Most Attractive Zodiac Sign (2021): The Seal of Venus

Zodiac signs ranked from least to most attractive

To tell the truth, attractiveness is a subjective quality. Each zodiac sign is attractive in their own way. However, we can pinpoint the most attractive zodiac sign based on the quality of Venus—the planet that rules beauty, harmony, and personal taste. Venus affects not only the character of a person, but also their appearance and behavior. We’ll tell you what potential your Sun sign has and what each sign can do to become more attractive. So, what zodiac sign is the most attractive?

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May 12, 2021

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12. Sagittarius

(22 November–21 December)


Sagittarius by nature can be very attractive, but Sagittarius does not really care. Sagittarius is a person whose self-esteem does not depend on their appearance at all, and this is wonderful!

However, girls of this sign sometimes have problems with taste, so it makes sense for them to follow fashion trends and visit beauty salons. On the other hand, the zodiac sign attracts by its brightness and charisma. Their manners may leave much to be desired.

Frankly, many Sagittarians may be too straight and even plain rude to be one of the most attractive zodiac signs. For example, if a Sagittarius woman does not like anything about you or your behavior, she’ll let you know it. In addition, represenatives of this sign are very windy people. They are not to blame: it’s their Sun sign ruler, Jupiter, who dissipates and distorts the influence of Venus. Sagittarians are loved not for their appearance or behavior, but for their individuality and luckiness.

They also value their freedom above everything else in life and can often be careless and inattentive in their relationships. This freedom-loving attitude can be the enemy of their attractiveness.

If Sagittarians try to develop taste, become more attentive and gentle, they can become magnets for other people and one of the most attractive zodiac signs.

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11. Capricorn

(22 December–19 January)


Capricorn does not strive for beauty and popularity, but for prestige. For Capricorn, it’s not their skin condition or friends that matter most, but expensive clothes, accessories and jewelry.

Capricorns rarely smile sincerely. These people are not open enough to be attractive, so they are in the 11th place in our ranking. Capricorn likes to look successful and strong, and they will sacrifice everything for their purpose.

As a rule, they are introverts who like to keep their circle of friends narrow and close. It is this personality trait that adds to their mystique, but their inability to open up easily and a hint of a patronizing attitude is what makes them one of the least attractive zodiac signs.

Other people simply do not want to break through the wall of coldness and conservatism that representatives of this sign build around themselves. However, their high self-esteem may attract vulnerable people who seek stronger characters. Saturn, the Capricorn ruler, confines and restricts Venus too much.

To become more attractive as a zodiac sign, Capricorns need to become more open, sincere, and friendly. Changing their style to something less conventional, may also help them to become more likeable.

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10. Aries

(21 March–19 April)


Aries are attractive but only for some people who know them well. Venus is weak in this sign, and this is easy to notice.

Sometimes, Aries can be impulsive and selfish. People of this sign hate lies, and their frankness, sometimes bordering on rudeness, may turn off people around them. In addition, taste is not the strongest side of Aries—their style may be too extravagant and excessive. They also have an unusual sense of humor, which is not liked by everyone.

Aries are born with leadership qualities. They are reliable, honest and able to solve problems easily and efficiently. Hot temper and lack of patience are innate character flaws that prevent Aries from claiming to be the most attractive zodiac sign.

Aries have a lot of good traits bestowed by their ruler Mars but, at the same time, the Red Planet destructs positive qualities of Venus. Just like Capricorns, Aries may also attract weaker people who will turn a blind eye to Aries’ drawbacks for their life force, drive, and sexuality.

Aries just need to become a little calmer to become one of the most attractive zodiac signs.

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9. Aquarius

(20 January–18 February)


Aquarians are among the most jealous signs of the Zodiac. These people are relatively confident, but for some inexplicable reason, they try to follow their partner everywhere.

Or, on the contrary, they can be too estranged and aloof which can also create problems with partners and friends. Aquarius is the sign of extremes in relationship because it is ruled by strict Saturn and revolutionary Uranus at the same time. Therefore, we cannot rank them as one of the most attractive zodiac signs.

With them, you know you get what you see. There are no mind games, no manipulation, no secrets. They also have the ability to influence and motivate others, pushing them to reach their true potential. The only thing that doesn’t work in their favor is their tendency to be somewhat emotionally detached. But once they make a connection with someone, they can overcome that deficiency as well.

Air signs can boast of beauty and grace, but Aquarius is the least aerial of them. Aquarius is naturally charming, but they rarely use their charm. In general, they are not obsessed with their appearance. Their intellectual endeavors are of much more importance for them. Many Aquarians search for something they don’t really know. Probably, they are just a little above the mundane layer of life and, therefore, may be misunderstood and disliked by some people.

To become one of the most attractive zodiac signs, Aquarius needs to be prepared to demonstrate more intimacy and avoid coldness in their relationships.

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8. Scorpio

(23 October–21 November)


Scorpio is not an easygoing person. They are sometimes too complex for people around them. Therefore, they are not considered the most attractive zodiac sign by astrologers.

Acting out of insecurity, Scorpio can be critical, suspicious and jealous. These are not exactly attractive qualities. Also, their highly sexual tendencies may seem too overbearing to most people.

However, their irresistable magnetism sometimes overrides their drawbacks. Mars, their ruler, endows them with strong character and sexual drive but destructs natural qualities of Venus which is very weak in Scorpio. Representatives of this sign don’t do anything to please other people. Their strong inidividuality is simply not fit for this.

The first encounter with Scorpios is mostly problematic—they don’t flirt, don’t flatter, and may demonstrate their vitriolic nature. Not all people can get through to their delicate and senstive self. Again, their inner passion compensates for their lack of friendliness.

Scopios should more lenient to others’ imperfections to become more attractive.

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7. Virgo

(23 August–22 September)


Virgos are very smart, but sometimes they are too strict and boring, which may kill their beauty and other positive qualities.

Although endowed with some of the most attractive features, they are not highly regarded for their attractiveness because of their freaky and overly critical character.

Like Taurus, Virgo also has extremely high standards, and they are difficult to please. Because of this, connecting with them on an emotional level becomes a problem. Therefore, while people reach out to them, it can be difficult for them to stick around.

This is another bad sign for Venus. Even in this case, Virgo is ranked 7th in our rating of the most attrative zodiac signs, because they have a sense of style and always take care of their appearance and hygiene. These people want to always look perfect. Virgo’s image is carefully thought out, but they don’t like anything pretentious. Let’s put it this way: the beauty of a Virgo is usually in their neatness.

Virgos passionately take care of their nails, hair, skin condition and figure. But they don’t catch your eye. The first converstation with them may be a simple exchange of platitudes. However, they won’t make you feel inferior or otherwise frustrated. They are very polite but always have their own point of view. But they will tell it to you only if you ask them.

To become more attractive, Virgos should demonstrate spontaneity and learn to be more natural and easy going.

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6. Cancer

(21 June–22 July)


Cancer is a person of moods. Sometimes, they carefully monitor their appearance, but there are also times when they don’t really care. The only thing you can say for sure about them is that Cancers are neat.

Cancer is one of the most fastidious sign of the zodiac. Cancers are usually very happy in love. They can find the right person very quickly, because they know what they need in a relationship. Cancers are governed by the Moon. Strictly speaking, the Moon and Venus are not friends, but their mundane natures do not disagree.

Cancer is very emotional and fragile. Those who can undertand their real, hidden nature, will be impressed. Cancers are very good hosts—they instinctively know how take care of people.

They are gentle by nature, loyal and devoted to their relationship. In addition, their game for flirting is always relevant. The only thing that works against this charismatic zodiac sign is their high emotional factor. This makes them too vulnerable to being hurt and offended.

To become one of the most attractive zodiac signs, Cancers may need to add more bright colors to their image.

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Top 5 most attractive zodiac signs

5. Gemini

(21 May–20 June)


Geminis are nice, mostly friendly, communicative, always have something to say. Their easy going nature attracts people.

They live in the present moment and are easy to get along with and quick to forgive, which instantly makes them attractive to others. However, they can also be prone to conflicts, secretive and boastful. Their attitude toward life in the moment also prevents them from pursuing long-term goals. These traits greatly reduce their attractiveness.

At the same time, Geminis tend to have attractive bodies, and their clothes usually look good on them. They easily make acquaintances and win hearts. But Geminis are extremely mental. They mentalize even their emotions. For them, their emotions are just another sort of information. Shrewd conversationalists, they can discuss anything, outargue anyone, but sometimes you may feel that an important ingredient is missing—their own attitude and standpoint. This lack of depth may disappoint those who seek intimate relationship unless they try to understand Gemini.

The mission of Gemini is communication that binds discrete elements and notions together to create a common mental environment so that people can exchange their ideas and (mentalized) emotions.

What Geminis need to become more attractive is to stop mentalizing their and others’ emotions and try to unleash their emotional nature.

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4. Taurus

(20 April–20 May)


Taurus has incredible self-confidence and sense of beauty. They can boast of an accentuated sense of form—Taurus is an aesthete at heart.

People feel the special gift of Taurus and want to be beside. Their sexuality is obvious, it is extremely difficult to resist the charm of Taurus. This sign is ruled by Venus which manifests itself on the most mundane level here.

Tauruses are friendly, patient and warm. At the same time, they are very determined—this quality attracts other people who seek patronage. In general, Taurus is a bit conservative and inflexible. This is because Taurus values comfort.

People born under this sign of the zodiac are also by nature stubborn and very difficult to please. They set the bar too high with their actions and resent the fact that others do not meet these standards. This is why they are not considered the most attractive zodiac sign.

To become even more attractive, we may recommend Taurus to demonstrate more flexibility and learn how to welcome change.

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3. Leo

(23 July–22 August)


Leos try very hard to be perfect and attractive, but they want to be liked for the most part not by representatives of the opposite sex or anyone else, but by themselves.

Bold, brutal and full of confidence, Leo is the most indomitable of the zodiac signs. These qualities, combined with their inherent charm and sense of humor, make them one the most appealing sign of the zodiac. Among other qualities, Leo is the zodiac sign that has the most beautiful smile.

They like bright clothes that emphasize their dignity and beauty, jewelry (men also are fond of it), expensive perfumes and stylish accessories. Leos can even resort to plastic surgery and other risky procedures—they always want to look better. Representatives of the opposite sex are attracted to Leos because of their charisma and ability to take care of themselves. However, it is not just their appearance that attracts people to Leos.

A typical Leo is a bright and intelligent person. Leo is the most generous zodiac sign—this quality is a real magnet for other people. That’s why Leo is one of the leaders in our ranking of the most attractive zodiac signs.

Leos are attractive enough—all they may need at times is to moderate their ego.

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2. Pisces

(19 February–20 March)


In general, Pisceans are charming and graceful, and they are also one of the most passionate signs of the zodiac, which makes them extremely attractive. Pisces are gentle and mindful.

People feel their calm and harmless nature and enjoy their company. Very often, Pisces have great taste in fashion (for example, Hubert De Givenchy). In Pisces, Venus is exalted—some astrologers argue that exaltation is even a stronger position than ruleship. Venus endows typical Pisces with prosperity and abundance which they eagerly share with others. Pisces is probably the hottest female zodiac sign and one of the most magnetic zodiac signs in general.

Pisces are kind, caring, thoughtful and intuitive people, constantly ready to lend a helping hand where needed. This is the zodiac sign that has the most beautiful eyes, which can attract the attention of others and hold their interest. All this is enough to make Pisces shine in the ranking of the most attractive zodiac signs.

Pisces may need self-confidence to demonstrate their attractiveness more efficiently.

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1. Libra

(23 September–22 October)


The well-deserved 1st place and the title of the most attractive zodiac sign goes to Libra ruled by Venus the planet of beauty. Beauty is harmony, balance—the symbol of Libra. The zodiac sign of Libra also has the most beautiful face.

Having a naturally magical charisma and attractive appearance, Libra is able to make absolutely anyone fall in love with them. They are natural—and that is their beauty. They do not have to work on themselves, to change something in themselves, to decorate, because they are already incredibly attractive.

Libras are kind and sympathetic people filled with love for life. Libra is a zodiac sign who is able to find the perfect balance. They are loving and moderately ambitious people. Libra loves to solo, to be the center of attention—they, like no other, are skilled in seduction because libra the most physically attractive zodiac sign.

Sun is weak in Libra—that is why representatives of this sign need to be admired and loved to flourish. In addition, they hate being alone and, therefore, try to emphasize their attractiveness to find a partner.

Our verdict: Libra is the most attractive zodiac sign because they really want and need to be attractive to feel that they deserve happiness. They are naturally driven by their inner qualities, such as loyalty, curiosity, romanticism, and ability to enjoy life.

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