A broke, desperate Trump campaign is doing whatever it takes to win the 2020 election, even if they have to cheat to do it. The latest example of their unsavory tactics include the work of a pro-Trump youth group, which is recruiting young adults and teenagers (meaning minors) to spread disinformation on social media, much like Russia did in 2016.

Part of their desperation comes from the campaign’s financial trouble. Trump’s campaign manager recently took a 33% pay cut. Moreover, the campaign is pulling ads in key markets like Arizona, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.Trump’s campaign war chest for 2020 was a whopping $1.1 billion, but a New York Times investigation has revealed that it has already spent some $800 million. Or, more accurately, it has already squandered that money on Super Bowl ads to compete with Michael Bloomberg (remember that time Bloomberg wanted to be president) and D.C.-targeted ads that would stoke Trump’s ego. If it’s indeed the case that Trump 2020 is going broke, it means bad news for the campaign.

The Trump campaign has been, in the words of a recent Hill piece, flailing for months. That’s because things have been going horribly for him.  The latest polls suggest that voters are much more enthusiastic about voting for Biden than they were in March––48% say they’re very excited about voting for Biden. But Trump has him beat: 65% of Trump voters are very excited about him. Trump’s favorability ratings––that is, how people feel about Trump––are dropping slowly but steadily.


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