What on earth could possibly top Nvidia’s popular new graphics cards? You know, those RTX 3000 series? Well, AMD has been silent but there’s evidence to believe that they aren’t at all giving up without a fight.

AMD has been one of the most competitive companies ever since a while back during the Intel versus AMD days but now, it seems like the hardware company is taking over every single aspect of computer gaming!


Where was it spotted?

The company is now actually teasing the arrival of a certain Radeon RX 6000 GPU series through certain Easter eggs that can be found inside the hit game known as Fortnite! A certain gamer by the name of Gina Darling was able to notice the easter egg while simply visiting the known AMD’s Battle Arena inside Fortnite.

After simply entering a phone booth located inside one of the maps within Fortnite, her character was then simply transported into a sort of secret “AMD Radeon” room that was said to contain a kind of special console.

After typing in the numbers “6000”, the whole room then started to display texts that noted that something big is definitely coming to the known AMD Battle Arena!

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Big Navi

The keyword used to know what it was talking about was “big”, which was an apparent reference towards the “Big Navi” graphics card that AMD has actually been indicating that would arrive about some time within this year in order to address the ever-wanting high-end PC gaming market.

On Twitter, the executives with AMD itself confirmed the whole Fortnite Easter egg, and even hinted that there were a bit more hidden secrets that were out there concerning the upcoming GPUs.

According to them, everything is located right under the noses of players, and that it’s kind of hard to wonder what else has AMD put out there. This was according to a tweet by AMD’s very own chief architect of marketing and also gaming solutions Frank Azor.

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The big reveal for AMD

The teaser actually heralds a sort of heated GPU battle that happened between both AMD and Nvidia over which of the companies can actually offer the very best bang-for-your-buck type of GPU cards.

Sometime last year, the Radeon RX 5700 XT which was released by AMD was able to rise up the ranks to become part of the top gamers’ choice. PC Mag considered this as one of their top picks for gaming GPUs.

The big reveal by AMD brings out the much-awaited update wherein if other companies release something, gamers can be sure that AMD will start to compete with whatever was released. This is usually how AMD plays the game. Aggressive, competitive, and also amazing quality.

If you’re wondering what the big reveal on Fortnite actually is, you better play the game and check it out for yourself.

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