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Coutura Men’s Solar Perpetual Calendar Alarm Chronograph Watch

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  • Made in USA or Imported
  • Powered by light energy, with no battery change required, this model has a 6-month power reserve once fully charged
  • Case Diameter: 44.0mm
  • The sunray finish gray dial features chronograph and alarm subdials and perpetual calendar functions such as leap year, month, day, and date indicators
  • The angular two-tone stainless steel case is paired with an integrated bracelet and includes a sapphire crystal and cabochon crown
  • Water-resistant to 10 bar, 100 meters (330 feet)
  • 3-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Additional information

Brand Seller or Collection Name


Model number


Part Number


Model Year


Item Shape


Dial window material type

Synthetic sapphire

Display Type



Push Button Foldover Clasp With Safety

Case material

Stainless Steel

Case diameter

44 millimeters

Case Thickness

11.8 millimeters

Band Material

Two-tone stainless steel

Band size

8.5 inches

Band width

12 millimeters

Band Color

Two Tone

Dial color


Bezel material

Stainless Steel

Bezel function



Perpetual Calendar

Item weight

11.22 Ounces


Japanese Quartz

Water resistant depth

330 Feet

9 reviews for Coutura Men’s Solar Perpetual Calendar Alarm Chronograph Watch

  1. David Garrett

    First, I have worn Seiko watches since 1970. While not the bling or reputation of Tag Heuer or Beitling, Seiko is an outstanding value. I’ve never had a poor watch among the some half dozen I have owned. Most of the preceding, thorough reviews have captured the essence of this time piece: great value, stylish, dependable, accurate. With care and attention to detail (read the instructions) it is reasonably easy to set up. The video tutor on the SeikoUSA website is also helpful. Should you need to, the band is easily adjustable by removing one or more of the links (using a pin or the end of a paper clip, small pliers). I removed three links with no problem. Having had a solar powered Seiko dress watch, I find them dependable and accurate. Some general advice when watch shopping on Amazon: Pay attention to the specific seller. Sometimes it is a watch retailer; sometimes it is Amazon specifically. The difference? The warranty varies by seller. Some sellers are Seiko authorized dealers and/or offer the Seiko manufacturer’s (3-year warranty), others offer some variation of a shop or third-party warranty. If it makes a difference, read the find print or ask the seller directly. I look forward to many years of good service from this watch.

  2. Mr. P. Valentine

    A very weighty watch on the wrist. It is a clever complication to get time, day and date with an additional 24 hour small Dial. It is not the easiest to read all these features thought if you have less than 20/20 vision, it’s not just a quick glance. Not my everyday watch.

  3. José A González

    Es un reloj robusto, pesado, los eslabones son de acero sólido (me quedó exactamente y mi muñeca mide 24 cm, para que lo tomes en cuenta), excelentes prestaciones. Les recomiendo el modelo con esfera blanca, se ve más elegante. Lo único que no me agradó tanto es la luminosidad de las manecillas, es poca y no dura mucho, pero bueno; se entiende por que no es un reloj de buceo.

  4. Thevakadadcham Thayaseelan

    The best Seiko watch I ever owned. This price you can’t get this watch on any duty free in any part of the world. I know this since I travel a lot. Extremely good service and prompt despatch from the seller. I strongly recommend them.

  5. suncoastandy

    This is my most beautiful watch. Incredible craftsmanship! Absolutely GORGEOUS! Instructions are good. Just read them. Big gripe that seems like a little thing, but is a BIG thing. This “little thing” cost Seiko a star from me. How do I make this watch fit my skinny wrist without extra expense? Did I miss an adjustment voucher for a watch that cost a reasonable amount of money? Here is a respectful suggestion to Seiko, my favorite watch brand. Please include tools to take links out of the band!!! Attached is an example of what could be done. With another recent purchase, I bought an inexpensive stainless watchband for my Timex Expedition (my outdoor watch) because the Expedition’s leather band gave me a rash when it got wet. Guess what? The no-name band maker gave me the tools it took to take links out of that band (see pic of what should be included with any Seiko watch)! Venerable, but maybe calcified Seiko did NOT do that for me on this watch. Where do I take it to have it adjusted? If I buy this off Amazon, no one wants to adjust the band for me for free… I’m not afraid to adjust my own band given a proper tool that would cost almost nothing to include in the beautiful box. Maybe even put the tool in that cool pillow thing that holds the watch in the box. For this kind of money a $5 manufacturing adjustment = $250 mental adjustment for me. It seems like a little thing. I believe it is a BIG thing. If you want to sell your watches online, provide the support needed to make them fit without extra expense!

  6. Tony

    Brilliant and up to Seiko standard.

  7. NilocSystems

    This watch jumps out at you I have only had it a day and everyone who I’ve met have commented on it saying things like wow that’s a stunning looking watch etc. Easy to set up and navigate through the procedure. Would recommend this watch to anyone who likes seriously good watches

  8. Allen Cain

    I was not really sure what to expect buying a watch over the internet. I have exclusively owned Seiko watches for 50 years. This watch did not disappoint me.

    It is heavier than most watches, which I like very much as I am a big man. And the styling is beautiful.

    Some have complained about how difficult it is to setup the various functions on the watch. Personally I found the “quick start” guide easy to follow and was able to set the time, date and month easily. I have not tried to stop watch function, and my never even use it.

    And it comes with a very long band. I was a little confused as to how to remove links as I could not find it covered in the instructions. But thanks to YouTube I found a video and it was supper easy to take out a couple of links and now it fits perfectly.

    It does take some getting used to reading the date and time on dials instead of in a window. But that is how the watch is made and I am getting used to it.

    Overall love this watch.

  9. Florida Clay

    Seiko Coutura Perpetual Solar

    1) Is this watch for you?
    a) Yes if:
    i) You really like the looks of it. (I think it is a knockout.)
    ii) You love gadgets and like lots of what are called “complications” in watch community jargon, i.e. features over and above just giving the time.
    iii) You have patience for fiddley settings.
    iv) You appreciate great value for the money.
    b) No if:
    i) Your cup of tea is a clean, minimally cluttered dial. (Think of an Orient “bambino.”)
    ii) You only want a watch that tells you the time that you can throw on your wrist and be done with it.
    iii) You don’t like the looks of it.
    iv) Getting gadgets all set up configuring multiple features drives you up the wall and you don’t have the patience to do that.
    2) Observations:
    a) I was concerned about buying a 44 MM diameter watch. I need not have been. It looks great on my 7 ¼” wrist. In other words, it “wears smaller” than the diameter would suggest.
    b) The lugs curve down to follow the curve of your wrist and the watch wears comfortably.
    c) When you get the watch don’t get in a big rush to set it up. There is a good “Quick Reference” card in the box. FOLLOW IT VERY CAREFULLY, STEP-BY-STEP and all will be well, good to go until 2100 as long as you don’t deprive the solar cells of light for a prolonged period or screw the settings up playing with other features later. (Yes, I did that.) If you don’t follow the card carefully, you WILL regret it
    d) One reviewer was upset that he did not get gold color bracelet center links often found in other bimetallic bracelets commonly seen. That is NOT what this bracelet has. Look at the pictures carefully. The gold accents on this bracelet are subtle. The faces of the center links are polished steel. The front and back of the sides of the center links are where the gold color is. It gives a nice light play when you rotate your wrist while looking at the bracelet and you will see the little glimmers of gold on the bracelet when you look down on the watch.
    e) Construction seems solid, as I would expect in a Seiko.
    f) I haven’t had this watch long enough to report on accuracy, but Seikos, particularly those with quartz movements, normally have excellent accuracy.

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