The Most Common Myths About the Zodiac Signs

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What do you know about horoscopes? Suppose you meet an attractive and charming guy. He is well-groomed, well-dressed, has no bad habits. His blue eyes shine with happiness, his smile sparkles, but… he’s a Scorpio, and Scorpios have a bad reputation when it comes to dating. How does that make you feel? You feel very disappointed, the mood is ruined, the contact is lost! Now let’s try to be realistic and turn on our brain, common sense and dispel all these common myths about the zodiac signs. 


Myth: Stubborn rams

the most common myths about the zodiac signs

Let’s start with Aries. There is an opinion that they are very confrontational and stubborn guys. They most often stand their ground and do not deviate from the plan. Sometimes their meticulousness and selfishness just piss you off. But let’s look at the situation from the other side: not always stubbornness – the result of a difficult character, and dedication to their ideas and adherence to principles – these are good qualities for moving forward after a cherished dream and a specific goal.


Myth: Lazy hedonists

the most common myths about the zodiac signs

Bull is next! Taurus, as is customary, is often caught by the mother lazy. They can often be caught lying on the couch watching soap operas with their favorite yummy treats. They shy away from vigorous activity, and every time they try to slack off on pressing matters. However, there is a need to think. Representatives of this zodiac sign just know how to properly allocate their resources and weigh the decisions. And these are not the worst qualities of character, don’t you agree?


Myth: Two-faced gossipers

the most common myths about the zodiac signs

When it comes to Gemini, everyone begins to giggle quietly and think of Two-Face Janus. These comrades cannot be trusted by word of mouth, and especially not to trust the innermost secrets. They are lovers of intrigue and scandal, and to gossip about someone behind their back is their element. But this stereotype is no good either. Twins are a perfect example of the duality of this world. As the saying goes, without girls there would be no boys, without evil there would be no good, and without Gemini there would be no such eccentric and bright people in your life.


Myth: Tearful hysterics

the most common myths about the zodiac signs

What about Cancer? Cancer is our good old sentimental friend. Tears, constant mood swings, seasonal melancholy are his usual habitat. You might think that Cancers are inveterate whiners and tantrum- throwers. We strongly disagree! These nice guys are very friendly and benevolent natures, ready to create a family and strong friendships. And the delicate mental organization of crayfish in no way prevents them from showing their firm and determined character.


Myth: Unprincipled egoists

the most common myths about the zodiac signs

Lions are said to be narcissistic egoists, thinking only about themselves and their needs. They are proud, ambitious and capable of achieving anything they want, even by going over their heads. However, do not underestimate this sign of the zodiac. Lions always know exactly what they want out of life. They are loyal and noble companions when it comes to people close to them and events important to their heart. Such acquaintances will definitely not leave you in trouble and will not abandon you to the mercy of fate.


Myth: Unpleasant perfectionists

the most common myths about the zodiac signs

Virgins are known firsthand for their meticulousness, primness, and constant striving for perfection. You would think that they can spend hours washing dishes to a shine and can’t stand public transportation. And there you can argue. Yes, they like to control and balance everything and sometimes take it all the way to fanaticism. But, to the great joy, the representatives of this zodiac sign are pragmatic. With them, you can plan anything. Believe me, you will not get lost! Remember our article about zodiacal daughters? Virgo is a wonderful and caring daughter.


Myth: Deceitful flatterers

the most common myths about the zodiac signs

“They’re real hypocrites and nerds, and they’re also rare liars: they lie without blushing!” – one might assume, but we won’t. Egoists, envious, sycophants… We will have time to talk about the bad qualities, but now we will not condemn these guys, but rather tell them how loving and sincere they are. They have a lot of warmth and comfort, mercy and forgiveness, which they usually like to share with the people around them. Isn’t that wonderful?


Myth: Squabbling greedheads

the most common myths about the zodiac signs

Perhaps the most controversial and problematic sign. It is no secret that Scorpios are known for their bad temper, cold mindedness, insurmountable cruelty, and ferocious greed. But even in such a nasty zodiac sign, you can discern the sweetest and gentlest traits. These guys are able to be as honest and straightforward as possible, and are also able to show great and sincere love, boundless support and courage. It is the Scorpio women who are considered the most loyal companions in life. What have they done to deserve so much hate!


Myth: Noisy and resentful

the most common myths about the zodiac signs
Sagittarians are always represented as lively, who do not know the words “apathy”, “depression” and “fatigue”. Sometimes you might think that they are even too hyperactive. However, Sagittarians are also people capable of experiencing emotional turmoil and physical ailments. Therefore, do not neglect the representatives of this “breed”, to tease them and mock. Better surround them with support and affection in difficult moments, they will be very pleased!


Myth: Unfriendly cold fish

the most common myths about the zodiac signs

If you put it this way, Capricorn is a sidekick to Aries. He too can be stubborn and inflexible, but most of all he is known for his reticence and detachment from the world. We bet: these people are truly friendly and generous when they are “on their own.” They choose only trusted people and prefer to spend their time exclusively on loved ones and kindred spirits. Capricorns are choosy rather than picky.


Myth: Superficial slackers

the most common myths about the zodiac signs

“That’s the kind of bacchanal and pro-lifer,” you’ll say. They are not in the mood for a serious relationship, they like to drink, go out in a noisy company and get rid of all kinds of responsibility. But that’s not all you can characterize Aquarius with. These devils have many positive qualities. For example, they do not like routine and monotony, that is why they strive to live every day to the fullest, enjoying every bright moment of this fleeting life.


Myth: Weak-willed whiners

the most common myths about the zodiac signs

These guys are known as wimps and mush-heads. People around them think they can’t stand up for themselves, which is why they attract so much negative feedback. We absolutely do not agree with this! Although Pisces are non-conflict creatures, they have a real inner core. They know how to fight for their values, will never leave a friend in trouble and in any situation will find a solution, not retreating from the intended goal. Quite commendable!

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