The Importance of Good Lighting for Eye Care: Why USB Reading Lights are a Must-Have

The problem when working on a laptop at night or in a dark room is that the keyboard is almost impossible to see. In addition, it is impossible to check the touchpad and mouse. Turning on the lamp light in some situations is impossible. And this is where USB lights come to the rescue.

Variety of forms USB-Lighting is a light source, which is located on a flexible leg or stand and operates from the USB-interface of a PC or laptop. In simple terms, it is a light with LEDs from the USB-port.

USB Reading Lights

The main advantages of LED lamps include:

Durability. Due to the LED lamps, such a luminaire can last more than ten years.

It is worth noting that LEDs do not harm the eyes and do not cause fatigue.

Portability. Powering the lamp through a laptop allows you to work with it not only at home, but also at work. This is an indispensable thing on business trips and on vacation when you always need to have a gadget at hand.

Compactness. A small size accessory does not take up much space in the bag. In addition, under the device, you can always buy a convenient case.

USB-lighting devices can be desktop and laptop. But this does not mean that desktop only for PCs, and others only for laptops. Such lights come in different types and shapes.


The most common simple light bulbs. They have a round glass plafond and a base that reflects light. Quite popular multifunctional models with touch control. The color emitted by such devices can be smoothly changed to your liking.

round LED lamp

The square lights work mainly by USB 2.0 connection. On the lamp itself there are from 13 pieces of LEDs. Shines brightly, there is a power button at the bottom. The length of the cord is a little over a meter, so you can not move the product to long distances. The cord itself is strong enough. Another advantage of the lamp is that you can bend its base as you need.

Surround light

surround light

The LED surround light fixtures impress with their design and delight with soft diffused light. They create the illusion of a volumetric luminous image. Lamp is not heated, you can always touch it, safe for children. It is necessary to turn off the light in the room, as such a device immediately gets a volumetric view. The device is powered through the USB port, and the LED lamp serves as a light source. Very popular models of wall-mounted shaped lights with charging.


These lights can be charged via the USB port of your computer and direct the light both upward and downward. The lamps have an original design and are made of a bent metal tube, compact and minimalistic. The devices can be installed anywhere in the house by plugging into a USB port or a simple wall outlet.


Tripod Lamps allow you to direct the light precisely to the desired area. They’re lightweight and thin so they’re easy to carry from place to place. Energy-saving diode gives 25,000 hours of light. An adjustable tripod and lamp cover make it easy to change the direction of light.

flexible LED lamp

LEDs use less electricity and last 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

Large and portable

Large models of lights with a USB port are mainly made of metal and fabric. Their possible illumination area is up to 2 square meters. They have a degree of protection IP 20 and are designed for use in dry and clean rooms. As for the portable models, they are considered the smallest single diode lights on a flexible leg. They will come in handy on the road if you have a laptop. The device is powered by the laptop’s USB port and draws almost nothing from its battery power.

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