This Tiktoker Shares Dating Tips With Her Fans

Tips&AdviceDating TipsThis Tiktoker Shares Dating Tips With Her Fans

Many girls and women wonder what to do to get a guy. This tiktoker has decided to help them. No wonder her profile is extremely popular.

Relationships are not the easiest thing in life. Many people experience problems in establishing effective relationships. And m any girls and women wonder what to do to win a man’s heart. This is what dating is for. During this type of communication we can get to know each other well and present ourselves. However, this is not always enough. Therefore it is worth using a few tricks which men simply cannot resist. These kinds of tricks are presented by one of the tiktokers. Her videos are very popular.

How to get a guy? This tiktoker shows dating tricks

Patricia.cnr is a tiktoker who decided to focus on male-female relationships on her profile. Now, she has presented tricks that during a date give a woman confidence and make her be able to win the heart of any man. 

According to Patricia, there are four effective tips. They can be applied at almost any point during a date. However, Patricia has presented them in specific situations. See how she uses these secrets herself. Below you will find descriptions of them. 

Secret 1 – Use your hips while walking

Some ladies tend to exaggerate in this regard. However, if you have to walk somewhere during your date, try to gently move your hips. Then you will definitely get his attention. Men love a woman’s curves, although they don’t always admit it. 

Secret 2 – Assume the “S” position while standing

The “S” position involves crossing your legs and bending your body slightly to one side. This will cause your body to form the shape in the form of this letter. The upper body will be on one side, and the hips and legs—on the other. 

Secret 3 – While sitting, lean your body to the side

A slouched figure is not attractive. It is a good idea to straighten your back and legs and put one on top of the other. To make things easier and look better, put your legs over to one side so that your torso also leans slightly to the side. 

Secret 4 – Touch your shoulder while looking at a menu

This can be a menu, but also checking something on your phone or familiarizing yourself with anything else. It’s important to flirt with your partner at all times, especially when your focus is on something else. This can be done by coquettishly running your hand over your neck area. 

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