Six Sauces That Will Make Ordinary Dishes a Restaurant Chef d’Oeuvre

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You can add sauces to foods that have been boring for a long time. This will give your dishes a new taste and flavor and help you look at familiar foods in a new way.
Here are some sauces that will make boring dishes into restaurant masterpieces. Well, we may have bent it a little bit for the sake of a pretty headline, but the sauces are still delicious.

1. Jalapeño Popper Dip

six sauces that will make ordinary dishes a restaurant chef d’oeuvre
Bacon and jalapenos work well together. And if you simmer them over low heat, they open up even brighter and make the appetizer even more appetizing. This sauce combines the mild creamy and spicy flavors well.
– 10 slices of bacon;
– 200 g of cream cheese;
– 100 g sour cream;
– 100 g mayonnaise;
– 150 g cheddar cheese;
– 100 g jalapeño peppers;
– 1 tsp. dried garlic;
– salt;
– black pepper.
1. Heat a frying pan over medium heat, place the bacon on it and fry until crispy. Then place the bacon on paper towels to drain off the excess fat, then cut it into small pieces.
2. Grate the cheddar and finely chop the jalapeño pepper. Place the cream cheese, sour cream, mayonnaise, cheddar, jalapenos, dried garlic and bacon in the multicooker. Salt and pepper to taste.
3. Put the multicooker on stew mode and simmer under the lid for two hours.
If the sauce seems to you not spicy, you can add another 100 grams of jalapeño peppers. Serve the sauce hot, so you can dip croutons or crackers in it.

2. Cheese sauce with beer

six sauces that will make ordinary dishes a restaurant chef d’oeuvre
If you are worried that there is alcohol in this recipe, cast aside your doubts. During cooking, all the alcohol will evaporate – only a pleasant beer flavor will remain.
– 250 ml of dark beer;
– 200 g cream cheese;
– 400 g cheddar cheese;
– bunch of green onions.
1. Dice the cream cheese and grate the cheddar.
2. Pour the beer into the multicooker, add the cream cheese and cheddar, close the lid and the steam valve, then set the cooking mode for ten minutes.
3. After cooking is complete, turn off the multicooker and leave the sauce to simmer for another five minutes. Then open the lid and whisk the sauce with a whisk until smooth.
4. Put some sauce on a serving dish and decorate the top with coarsely chopped green onions.

3. Tamale Dip

six sauces that will make ordinary dishes a restaurant chef d’oeuvre
Tamales are a Mexican dish of meat and corn leaves. The same sauce somewhat resembles the original dish, but without the leaves.
– 100 g cheddar cheese;
– 200 g cream cheese;
– 2 cloves of garlic;
– 100 g jalapeño peppers;
– 150 g canned corn;
– 200 g grilled chicken;
– 1 tbsp. chili pepper;
– salt;
– black pepper;
– cilantro.
1. Grate the cheddar cheese and garlic, dice the cream cheese, and shred the chicken.
2. Put all the ingredients in the multicooker, except the cilantro. Cover with the lid and put it on boil for two hours. Periodically open the lid and stir.
3. Before serving, garnish with cilantro.
This sauce goes well with croutons and chips, but it can also be used with side dishes such as spaghetti.

4. Chimichurri

six sauces that will make ordinary dishes a restaurant chef d’oeuvre
This sauce is one of the most common ways to flavor a dish on the Argentine table. It goes well with red meat, fish and seafood.
– 100 ml water;
– 4 cloves of garlic;
– 1 medium bunch of parsley;
– 2 tbsp. dried oregano;
– 2 tsp. red pepper;
– 50 ml wine vinegar;
– 100 ml olive oil.
1. Boil water and dissolve the salt in it. Let it cool to room temperature.
2. Put all the ingredients except the olive oil in a saucepan and whisk with a blender until smooth.
3. When the mixture resembles a puree, slowly start adding the butter while keeping the blender running. Whisk for 30 seconds.
4. Put the sauce in the refrigerator and let it stand for two hours.
If desired, you may not whisk the sauce until it is homogeneous.

5. Shchezwan

six sauces that will make ordinary dishes a restaurant chef d’oeuvre

This Indochinese sauce goes well with fried rice and noodles.
– 50 ml of sesame oil (can be replaced with sunflower oil);
– 3 hot red peppers;
– 1 small onion;
– 1 tbsp. dried garlic;
– 1 tbsp. ginger;
– 1/2 tsp. dried chili pepper;
– 2 tbsp. cornmeal;
– 1 tbsp. vinegar;
– 1 tsp. soy sauce;
– 1 tsp. chili sauce;
– salt.
1. Place a wok or saucepan on the fire and heat the oil in it.
2. roast the seedless red peppers over high heat until blackened.
3. Add finely chopped onion, garlic and ginger to the pot and fry on high heat until the onion is golden brown.
4. Mix the cornmeal in 200 milliliters of water and pour the mixture into the pot, then bring to a boil.
5. When the mixture comes to a boil, add the chili peppers, vinegar, soy sauce, chili sauce and salt to it, then stir well. Cook for another minute.

6. Tomato and basil sauce

six sauces that will make ordinary dishes a restaurant chef d’oeuvre
This sauce is great with spaghetti and other pasta, and also goes well with meat and poultry. Light notes of basil and garlic make the dish look like a restaurant dish – as if you were eating pasta somewhere in Naples.
– 3 tbsp. olive oil;
– 1 large onion;
– 4 cloves of garlic;
– 400 g tomatoes;
– 1/2 tsp. dried chili pepper;
– 2 tsp. balsamic vinegar;
– 2 tsp. sugar;
– bunch of basil;
– salt;
– black pepper.
1. Chop the onion and garlic and place them in a saucepan with heated oil. Fry until golden brown.
2. 2. Slice the tomatoes and add them to the pan. Next add the chili, vinegar and sugar.
3. Bring the mixture to a boil and simmer for forty minutes.
4. Chop the basil and add to the mixture. Season with salt and pepper.
Once cooked, the sauce can be blended until smooth or left as is.

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