Are you a regular player of Nintendo Switch? Will you be happy to know that a television set is designed to recreate its console? We found one, and it is recently trending on Reddit. Here's how to make one, just in case you're interested. 

TV-designed Nintendo Switch console

[VIRAL] This Nintendo Switch is as Big as your TV! How to Make One

(Photo : Photo from u/PjMonday Reddit Account )
[VIRAL] This Nintendo Switch is as Big as your TV! How to Make One

Do you ever find yourself wondering if there are any huge Nintendo Switch console out there? Apparently, there are. And it's quite a trend right now for Switch fans.

A Redditor posted his own version of the largest Nintendo Switch console. As you can see in the image above, its a television set that was designed as a Nintendo Switch console, using its red and blue giant Joy-Cons.

Redditor named Pj Monday posted the image with a caption, “The switch tv is installed! The rest should be finished tomorrow… “

Of course, you can't really use the console as it is. The design is only Nintendo Switch-inspired and not at all functioning console itself.

Anyhow, it's still cool to see a giant Switch console, right in front of your living set, right?

How to make the Switch TV?

For those of you that are intrigued to know how Pj Monday did the Switch TV for his living area. Here's how he did it, according to Awesome Inventions website.

Apparently, the giant Switch TV design has been trending for quite some time now. If you search online, some stores offer the set of giant Joy-Cons for a costly price. This store, specifically, sells the life-size Joy-Con-designed cabinets. Most of the TV units ranges from 30 inches up to 60 inches in size. If you're looking to have bigger sizes than the 60 inches, you can also call the store to make it customizable for you.

An alternative for creating these huge Joy-Cons is for you to watch do-it-yourself tutorials on Youtube.

This may not cost as expensive as with the online stores, so its a better alternative if you wanted to save a few bucks.

Nintendo Switch is still sold out everywhere in the U.S. 

[VIRAL] This Nintendo Switch is as Big as your TV! How to Make One

(Photo : Photo by Matteo Grobberio on Unsplash )
[VIRAL] This Nintendo Switch is as Big as your TV! How to Make One

In related news with the Nintendo Switch, Business Insider earlier reported that there is still an ongoing huge demand for these consoles in America.

With the lockdown still happening in the country, many users wanted to spend time using different gaming sets like Switch. These $300 consoles were being sold for higher prices by resellers on online stores like Amazon–making a profit out of the huge demand by the market. 

Nintendo president Shuntaro Furakawa already clarified that the shortages will soon be resolved. He said that the gaming console production is still ongoing and is slowly recovering from the pandemic impact. 

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