A certain Android emulator was found to be able to help you turn your device into a Nintendo Switch, but at what cost? Beware of the free lunch because it might cost something bigger!

If you aren't too aware, Android devices can actually play those old school Gameboy games. This is definitely why Android is a very unique platform in the world of gaming. Easily installing an emulator could grant you access to games like say Pokemon Blue 24/7 for you to play whenever you want.

Now, a brand new emulator has recently popped up online that goes beyond just allowing users to play Gameboy games but rather giving users access towards unlocking Nintendo Switch games! Imagine that? You'd get to play Nintendo Switch games on your Android device! Well, the downside is that there's actually a risk when you use this emulator.

What's the big risk

The emulator actually seems super shady as well as cooked up with code that simply appears in large parts that are stolen from the known PC Switch emulator created by Yuzu. While the original code is legally licensed under the GPLv2, this app actually remains on a closed source.

Aside from the given violation of the obvious open-source licenses, this emulator is the first of a kind that actually requires its users to create their own account and also log in before they can use the emulator. This is actually very unlikely for Android emulators that have ever existed and despite the website actually claiming that they are an American studio, checking behind the emulator and looking into the application itself can show that it is actually bombarded with a lot of Chinese texts as well as inaccurate translations in English.

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How does the emulator work?

Currently, this emulator actually only works if it is used alongside a certain type of controller that is currently not even available to the whole general public as of the moment. The controllers are now only available for pre-order and the price is still pretty steep opening up at $100.

The emulator's own controller DRM is actually deeply protected with certain runtime encryption along with custom class loaders as well as other measures that actually ensure that the app won't be used just by itself.

Everything about this emulator is pretty bizarre and if you're still trying to use it, you should probably be ready for the risks that this might entail. It's pretty cool to be able to operate your Switch on Android but with this emulator, it might not really be worth the try.

If you're keen about safety, might as well give this emulator a pass but if you just want to play Nintendo Switch on your device, just make sure that your device isn't linked to important applications like your bank and other important apps.

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Written by Urian Buenconsejo

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