Donald Trump fired off a series of grumpy tweets on Saturday, complaining that the media lied about the numbers and publishing his own campaign’s numbers, which were, of course, higher.

One reason the RNC may have had lower ratings is simple: Trump is losing the suburbs. According to polls, suburban voters do not approve of Trump’s handling of COVID and the racial tensions plaguing the country.

Suburban women, many of whom voted for Trump in 2016, are experiencing so much buyer’s remorse that they’re rallying against Trump. Similarly, Vermont’s Republican governor Phil Scott has said he will not be voting for President Trump and would in fact be considering supporting Biden. That’s yet another Republican to leave Trump’s camp. The anonymous Trump official who wrote a devastating op-ed against Trump has spoken up again, this time to encourage voters to get Trump out of office.

It’s bad enough that his own officials are turning against Trump, but Florida retirees are also turning on him. They don’t want to vote Democrat, and they are still very anti-abortion, but Trump’s flaws outweigh those two drives.

Influential Republicans have already turned their backs on President Trump. Former President George W. Bush and Senator Mitt Romney have publicly refused to support Trump’s re-election. Jeb Bush is unsure of how he will vote. Cindy McCain, John McCain’s widow, is almost certainly going to vote for Biden.  Colin Powell, who served under both Bushes and Reagan, said that he will vote for Joe Biden. This exodus of influential Republicans may for the party to do some major soul searching.

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