12 Rising Signs Meaning and Rising Sign Calculator

Astrology12 Rising Signs Meaning and Rising Sign Calculator

This article answers the following questions:
How does the rising sign (ascendant) affect the image we reflect to the outside world? Can rising sign be determined by a person’s appearance? What are the basic manifestations of the risign in appearance? What is my rising sign and how do I use the rising sign calculator?

What is your rising sign (Rising sign calculator)?

Ascendant, or rising sign, is the sign of the Zodiac that was on the eastern side of the horizon at the point of sunrise at the time of your birth. You can only calculate your Ascendant if you know the exact time of your birth (down to several minutes) in addition to your date and place of birth. Below is a very convenient tool to calculate your rising sign. Note that in addition to your rising sign this tool will output a lengthy reading of your birth chart. I suggest that you read the article and then go back and calculate your rising sign using this form.

Rising sign calculator

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Your rising sign and your image

Rising sign (ascendant) is the most individual point in the horoscope. Its location on the cusp of the 1st house symbolizes personality and self. Ascendant indicates style and manner of behavior, temperament and type of reaction, how we show ourselves in the outside world. And our rising sign also defines a great deal about our appearance. By appearance, I would suggest that one not only understand facial features and expressions, but also the figure, height, weight, clothing preferences, hairstyle, overall style, and our image. It is commonly believed that it is the ascendant that influences the formation of a person’s image.

Important notes

Before we begin discussing the characteristics of the appearance of any rising sign, I want to remind you that nothing is absolute in astrology. Planets near the rising sign or in the first house of the birth chart can have a very strong influence and significantly “override” the rising sign reading. In addition, appearance is affected by:
  • Planets in the first house, but in a different sign (this sign will also play an important role);
  • Position of the rising sign ruler. For example, if your rising sign is Sagittarius, the position of Jupiter will be important (its house, sign);
  • Aspects to the ruler of the rising sign;
  • Aspects to the planets in the 1st house;
  • Planets in the 12th house in conjunction with the Ascendant (within 5-8 degrees);
  • Planets on the Descendant;
  • Sun sign;
  • Stelliums in signs.
The position of Venus, which is responsible for beauty and taste, will also make a difference, especially for women. A strong Venus (e. g. in Libra) can bestow fine and refined taste, which will manifest itself through impeccable style, manner of speaking and behavior. This “strong” (according to Venus) presentation of self, can greatly “override” your rising sign. As you can see, there are quite a few factors that influence appearance. There is no one-size-fits-all on this subject. It is a matter of personal observation for everyone. I think that our appearance, as a rule, is not one factor only, but several factors. And all of them will manifest themselves in one way or another. The only question is how they are manifested. And to conclude this block, one more important point. Genetics – it is impossible not to take it into account. Racial, ethnic and hereditary factors play an important role in shaping our appearance. Therefore, eye color or skin color will not be the main criteria in determining the Ascendant on appearance.

Fiery rising signs

Good physical form, sometimes large, with developed muscular system. Face can be fleshy, facial features pronounced. An open look and wide smile. In clothing, bright, sometimes provocative colors are preferred. Ascendant in the fire element will always stand out from the crowd and draw attention, even unwanted.

Airy rising signs

The physique is asthenic, thin (light skeleton). Thin bone, narrow shoulders, sometimes long limbs. Rich facial expression, expressive voice, and light gait. Facial features can be angular and sharp (in Libra to a lesser extent). Classical style predominates in clothing. Rising sign in the air element emphasizes slimness, grace, and the ability to accommodate.

Water rising signs

The facial and body features are soft and rounded (water contributes to this). The eyes are large, expressive and moist. The face and eyes often reflect emotions. A water rising sign gives a special femininity to women. Often it is an expressive figure with large breasts and wide hips. There is a tendency to obesity.

Earth rising signs

Dense, stocky figure. Square shapes can be seen in the face and figure. Good skin and thick hair. Can be very handsome, but beauty is quiet (earthy). As a rule, earh rising signs choose comfortable clothes of pastel, light, beige (earthy) shades. Ascendants of the earth element are quite slow, confident and reliable. Tell us in the comments what element your rising sign is in and what of the above resonated? Below are the characteristics of each rising sign. In the comments, write what you think of these characteristics and how they resonate with your rising sign. As a reminder, besides the rising sign, at least analyze the sign of the rising sign ruler and the sign that the planet in the 1st house or on the Ascendant rules.

♈ Aries rising

Resolute, strong, passionate, straightforward and energetic. Their physique is often athletic and trim. There can be rough features in their appearance. Facial expression is not very friendly, rather focused. The shape of the face is clearly outlined. Highly pronounced eyebrows. There may be scars, marks on the face. Nose pronounced, large, but not always long. Often pointed and hooked, “eagle” shaped. Hair of a golden or reddish hue, often curly. A striking example of such a person is the Spanish actress and model Penelope Cruz. The first thing that pops up in our image of her is the look. It is somewhat predatory, she looks at us point-blank and as if she wants to browbeat us. The eyes are small, but very expressive. The facial contour is clear, with an expressive jaw and chin. The eyebrows and nose are pronounced. The lips are tightly pressed. The image of Penelope well conveys the pressure and sexuality, which are characteristic of the representatives of the Aries rising sign. 12 rising signs meaning and rising sign calculator

Aries rising celebrities

Rihanna, Shakira, Heath Ledger, John Lennon, James Dean, Che Guevara, Jeff Bezos, Isabelle Adjani, Barbra Streisand, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Morgan Freeman, Amber Rose
Source: astrotheme.com

♉ Taurus rising

Sound-minded, trustworthy, sensual. Often stocky and broad-shouldered, with relatively short arms and legs. The face, as a rule, is attractive, nice-looking. A pleasant appearance, with a special charm and allure. And it’s not surprising, because Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty. Facial features are smoothed. The figure and the face may have roundness. Among the characteristic manifestations are the desire to please, confident calmness and slowness. Stubbornness can be read in the gaze. I will give the example of the English soccer player David Beckham. Gentle, languid, alluring look. Charming smile with dimples on the cheeks, thick hair and expressive eyes. A calm, earthy beauty, not at all loud or aggressive. Beckham’s image, despite his celebrity status, is that of a good-natured, reliable and confident man. 12 rising signs meaning and rising sign calculator Source: astrotheme.com

♊ Gemini rising

Light, elusive, witty, perceptive, intellectual. Long and thin arms and legs. Narrow shoulders, asthenic build. Sharpened or shallow features, lively mocking eyes. Young. Walk light, impetuous. They swing their arms and shake their shoulders as they walk. They are characterized by jerking, tapping, wiggling their feet. They are sociable and even chatty. They tend to gesticulate in conversation. They may imitate facial expressions and movements of the interlocutor, as if to become his reflection. Matthew McConaughey is the image of Gemini rising. He has an elongated head, a straight forehead, and sly, squinting eyes. Elongated and lean physique, long legs. Mobile facial expressions and active gesticulation. Light hurried gait. And, very characteristically, a quick and tenacious gaze. 12 rising signs meaning and rising sign calculator
Source: astrotheme.com

♋ Cancer rising

Emotional, sensitive. Can empathize. Secretive, shy and timid. Often closed to strangers, timid. Afraid to appear ridiculous in an unfamiliar group of people. Attractive to other people. Round expressive face, relatively wide (like the Moon). There is a type of “sweet” or baby face. They look like caring mothers or like children who want to be taken care of. Men can be kind of clumsy. Actress Julia Roberts is kind, humble, sympathetic and very shy (in case you don’t know, she flatly refused to star nude in Pretty Woman). Visible weakness, penetrating look, shy smile and awkward gestures. All of her characters are emotional, vulnerable and capable of empathy. From her image reeks of harmony, warmth and spontaneity. Agree, there is something childish and naive in her manifestations and facial expressions. 12 rising signs meaning and rising sign calculator Source: astrotheme.com

♌ Leo rising

Persistent, vain, confident, charming and open! The posture is straight, the figure is stately. Appearance is impressive. A distinctive peculiarity of their appearance is puffy and thick hair on his head. More often they are of light russet, wheat or straw color. The eyes are lively and laughing. The smile is bright and dazzling. Sometimes, freckles on the face. The voice is cheerful and loud. Such people are very noticeable in the company. They easily draw attention to themselves and become leaders of the party. Know how to present themselves. Radiate warmth and bright emotions, but sometimes can seem arrogant and narcissistic. They prefer bright colors in their clothing. Women’s makeup also tends to be bright. The famous image of Marilyn Monroe is very well associated with the image of Leo as a rising sign.
12 rising signs meaning and rising sign calculator Source: astrotheme.com

♍ Virgo rising

Thin facial features, more often regular, proportional. May be short in stature and thin in bone. Groomed appearance, healthy complexion. May look younger than their years. They may have an intellectual appearance. Give an impression of being intelligent and responsible people. May be attentive to details. Seem too upright at times. Careful and emotionally stingy. They have an intelligent appearance. They prefer neatness and functionality in their clothing. Color choices are low-key. Communicative, talkative, in spite of modesty and poise. Have a logical mind and acute observation. Woody Allen (Ascendant in Virgo)—look at him: jacket, exclusively classic cut, bowtie and glasses. His image is a combination of sharp wit, intelligence, and modesty. His speeches are a precise message, without any unnecessary gestures or flamboyant facial expressions. It seems that he clearly understands and realizes why he is on stage, and is always confident in what he says or does (the heroes of his films are also intellectuals, and constantly talking). Allen’s portrayal is quite even-tempered and correct, despite being comical at times. 12 rising signs meaning and rising sign calculator Source: astrotheme.com

♎ Libra rising

Congenital refinement and grace. Pleasant appearance. Youthfulness. Correct, symmetrical facial features. A slender and well-built figure. Thin bones. A lot of harmony and peacefulness in the image. Gaze calm and not piercing. Restrained, delicate, tactful and with good manners. Easy to feel comfortable with such a person. May be hesitant in conversation. Feedback from the interlocutor is important. There is a desire to be liked. They like beauty in themselves and around. They speak beautifully, walk beautifully, sit beautifully, gesticulate beautifully. In men’s images, there may be a certain femininity. Alain Delon (French actor) is the brightest example of Libra rising. Charming and artistic. A symbol of male beauty who has fallen in love with millions of women. His image is a harmonious combination of impeccable taste, refined manners, and restraint. 12 rising signs meaning and rising sign calculator Source: astrotheme.com

♏ Scorpio rising

Gloomy look, skepticism. A wary, hypnotic, and searing look. May have an ironic and mocking expression. Sexy and mysterious. Have a magnetism and attraction. Their nose is large and well defined, the bridge of their nose high and bony or even a hooked nose. Facial features are rough. Women can have a man’s face type. Can be red in the hair, beard. They could be violent and insistent. Prone to provocations and conflicts. In a conversation, do not tend to seize the initiative. They are secretive. Possess the power of influence on others. They look extremely self-confident. Their gait is firm, confident, and masculine (women, too). Outwardly can give the impression of a powerful and fearless personality. Beautiful Nicole Kidman is one of the most discussed and colorful actresses of our time. Notice her searing and slightly predatory gaze. It’s hard to look away, isn’t it? Her image is an interweaving of mystery, beauty and sex appeal. Persistent, confident and very deep. Every time she fascinates us with her play and transformation. 12 rising signs meaning and rising sign calculator Source: astrotheme.com

♐ Sagittarius rising

A pleasant and cheerful face with a wide friendly smile. The most optimistic rising sign. Can be stout. Or lseparate parts/ features of face and body can be larger as compared to other rising signs. For example, they may be tall with broad bones. In women, the lower part of the body may be much larger than the upper. Look authoritative. Cheerful, sincere, free-spirited and educated. They are not anxious to make an impression. Often consider themselves right. In conversation, the can give plenty of advice. Easily tolerate change and travel extensively. Princess Diana. Her calling card is her smile! Extremely sincere and open. It is the very reason she has won the hearts of millions. Active, educated and always on the move. Her any appearance in public could instantly overshadow everything and everyone. She was never timid in the face of failure, much less afraid of change. Diana is the epitome of not just happiness, but great happiness. 12 rising signs meaning and rising sign calculator Source: astrotheme.com

♑ Capricorn rising

Practical, disciplined, patient, goal-oriented, and thrifty. Serious, expert appearance. An aspect of dejection or sadness can be observed on the face. A thoughtful look. This is perhaps the most serious rising sign of the 12 ascendants. The appearance may be ugly, repulsive, and there may be rude facial features. A “dotted” figure is also a matter of Saturn. Sometimes as if overly puzzled about something. They are not wordy. They usually look older than they are. They speak in a low voice and do not like to raise their voice. Consider the image of Patricia Kaas (French singer). A strict self-presentation. Classic clothes, unchangeable short haircut, a restrained smile and a serious look. It is difficult, with anyone, to mix up her recognizable repertoire, a special timbre of voice and delivery. She is devoted to her way of singing and as if she were not ready for experiments. Kaas is a hard worker (Saturn makes it difficult to imagine otherwise), her way to success is long and difficult, and determination and persistence, deserve special attention. 12 rising signs meaning and rising sign calculator Source: astrotheme.com

♒ Aquarius rising

Original and eccentric, independent, unpredictable, spectacular. Can look strange. Have a dreamy look. Tall stature. There is a type of tall, thin, angular “Pinocchio”. Abrupt changes in body position or movement direction are characteristic. Friendly companions, but may behave a little aloof. May be prone to buffoonery, mockery. Follow fashion and trends. David Bowie was the easy-going, free-spirited and unpredictable personality type. Remember his famous flamboyant images that he picked up for his performances. They are still of interest and actively discussed in the world of fashion, beauty and music. 12 rising signs meaning and rising sign calculator Source: astrotheme.com

♓ Pisces rising

Soft smoothed lines in the face and body. Unobtrusive blurred facial features. May have sagging cheeks and double chin. Tend to become obese with age, figure may become loose. Sleepy, puffy eyes. There may be a feeling that the person has just woken up. Wandering look, defocus, absent-mindedness. Silent, shy, impressionable and mysterious. Their peculiarity—elusive and unforgettable appearance. Actress Mina Suvari (Ascendant in Pisces). Her image is associated with a mermaid, and the first thing that comes to mind is her big bottomless eyes. She speaks dreamily and almost always with a slight smile. Her image is soft, romantic, and soulful. 12 rising signs meaning and rising sign calculator Source: astrotheme.com Share your observations! Which of the above resonated with you?

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