Most Loyal Zodiac Sign: 12 Zodiac Signs Ranked

AstrologyMost Loyal Zodiac Sign: 12 Zodiac Signs Ranked

Zodiac signs ranked from least to most loyal

Would you ever cheat on your partner? Or, maybe, you’ve been cheating and hiding it? Or has your partner been unfaithful? Anyone who has had more than once to face the betrayal of a loved one, no longer believes that they can meet a loyal and faithful partner. Any breakup brings pain and disappointment, and that is why it is so difficult to decide on a new relationship.

But if you are destined to meet your soul mate, the stars know about it for sure. Most loyal zodiac signs do not wound the heart with betrayal, which means that you should definitely strive to meet with them. Can astrology answer the question: which is the most loyal zodiac sign? Let’s see which zodiac signs are more loyal and faithful, and which are prone to cheating on their partners…

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(20 January–18 February)

most loyal zodiac sign: 12 zodiac signs ranked

The zodiac sign that loves freedom most of all is Aquarius to be among one of the most loyal zodiac signs. Cheating on their partners is quite natural for Aquarius, because they are not going to limit themselves to one partner only—their holistic outlook makes them broaden their horizons at any cost.

They do not like to act according to tradition (and they don’t care to be the most loyal zodiac sign), including breaking the oath of allegiance easily and without remorse. They want to experiment, try new things and meet new people, that is, they like to have dynamic events around them and life is booming.

They hate anything common—experiments is their path in life. And Aquarius does not feel guilty at all. Life goes on—Aquarians don’t want to stick in the mud. If you restrict their freedom, Aquarius will cheat out of spite. As a result, Aquarius is at the bottom of our ranking of the most loyal zodiac signs.



(22 November–21 December)

most loyal zodiac sign: 12 zodiac signs ranked

Do you know any Sagittarians? They are very generous people, aren’t they? And they share it with others. What they really appreciate is not just freedom—they need their private space. Sometimes, they may feel suffocated in a relationship, because they are the independent type. As a result, Sagittarians are one of the least faithful people in the entire zodiac. They need variety and new impressions.

By and large, they are kind creatures and are willing to share their kindness with the world. They are definitely not the most loyal zodiac sign, so they easily live parallel lives. At the same time, they do their best to make sure that neither party gets to know about the affair.

Sagittarians may hide their affairs because they don’t want their partner to feel pain (if their Venus is in Scorpio or Libra). There’s another type of Sagittarius with Venus in their Sun sign—they won’t even hide their affairs. It’s their way of life. Therefore, Sagittarius is never a champion in any ranking of the most loyal zodiac signs.



(21 May–20 June)

most loyal zodiac sign: 12 zodiac signs ranked

Geminis are the sneakiest cheaters in the zodiac. They hate problems, and they don’t want to be caught red-handed. Have you ever tried to nail a Gemini cheater? You’ll fail! Geminis don’t really want to cheat—it’s not their physiology that makes them cheat. They simply want something new, and their feelings are fickle. Today, they love you. Tomorrow, their love will fade away, and Gemini will search for more exciting experience in their fragmented world.

Definitly, Gemini is not among the loyal zodiac signs of the zodiac, but if a representative of this sign goes to cheat, their partner usually remains in the dark for a long time. Gemini are good at covering their tracks and playing the loyal partner, when in fact they live a double life.

Gemini often change their minds, so at a certain moment they may find themselves madly in love, but after a short time they will be bored in this relationship.

Unless their Venus is in the neighboring zodiac sign of Taurus, Gemini will always remain changeable and inconsistent—they simply don’t see reasons why they should remain faithful to a single partner.



(21 March–19 April)

most loyal zodiac sign: 12 zodiac signs ranked

Aries are passionate and emotional people—their nature makes it difficult for them to remain faithful to their partners. They understand the principle of loyalty in general, but, very often, they can’t cope with their spontaneous soul movements. All of a sudden, they meet someone and get physically aroused and… it happens.

Aries are known cheaters and are not among the most loyal zodiac signs. Especially if they get bored in a relationship or their partner cannot match their fiery temperament. Aries become victims of their impulses and may act before they think about the consequences of their actions.

If the other party suspects adultery, Aries will zealously deny it. Representatives of this sign need constant stimulation from their partners, or they find someone who excites them more.

However, Aries hide their affairs because they value their partnerships and feel guilt. They may even buy a gift for the partner they cheated on to stop feeling guilty. If you try to nail Aries, they will deny everything until it makes sense for them. Aries partners should stimulate their emotions. Otherwise, Aries will seek more exciting experience somewhere else.



(23 September–22 October)

most loyal zodiac sign: 12 zodiac signs ranked

As a rule, Libra people think before they do something. In general, they are not prone to cheating if they are satisfied with their partner—and they keep their emotions in check. However, Libra may feel dull or insecure with their partner. In this case, they may try to find a better option. And they will give a reasonable explanation why they did it. Most certainly, they need more comfortable or stimulating environment.

Libras are always looking for balance in life, and sometimes they may find that balance in… cheating. Representatives of this sign want to be faithful, but often, when they feel bored next to their partner, they ask themselves: is this particular partner the only one for me? Therefore, they are not the most loyal zodiac sign.

Libras are more likely to get rid of an unwanted relationship, but definitely will not be long and tedious to figure out the relationship. This sign of the Zodiac can usually find a clear explanation for his or her cheating: he or she does not like stressful and exhausting relationships, so he or she tries to find someone with whom he or she will feel easy and good.

The problem is that Libra is not very decisive, and they may cheat to win time and make sure their new partner is better.



(19 February–20 March)

most loyal zodiac sign: 12 zodiac signs ranked

Pisceans with their overwhelming emotions slip to 7th position in my ranking of the most loyal zodiac signs. This is quite an interesting situation, because Pisces usually plunge into their relationship, give themselves to their partner, and, in general, feel whatever can be felt.

Pisces adore flirting, but they don’t want to hurt those they love, and they certainly won’t rush into any new secret relationships right away. However, there are enough cheaters and adulteresses among them, because they are sometimes so weak in front of a new feeling that they can’t resist.

Pisces may remain physically faithful to their partner, but emotionally they may have been cheating for a long time. For some, this may be nothing, although in fact, emotional cheating is a very big problem. That’s why Pisces is not one of the most loyal zodiac signs.

Pisceans are too dependent on their sensations. They can endlessly love their chosen one, but succumb to casual sex temptations. After this, they will feel terrible. Full of guilt, they will love their partner even more. But the fact is that Pisceans are too pliant and non-resistant to be one of the most loyal and faithful zodiac signs.



(23 July–22 August)

most loyal zodiac sign: 12 zodiac signs ranked

Leos are loyal people for the time being. As long as there is stability, mutual understanding, and love in the relationship, they will not think about other partners. Once all this is gone, Leos throw caution to the winds. Most loyal zodiac sign? No.

Lions can remain very faithful as long as they get proper attention from their partners. And they demand a lot of attention! If a Leo feels that their partner doesn’t care about them and is constantly ignored, they are willing to commit adultery, which usually ends in the breakup of the relationship, but not because the adultery opens up to their partner, but because the Leo realizes that they will get much more attention elsewhere.

Unfortunately, in a relationship with a Leo, it’s really hard to give as much attention as they want. As a rule, their partner must “work” full-time, round the clock, always and everywhere to please them. But if their partner copes with this difficult task, the loyalty of the king of beasts is guaranteed.



(20 April–20 May)

most loyal zodiac sign: 12 zodiac signs ranked

Taurus will hardly cheat intentionally unless they feel extreme interest in another person or don’t feel any interest in their current relationship. If they feel stable, and their love life is good, they won’t even look elsewhere. One of the most loyal zodiac signs? Yes!

However, Taurus is suspicious—being lazy and loyal by nature, they may be obsessed with the possibility that their partner might cheat. This may result in a vicious circle if Taurus is unhappy in bed.

Taurus is more likely to expose their partners for cheating than to go looking for adventure themselves. Like other earthly zodiac signs, Taurus is unusually faithful and usually holds tightly to the partner that seems right for them. Taurus will not cheat also for the reason that he would simply be lazy to do so, in addition, cheating requires large expenses, both material and energy, and Taurus is quite stingy.

But if love life of a Taurean is at least satisfactory, they will stick to their relationship to the end.



(23 August–22 September)

most loyal zodiac sign: 12 zodiac signs ranked

Virgos work on their perfect image for years—they want to be ideal in any respect, and cheating their partner is definitely not for them. Many Virgos are workaholics—they just don’t have time to think about anything frivolous. When in a stable and rewarding relationship, loyal and faithful Virgo totally focuses on their partner, and there’s no place for anyone else in their life. Therefore, Virgo is one of the most loyal zodiac signs.

Virgos are incredibly faithful, as they are not so much practical in life matters as they are insanely afraid if they are caught cheating, which means they realize how imperfect they are. Also, Virgo men usually have so many responsibilities and things to do that they just don’t have time to have someone on the side.

For any Virgo, whether male or female, finding a partner is difficult, because they are very picky. That is why it is nonsense for them to change their partner for another, to which you should still get used to! It is better to remain faithful—this is what makes them sign one of the most loyal zodiac signs. By the way, Virgo is also very squeamish, so adultery is a very rare phenomenon among the representatives of this sign.

Idealists, Virgos may stick to their relationship even when it’s not working. Virgo may cheat only out of despair when they feel their ideal world is tumbling down. Only the formally mutable nature of this sign in astrology doesn’t let me put Virgo in the first position in my ranking of most loyal and faithful zodiac signs.



(22 December–19 January)

most loyal zodiac sign: 12 zodiac signs ranked

Capricorns feel responsibility for themselves, for the choice they’ve made, and for other people. They always have a plan or a schedule, and cheating on their partner is not on their agenda because they are among the most loyal zodiac signs. Capricorns architect their relationship for years ahead—it doesn’t make much sense to make a mistake that may ruin it.

Capricorns are used to taking responsibility for themselves. If they are in a serious relationship, they have probably already started thinking about the future and planning for it, and they don’t like to back out of their plans!

If Capricorns are unhappy in a relationship, they are more likely to end it sooner than to go cheating. Isn’t Capricorn one of the most loyal zodiac sign?

This loyal sign is another workaholic of the Zodiac (like Virgo)—time is money for Capricorn. However, Venus in the adjacent sign of Sagittarius may add a frivolous streak to Capricorn’s character. They may feel like relieving job stress after work.



(23 October–21 November)

most loyal zodiac sign: 12 zodiac signs ranked

One would think that Scorpios—passionate and sexual—are doomed to cheat their partners and are not among the most loyal zodiac signs. However, the reality is different. Scorpios keep their partners at a distance until they make sure they can trust them. Scorpio is a fixed astrological sign with a stable emotional channel. Once they have built a trustworthy relationship with a person who can satisfy them in bed, they will never cheat their partner.

Scorpios need some time to remove their inner defenses and let someone close to them. Once they open up to a partner, they become extraordinarily loyal and faithful. However, if trust falls, even one of the most loyal zodiac signs like Scorpios can change.

The main reason a Scorpio can cheat is for revenge—that is why they are not the most loyal zodiac sign. They know how to use it very skillfully. But if a partner is faithful and loyal, they will get the same in return from a Scorpio, no more. They are willing to give exactly as much as they receive!

Scorpios instinctively mirror their partner—they will be just as faithful and loyal, as their chosen one.



(21 June–22 July)

most loyal zodiac sign: 12 zodiac signs ranked

Ruled by the affectionate Moon, Cancer is the most loyal and faithful zodiac sign. They don’t even think of cheating as long as they are in love with their partner. As soon as Cancer finds the right person, they stop any contacts that may put their relationship at risk. If Cancer is happy with their partner, they may even put off any people who may cause problems.

As long as the emotional needs of Cancer are met and they feel safe in a relationship, the representative of this sign will be faithful. It is very important for a Cancer to find a suitable, “comfortable” partner, because they are the most loyal zodiac sign.

Cancers will never change their lives or ruin their marriage on a whim. If their partner treats them well and appreciates them, their family is secure.

Cancers are the most faithful people who plunge into relationship completely, ready to sacrifice themselves for the sake of a partner. In addition, Cancers are family people—this is the glue that holds their relationship together.

Summing iit up, Cancer is the most loyal zodiac sign in our ranking!

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