Elon Musk has been firing up SpaceX rockets one after another in his quest to blanket the Earth with Starlink constellations.

For space enthusiasts, getting a piece of the SpaceX is a dream. Since space travel may be too costly, this Falcon-inspired pen may do for the meantime. While the design looks like the SpaceX’s Falcon 9 Block 5 rocket, Musk has nothing to do with the pen project.

In fact, it was created by a design studio in London, called Mercator. The company was founded in 2009 with over 20 years of designing experience for luxury accessories for European clients.

SpaceX Falcon-Inspired Pen Is Selling Like Hotcakes – No, It’s Not Elon Musk’s

(Photo : Kickstarters)
SpaceX Falcon-Inspired Pen Is Selling Like Hotcakes

Mercator’s pen is called Nominal, which may perfectly describe its smooth writing. After all, it writes in zero-gravity! And like its other designs, the pen is a bit pricey.

According to Yanko Design, the creators were inspired by SpaceX and developed the pen in celebration of the new triumphs of space exploration. Nominal comes in a similar light and dark metal finish combination, in aluminium and steel casing.

It also has four retractable legs that open out to stand vertically on itself, just like how the Falcon 9 stands on its base. These legs are twisted to open right into the pen’s metal body.

Matte aluminum and glossy steel variants

(Photo : Kickstarters)
The space pen comes in a matte aluminum and glossy steel variants.

It is made up of 34 individual components, which are mostly machined cut in aircraft-grade aluminum and 316L stainless steel.

Aside from the striking resemblance with the Falcon rocket, the Nominal Pen’s design is relatively simple. The Falcon rocket’s cylindrical design is efficiently employed onto the pen, creating a stunning piece that is comfortable to grip. Meanwhile, the Nominal Pen is not just for the eyes because it does its job really well. With a Schmidt P950M pressurized refill, it will ensure a smooth writing experience.

The other end of the pen bears a magnetic crew-capsule that separates from the rocket-body and works as a fidget toy. A Black Mother of Pearl end cap and metal surface are revealed after sliding off the magnetic capsule. Owners can actually personalize the pen by engraving their initials into the metal surface.

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Nominal Pen Sells Like Hotcake in Kickstarters

Currently, the Nominal Pen is on preselling at Kickstarters. Launched on August 18, the campaign has already reached its goal of $15,725. As of this writing, it now has a total of 167 backers with funding of $17,112. There are still 23 days before the deadline on September 17.


(Photo : Kickstarters)
Octo-stand where they can use to dock their pen

The space pen comes in a matte aluminum and glossy steel variants. Interested buyers may also avail of the optional Octo-stand where they can use to dock their pen on their desk for an added glam.

Those who are interested with the pen can pledge at least $53 for the aluminum pen or $67 for the steel pen. They may also choose to purchase a complete package that includes the pen, cargo capsule, aluminium case, and Octo-stand for only $85 for the aluminium pen and $105 for the steel variant.

Nominal Pen Schedule

(Photo : Kickstarters)
Nominal Pen Schedule

After confirming orders from the Kickstarters fundraising, Mercator will begin ordering raw materials and production tooling. After which, the pen’s production and assembly will start in October while quality control inspection and testing are scheduled in November. Once all is set, all orders will be shipped in December.

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