What Dreams Can Tell About Your Health

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It has been known since ancient times that the answers to many questions are hidden in our dreams. If predicting the future through dreams is a big question, then it is quite possible to assess health status in this way. Scientists have spent years studying the relationship between dreams and human health and have discovered new and emerging patterns.
Dream is nothing but the voice of our unconscious, which is the link between the physical and mental aspects of our lives. Let’s see what psychosomatic symptoms alert us by means of night dreams.

We can say that dreams reflect the inner world of people. Sometimes, they say that it is still a mystery for themselves. This also applies to the state of health—many problems can begin without symptoms, and only unconsciousness through dreams can lead us to it in a symbolic, not always obvious form.

Physical problems

It is very difficult to make an diagnosis based on dreams. But the signal given to us is the reason for contacting an expert and undergoing an examination. Such dream signals can be easily recognized: a dream of an internal explosion may be a warning of internal bleeding; a dream of an engine failure may indicate heart problems, etc.
These are just a few examples. Sometimes, the dreams are more complex, for example, the disease appears to us in the form of an animal, real or even fantastic. Unfortunately, it is easier to monitor the disease after doctors have diagnosed it. Predicting is very difficult to do even for an expert.

Dreams and depression

Psychologists claim that depression is the result of repressed anger. As a rule, we feel anger toward a certain person or certain events. Unmanifested repressed anger is directed inward and overwhelms the person—it is expressed in a depressed state.
In a dream, depression usually appears in the form of images that pose a real threat to the person. These may be plants with sharp thorns, stinging or biting insects, or various injuries. Once a person becomes aware of his/her anger in real life, unpleasant images in dreams leave the person. Sometimes, depression is expressed allegorically—dreams of walking on shaky ground or even a marsh. This indicates uncertainty in some areas of life, most likely in the emotional area.

Anxiety and fear

There are three main types of dreams related to fear: dreams that we are not yet ready for ordeal, dreams of persecution, and dreams of falling or the threat of disasters and natural phenomena. If you run away from people or animals in a dream, you don’t face a problem, you just run away and hide from the difficulties of life.
Images associated with danger do not pose a threat to humans, and they can only cause negative emotions that may overload the cardiovascular system and result in accelerated breathing and heart rate. People often complain to psychologists about dreams of death, their own or those of others. Such dreams are recalled upon awakening and evoke fear. Surprisingly, they do not have strong negative connotations, but only indicate transformations of the dreamer’s ego and changes in life.
Dreams of belittlement
Sometimes, we have very unpleasant dreams related to humiliation and disgust. For example, we eat tainted, raw and smelly food or wear dirty and torn clothes. Such dreams, often accompanied by very realistic effects on taste and smell, warn us that we are consuming something bad, harmful or unpleasant to ourselves.
It can indicate annoying people around you in your life, useless and irritating information, unpleasant communication at home and at work. After analyzing such a dream, you can understand what to look out for. A specific feature of these dreams is that they disappear when the source of irritation disappears. Try to stay away from annoying people, or at least do not engage in conversation with them. Then, you may have a clear signal from the subconscious.
Dreams, especially recurring ones, should not be ignored. They should be treated as a reflection of your unconsciousness. When you try to use a dream at the highest level, you will understand the meaning of the message received, even if it is only superficial. The best way to find out why the same dream is bothering you is to talk to a qualified psychologist.

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