it lies;
  • The U-pillow, created in the shape of a horseshoe, is the most popular among pregnant women. You can use it in a sitting or reclining position, with your head in the crook and your hands at the length of the pillow. When lying down, it provides comfort, thanks to support from all sides;
  • The 7-digit pillow is designed with the human anatomy in mind: it has a spacious headrest and a length to support the rest of the body. For the headrest, a light filler is used, and along the length – elastic for stable support of the abdomen, back, arms and legs;
  • A pillow that wraps around the entire body, forming the number 8 inside, allows you to place your head, stomach or back on it to choose from.

What's inside?

As a pillow filler, holofiber and Styrofoam granules are most often used.

Holofiber is a synthetic material with vertical spiral fibers in structure. Its characteristics:

  • it has a springy structure;
  • elastic;
  • does not crease;
  • no rustling;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • wear-resistant and durable.

Styrofoam – small balls with a diameter between 0.5 and 3 mm. “Remembers” the shape of the body, clearly repeating its curves. It does not cause allergic reactions, light, but a little rustling.

Also sometimes used as fillers:

  • comforel – a subspecies of holofiber with a spherical shape;
  • sintepon;
  • artificial Swan's down (tinsulate);
  • bamboo fiber;
  • fossfill – a modern hypoallergenic filler.

How to use your body pillow?

The main buyers of body pillows are pregnant women. They experience a lot of pressure on the abdominal and back muscles, and the growing belly in the supine position pulls the skin and ligaments, which causes discomfort and problems with sleep. Pillows under the body help to support a heavy stomach and help to normalize sleep and well-being.

The easiest and most common way to sleep using a full body pillow is to lie on your side with your head on the edge of the pillow, while your hands and feet cover the long part of the pillow. This position is possible with a pillow of any shape! This position is perfecet for pregnant women: the pillow supports the pregnant belly in an elevated position and prevents pulling the muscles and skin. If you have a large U-pillow or bagel, then in the side position, the pillow provides support not only from the front, but also from the back, giving support to the back.

In the described position, you know where to put your hands or how to comfortably arrange your feet. The arm and leg that are on top of the pillow are lifted, so that the hip and shoulder joints are unloaded.

Pregnant women can enjoy the luxury of resting on their stomachs. To do this, roll the pillow into a ring and lie on it so that the stomach falls into the resulting “hole”. This is a pose that all pregnant women should buy a pillow for. The edges of the pillow support the body around the belly, leaving the grown tummy on the weight. The back and abdominal muscles can release tension and relax.

How else can you use a full body pillow:

body pillow 7

You can twist it to form armrests for comfortable rest or work.
By wrapping the pillow around your waist, you will create a support for a book or laptop.
A full body pillow placed on the lap of a nursing mother will relieve her hands, supporting the baby at the level of the mother's breast.
The pillow can be used as a cushion for the neck or lower back to relieve pain and tension.
If you have small children who can barely turn over from side to side, the pillow will be useful to you as a protective edge or positioner that will prevent the baby from falling out of bed.
Horseshoe-shaped pillows for the whole body are very popular with kids: surrounded by soft sides, children feel comfortable and safe, so they fall asleep faster and sleep more calmly.
A long full body pillow is a great accessory for a family vacation while watching a movie. One pillow is enough for everyone!

Who else can use them:

  • Nursing mothers. You can put the baby on the pillow, which will reduce the load on the hands and back of the young mother.
  • Elderly people. Pillows will help to relieve an unpleasant feeling in the joints, if you use them as a support for the limbs.
  • People who are active in sports. Tense muscles should be restored during a good rest. With the help of a pillow, you can improve the quality of sleep, due to which the muscles will need less time to recover.
  • Employees of heavy physical and intellectual labor.
  • Those who want to keep their youth and beauty longer.

Taking care of your own health shouldn't be postponed. Make a contribution to it right now–order one of the highest quality and most comfortable full body pillows right now and discover a new level of comfort tomorrow!


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