The Success Story of Emma Chamberlain: 19 Year Old Youtube Millionaire

TrendsThe Success Story of Emma Chamberlain: 19 Year Old Youtube Millionaire

It took just over a year for Emma Chamberlain, a teenage girl from San Francisco, to become one of the most popular video bloggers on YouTube with seven and a half million subscribers. The result was achieved without expert advice, advertising tricks and even special equipment. Possible? It turned out that yes!
In the first half of 2017, the Internet community knew nothing about Emma Chamberlain, and a year later more than a million users watched her work. The first video that became the key to success was called City Inspired Summer Lookbook and was shot by Emma in San Francisco.
The title of the video completely matched the content—it turned out to be light, nice and cheerful. The first story was followed by the second, about styling sneakers, which appeared the next day. Then, videos began to appear, although not daily, but with enviable regularity.
The girl filmed everything she loved, even little stories from her life. For example, in one of the videos Emma showed how she vainly dyed her hair in the company of friends and almost lost it. This seemingly live video was viewed 12 million times.

Another video shows young Chamberlain preparing breakfast—and has again reached 8 million viewers. Moreover, the simplest story in which Emma broadcasts from bed in the morning about what disturbs 17-year-olds has more than 4 million views.

Interestingly, by making her videos, the young blogger does not waste time on thorough makeup and does not pick her clothes for hours. Moreover, she does not care about shooting angles and quality. Even an inexperienced viewer understands that images are not always well selected and sometimes even lose focus.

Forbes reporters spoke with a successful blogger and asked her several questions that could reveal the secret of her success. It turned out that the girl believes that the user finds her video interesting not because of the content or the technical side of filming, but simply because of the good mood with which each story is recorded.
Emma has a very cheerful character and, according to her, has always entertained friends and classmates from elementary school. Of course, the girl couldn’t even imagine that it would become her profession and start generating a solid income.

Emma also told something about her life. San Francisco is a very expensive city full of luxury and temptation, but Chamberlain was not affected. Journalists learned that the girl had a very ordinary family and was never pampered. Chamberlain’s parents worked hard to provide their daughter with everything she needed, but shortly before Emmy’s success, the family fell apart.

“When I was a little girl, we couldn’t go to the movies because we didn’t have enough money,” says Chamberlain. “My father is an artist. When he got sick for a while and stopped painting, hard times came for the family.”

The girl admitted that her childhood was the life of restriction because of lack of money, and YouTube became one of the places where she hid from the harsh reality. Emma began using the video service by watching videos posted by celebrities. She imagined herself standing next to the idols and being able to communicate on par with them. It should be noted that Chamberlain’s dream came true and she was able to meet many stars in person.
But before she became rich and famous, the girl worked hard. She told that after opening the YouTube channel in 2017, she spent a lot of time learning how to edit a video. The teenager’s first videos were about handmade things. It turned out that no one was interested in them, and then she decided to change the format.

“I don’t know how to do anything good with my own hands!” I don’t know what I was thinking at the time. I was trying to imitate popular bloggers at the time, but it wasn’t getting anywhere and it was just taking my time. It wasn’t until I started doing what was closer to me that everything went smoothly.

Then Chamberlain started improvising—she gave up any specific trends and just filmed what she thought was relevant and funny. It is important that there’s something funny in her videos—the audience liked this Emma. The “The Vegetarian Tries Meat for the First Time” was shot almost improvised and still very quickly received 12 million views.

Emma Chamberlain is not limited to YouTube—the girl also actively maintains her mini blog on Instagram. The activity of her subscribers on this social network is high. An impressive 25% is the ratio of her followers to their likes. To make clear how great it is, it is worth noting that Kim Kardashian’s likes number reach 9% of her audience and Selena Gomez’s—5%.
There is practically no video on the blogger’s Instagram—there are only photos of her from everyday life. But even these photos are filled with irony and make the audience laugh. Each her post collects 1 to 2 million likes, and Emma already has 7.2 million subscribers.
In an interview with Forbes, Chamberlain said she didn’t really like Instagram:

“Instagram is a stressful social network. You have to look good there. Twitter is a place where you can have fun.”

Two million social network users have subscribed to the girl’s blog on Twitter, and Emma pleases them with her original posts every day.
How much does Emma earn from her hobby, which has turned into a high-income job? It is difficult to figure out the exact amount, but experts, having examined the statistics of her accounts, came to the conclusion that this is at least 130 thousand dollars per year. The upper limit is even more difficult to determine, but according to the some forecasts, the total income can be up to $2 million.
It was impossible to find out the real numbers from the blogger—she hides them carefully and has every right to do so. But it turned out that in early fall 2018, Chamberlain bought an apartment in Los Angeles and hired her own agent.
Emma admitted that everything in her life was not as cloudless as it seems. She sadly recalls that there were months when she received a steady stream of insults or even threats. At such times, she wanted to give up everything and start living like all girls her age.
However, her friends and family always supported Chamberlain and convinced her that everything was fine and that she should keep working on her videos no matter what. It also helped that Emma learned not to depend on the outcome and viewed her activities as gratification.
This year Emma was 19 years old and the girl was approaching this age not only as the owner of the mega-popular YouTube channel, but also as a businesswoman. She produces her own clothing line and has already collaborated with world-famous cosmetics brands Audible and Curology.
YouTube also does not forget one of its most important contributors. Last year, the girl, along with other top bloggers and actor Willem Smith, participated in filming the service’s latest video. However, this interesting experience can hardly be called a success, as the video became the most disliked video on YouTube.

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