Los Angeles will host the Olympic and Paralympic games in 2028 and the event organizers commissioned a variety of athletes and artists, including Billie Eilish, associated with the city to design logo versions for the upcoming events. In a video discussing her design, Eilish shares the inspiration behind her logo creation and her connection to Los Angeles.

“As much as people think L.A. is unfriendly, I think it’s pretty friendly,” the singer says. “It’s there to help you. L.A. kind of has everything. You don’t even realize it. There’s a couple little spots that I like to go to be alone. I love driving. That’s all I do here. L.A. is so open, and now it really feels like my home.

“Every time I come back, I feel back to myself and back to who I am and my roots. L.A. is inspiring in a lot of ways. I love that about L.A. in the first place, that it’s really diverse and it’s not just one type of people,” she adds. “The Olympics is the Olympics. That’s everybody all over the world coming together eight years from now. I’m looking forward to that.”

In the clip, she also explains that the font she used for her Olympics design is the same style she uses for her own logo. “Who knows it that’s going to be relevant in my life in eight years, but I have this whole thing about not wanting to please my past self or my future self, it’s all about pleasing your present self,” she adds, reflecting on what’s to come. “I don’t know what my life is gonna be like in eight years, but I’m really just looking forward to the future.”

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