Our eyes are incredibly important, and you’ll never know how you’ve taken your eyesight for granted when you develop a vision problem. Unfortunately, issues like these are common around the world. It’s not surprising to see young people already needing glasses.

Amazon USB reading lamp

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You need a source of light when reading at night.

Why Lighting is Important

The World Health Organization (WHO) has even predicted that by 2050, one out of two people will be short-sighted. And it won’t be surprising given the strain on our eyes on looking at our phones and computers for hours on end each day.

Besides that, many people make do with what little light they can get when working at night. Many people, especially younger ones, wouldn’t bother opening the lights when working on their laptops. The light from the screen is enough for them.

The same goes for people who are reading–even the moon’s light is enough to make sure they are not disturbing anyone who might be sleeping.

However, this strains the eyes, which then causes damage to it.

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Comfort from Quality Lighting

To avoid eye strain, having lighting is essential–and yes, you need proper lighting that is comfortable for the eyes. As much as possible, avoid any light that it’s incredibly sharp as it could also strain the eyes and cause damage.

Choose a light source that has lighting that is softer than the eyes to achieve maximum comfort. You’ll find that you can read and work longer by using this kind of lighting.

Additionally, you can also avoid migraines from light sensitivity caused by bright lights.

With that, here are some of the best USB reading lights that you can get on Amazon. These are perfect for reading or when you’re working on your laptop. You don’t need to open your room’s light, but you’ll have enough light source to reduce eye strain when working or reading.

Amazon USB reading lamp

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You can adjust this USB reading lamp’s brightness.

This USB reading lamp has three adjustable brightness settings. You can choose which brightness you are most comfortable with and easily achieve it with one touch. The flexible gooseneck also assures you can adjust the position of the lamp.

Amazon USB reading lamp

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You can clip this USB reading lamp when you’re reading at night.

When it comes to an actual USB reading lamp, this one from Linkstyle is a perfect choice. You can clip it anywhere above you, and it has a long cord so that you can attach it via a USB charger instead of your laptop.

It’s perfect for both reading in bed and working on your laptop. Plus, it has adjustable brightness levels as well. 

Amazon USB reading lamp

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This mini USB reading lamp has 2 LEDs.

If you think the first i2 Gear USB reading lamp is a little too bright for you (as it has 14 LEDs), this 2-LED light reading lamp might be the perfect fit. You can also adjust its brightness, but it only has two levels.

It’s compatible with USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports. 

Amazon USB reading lamp

(Photo : Amazon)
This 1LED lamp is extremely compact.

This mini USB lamp light from Skypia uses LED, which provides high-quality lighting that is not too harsh but enough to ensure your eyes are comfortable at night. Additionally, LED lights are more energy-efficient, so even if you’re plugging it in your laptop, it won’t drain your computer’s battery.

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