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The connection between food and mental health is an increasingly important topic in the wellness world, but integrating nutrition into a trauma recovery...
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Cacti might seem like they’re easier to care for than other plants, but there are a lot of misconceptions about them. Whether you...
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Sometimes you just need something to do that’s a bit mindless. A task that’s fun, light-hearted, and doesn’t require much work. NASA created...



7 feng shui home tips to infuse your space with a calm vibe

In an effort to be compliant with guidelines to stop the spread of the coronavirus, many of us are spending way more time than we normally do...
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The best furniture rental services are here to make life easier

There has never, in the history of the human language, been a conversation about moving that has not involved at least one person proclaiming that moving is...
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How to be more patient, according to mental health experts

From the slow, simmering frustration that builds with being on hold with a customer service representative for 30 minutes to the quick snap at your barista when...
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How to use mala beads for meditation

Can’t seem to quiet your mind from mental chatter during your meditation practice? Mala beads can help with that. A mala, the Sanskrit word for “garland,” is...
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3 New Anti-Racist Meditations Want You To Confront Biases

As kids in Southern California, Iman Gibson and Tori Lund bonded over a mutual love of the meditation and yoga practices that they learned at their wellness-oriented...