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Why’d You Push That Button? is back for a special episode all about virtual dating in 2020. The pandemic has forced...
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I excitedly anticipate every weekend the same way: With a gravitational-pull-strength desire to kick back and binge-watch reality television after waking from an...
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There’s a lie at the heart of Rodd Rathjen’s Buoyancy, and that lie is freedom. It’s a fantasy spun by capital: that a...


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15 spots for holistic medicine near me: New York

Even though talk of visits to your acupuncturist or meditation studio may now be as commonly overhead at brunch as daring tales of the previous night’s exploits, finding...
Next Gen Wellness Features Mama Medicine

Mama Medicine: Next Gen of Wellness

Welcome to Next Gen of Wellness, our spotlight of the nine up-and-coming icons you need to know about *right now*.  Here, seeress and shaman Deborah Hanekamp (AKA Mama...
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Why You Shouldn't Keep Plants Around the Air Conditioner

Even though you might enjoy the cool respite from the heat and humidity, running the air conditioner during the summer months can wreak havoc on your beloved...
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Yoga and mindfulness help children with anxiety

Reasons to practice yoga (like promoting healthy aging) and mindfulness (like helping you become a straight-up boss babe) are abundant, so why shouldn’t folks of all ages reap the benefits?...
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How To Care for a Fern, the Most Ancient Houseplant

Ferns are kinda epic. They’re among the oldest plants on Earth, having planted their roots in its soil hundreds of thousands of years before dinosaurs evolved to...