Wealth in Your Birth Chart

AstrologyWealth in Your Birth Chart

As we know, money makes the world go round. Some people’s lifestyle is grand and lavish, others struggle to make ends meet.

Some people scoop windfalls without visible effort, while decent people work hard to pay off their mortgage until they retire.

Let’s face it. Money opens up new vistas, makes it possible to choose attractive partners, improves self-esteem in general.

Money is not just a piece of paper—money is a special powerful energy that we either attract or reject.

Can astrology give us a clue if someone can ever become rich?

Oh, yes. Astrology offers a wide range of tools and techniques to estimate the financial potential of your birth chart.

First of all, let’s create a hypothetical birth chart. We’ll use a very convenient online tool.

What I like about this tool is that you can use it on any device. Including mobiles. Mobile apps for this purpose are not functional enough, so the online tool is the best option. And you don’t have to download and install anything.

You’ll need to enter your name (any name you want), you birth date, birth time and birth city. If you were born in a very small town, and it’s not available in the database, enter the nearest location you can find in the database. But the database is very large, I should say. Most people won’t experience any trouble finding their cities.

wealth in your birth chart

The system prompts city names as you begin typing.

Here’s the birth chart of John Doe.

wealth in your birth chart

Note that we use the whole sign house system which is the best for most purposes.

Now, we need to identify the ruler of the second house of the birth chart which is the indicator of money and movable property.

John Doe’s second house is in Leo, which is ruled by the Sun. If you don’t know astrological sign rulers, you can search the web or easily upgrade to pro version which comes with a convenient list of house rulers.

What we need to do is to assess the strength of the second house ruler by its sign and by its house. Its strength determines the amount of wealth you can attract during your lifetime.

Sometimes, one or more planets may be placed in the second house. This adds extra channels for wealth in the birth chart, but only if these planets are in a favorable position. Evil planets will rather ruin your wealth than contribute to it.

Another channel for accumulating wealth is the eighth house of the birth chart. It works in a very different way as compared to the second house, but it also may bring immense wealth. Earnings through the eighth house are indirect — you reap the fruits of other people’s work. So, don’t forget to analyze this house in the same way as the second house but bear in mind that it works in a different manner. It’s a sort of passive income.

Of course, it’s better to have these both houses in harmony, but very often their effect is mixed. You have to understand which house is stronger and focus on their best promises. If your second house is stronger that the eighth, you are an entrepreneur rather than an investor, and vice versa.

This is how savvy money-making works.

Planets in houses are guests of the house ruler. So, the house ruler is more important than planets in the house. If the house ruler is strong, while planets placed in that house are weak, most certainly, it means that you’ll be making good money but may squander it at the same time or, for example, support a big family or something else depending on which house the respective planet rules.

This article has a video version. Watch on Youtube.

John Doe’s Sun is in Sagittarius which is good but it’s in the sixth house, which is not favorable.

You can read the interpretation in the free version. The Sun’s characteristics blend well with the fiery sign of Sagittarius, the Sun feels good in this sign. But sixth house is not favorable for the Sun—it cannot express its nature freely there. We can conclude that the Sun’s potential is strong but opportunities for its self-expression will be limited.

Let’s remember that the placement of a planet in signs means its inner strength, while its placement in houses indicates opportunities for the planet’s self-expression.

You can search the web for more interpretations of planets in specific signs and houses to create the whole picture.

By the way, in the pro version, you can see planet strengths immediately, without analyzing them yourself. Each planet feature (or trait) is assigned a specific weight by a professional and experienced astrologer, and the overall metric is displayed in a convenient way. Green color means strong planets (more than 60 percent of their ideal potential), shades of blue – average strength (in astrology, they are called perigrins), shades of red color indicate weak planets that won’t bring anything good.

Another dimension of planet strength are aspects to other planets. This is the most mundane channel of energy exchange between planets. The free version of our birth chart report gives you the list of aspects between planets. It’s quite easy to search the web for their meanings.

The pro version also gives detailed interpretations of all aspects so that you can understand their meaning.

Don’t forget that each strong planet (more than 60 percent strength) in your birth chart gives you your personal lucky numbers which you can use for lottery or when choosing a date for an important event. Obviously, it’s better to rely on an ancient theoretical basis than choose random numbers. What if you choose your lucky numbers and play lottery on a lucky day?

Most often, wealth is a product of communication with other people. Do you know that astrology can help you identify specific categories of people who will contribute to your financial success? In most cases, you’ll only need to know their date of birth which is normally not a big secret.

With our compatibility module, you’ll have this information at your fingertips. This is not primitive Sun sign compatibility analysis.

wealth in your birth chart

Free version of our birth chart reader gives you just a hint of this feature, but let’s try to understand how it works.

When you superimpose someone’s birth chart on yours, you can see what this person can do for you as long as you meet in person or communicate otherwise. Communication is the mandatory ingredient. For example, you may be the best match for Brad Pitt based on the combination of your birth charts, but if you don’t communicate, nothing’s going to happen.

Our pro version currently supports three types of “compatibilities”: career, money, and partnerships, including marriage.

The logic behind this module is as follows: there are benefic – good – and malefic – bad – planets. Jupiter and Venus are natural benefics, while Saturn and Mars and malefics. Depending on the houses where these planets of another person are placed in your own chart, you may conclude if the person will be a good partner for you, contribute to your career, help you earn money or be neutral or even negative in these respects.

For example, people with Jupiter in Aries (John’s 10th house) will contribute to John’s career while people with Saturn in Aries will ruin it.

You can use our free tool to analyze people around you. You simply create your personal chart in one window, and the second chart of the respective person in another. Then, you look at which planets get where in your birth chart. It’s easy but takes time.

Or you can upgrade to our pro version and view the list of your best career, money, and partnership matches immediately. The list of matches covers the period from 1920-30s to 2030-2040s – 100 years – so you can check your parents and grandparents or you can even create a birth plan for your future kids if you want them to support you financially in the future, for example.

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