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Japanese multinational electronics and digital manufacturer, Sony, just concluded its Showcase Event that officially launches the most-awaited console for gaming, the PlayStation 5, and pre-order storms like crazy. The company unveiled the target November 12 release date and its two equally unique variants with different price points.

Japan’s most favorite company when it comes to console gaming, Sony, unveils its most anticipated drop for 2020 with the long-rumored PlayStation 5. A long six years have already gone by after the last release of the company’s exclusive fourth-generation console, the PlayStation 4.


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Now, the PlayStation 5 is waiting to make its debut on November 12, days ahead of the PS4’s November 15 release. Pre-orders will be available tomorrow, September 17 for gamers and interested customers, worldwide. The PlayStation 5 would be the first white PlayStation made by Sony after PS1 or PSX’s initial debut 26 years ago.

Sony’s Showcase Event tells the public that the company is back to deliver the cutting-edge and forefront in console gaming, available to anyone who pleases purchase. Surprisingly, the PlayStation 5 came in two equally unique variants, unlike its predecessor, PS4.

The PS5’s different variants will be offered at two price points, $399 for the digital edition and $499 for the original PlayStation 5. This release will be Sony’s first dual version release as PlayStations before only released a single version with different storage capacities.

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PlayStation 5: What are the Two Releases and Differences?


Sony’s PS5 Twin Release would storm the market by November 12 and fans are getting excited. The awaited console finally sees general introduction and confirms its flashy white and blue appearance. The futuristic PlayStation 5 truly is the console perfect for today’s era, but what exactly is its dual-version release?

Sony will offer the PlayStation 5 in two identical but equally unique variants that will suit the pockets of customers mostly. The PS5 Digital Edition is the cheaper release, priced at $399 and will not require the traditional compact disk or digital video disk anymore. This means that all games would be available via the PlayStation Network and shop from Sony. The Digital Edition is cheaper by $100, giving massive savings equivalent to two or more games, even accessories.

On the other hand, Sony will still release the standard PlayStation 5 with the Ultra HD BluRay disk integration system. The tradition is not ended with a disk-requiring PlayStation still available for purists and gamers who prefer the retro feel of the older generations.

PS5 won’t be Sony’s most expensive release because 2006’s PlayStation 3 released at a whopping $599 price tag.

PS5 Specs and Games

The PlayStation 5 is not shy of the world’s standard and cutting edge specifications for console gaming that will bring the best experience to users worldwide. Sony’s PS5 will have a Solid-state Drive (SSD) for lightning-fast loading matched with a custom processor with integrated CPU and GPU for performance and quality visuals.

PlayStation 5 would support 4K gaming and visuals, along with 3D audio, and the new Dual Sense controller to complete the set-up and quality gaming with the new console.

Sony also promises the best line-up of games already waiting with the PlayStation 5’s release in November. Titles including Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Activision’s Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, and Demon’s Souls will launch alongside the PS5 on November.

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