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If the lady’s feelin’ just like the moon she loves, then Miley Cyrus is lighting her path beneath the “Midnight Sky” with the...
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Stewart Copeland gets asked a lot of questions, but they’re rarely about his youth in the Middle East. “When you’re a pop star,...
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“Unprecedented times” or not, caring for a partner who is struggling with depression is a difficult task. But amid the pandemic, so many...


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How to repot a plant in 4 easy steps without killing it

The idea of repotting your favorite plants might make you anxious. While you know your green friend would be happier in a bigger home, you’re afraid moving...
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How Miranda Kerr practices mindfulness with kids

Clean beauty advocate and Aussie supermodel Miranda Kerr is a bona fide woo-woo wellness aficionado. She loves crystals (she keeps a rose quartz under her pillow), healing...
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How to get more energy using the 5-3-3 breathing technique

From the moment I wake up, my to-do list is already running through my mind in neon lights. It’s a lot for only having been conscious for...
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This Harry Styles Meditation Is Calm's Best Move Yet

On the long list of dulcet-toned folks I’ve long-wished would become meditation instructors, the one-and-only Harry Styles might just take the top spot. His last album, Fine...
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How to create a zen bathroom, care of the Chillhouse founder

If anyone knows the importance of having a chill space, it’s Cyndi Ramirez. She’s the mastermind behind one of  New York City’s buzziest beauty locales, Chillhouse, where you’re...