Moon Sign: The Seal of the Moon

Moon Sign
Full moon over a metropolis

Everyone knows their zodiac sign very well, which is determined by the position of the Sun relative to the zodiacal constellations at the time of birth. We are used to reading horoscopes based on this calculation, hundreds of books have been published describing common features in people born within a certain period. But few people know about their Moon Sign and so-called Lunar horoscope, which is cast on the basis of this Earth satellite’s position in the sky at the time of birth.

The Moon stays no longer than 2-3 days in each zodiac sign. A stellar Lunar month is the time interval during which it passes through all 12 zodiacal constellations. Its length is 27.3 Earth days. Being in each of the signs, the Moon changes its characteristics and, accordingly, changes its influence on various processes occurring on Earth, including people, their behavior, habits, emotions, and character.

If the Sun is responsible for the formation of “visible” human qualities (such as character, willpower, perseverance in achieving goals), the Moon in the zodiac affects our unconscious: sensitivity, intuition, emotions, impressionability, reflexes, instincts, habits. In other words, the Moon sign determines a person's reactions to the world, those processes that happen to us faster than our thoughts are formed. It also has a strong influence on our mood changes and on human behavior.

It depends on which zodiac sign the Moon was in at the time of our birth, whether a person will be endowed with extraordinary abilities (for example, clairvoyance). Often, it’s the location of the Moon that determines how sensitive a person is to the energies of the Cosmos, how much the person detects their change, how strong their intuition is and the ability to positively or negatively influence others.

The Moon is a symbol of the soul, a guide between the material world and the spiritual world. By itself, this cosmic body does not create or radiate anything. It is more correct to say that it is a connector, a conductor and a reflector of energy.

It is also interesting that the Moon affects men and women differently. It is often associated with the feminine principle, with the woman’s role as a mother. It has a greater influence on the feelings of men and on the rational nature of women. For men's horoscopes, the Moon is very important at the beginning of life, for women—in its second half.

Since the Moon sign is our emotions, it directly affects our relationships with others, how easily and quickly we can find contacts with people, how strong and trusting our relationships with loved ones are. It is not surprising that the Moon in the zodiac plays an extremely important role in love. A remarkable fact: the most lasting and long-term relationships between people are possible when in a woman's horoscope the Moon is in the same zodiac sign as a man's Sun. For example, if he has the Sun in Virgo, and she has the Moon in Virgo, this couple has a great chance to live a long and happy life together.

The influence of the Moon on a person depends on its position in the zodiac sign. If you feel that you are constantly in conflict with yourself, you are concerned about internal contradictions, study the position of your Moon in the zodiac at the time of your birth and the current position of the Moon in the zodiac.

Here's the Moon sign calculator which you can use if you don't know your Moon sign (the Moon sign calculator will open in a new tab).

Moon in Aries ♈

People who were born while the Moon was in the zodiacal constellation of Aries are very rash in their actions and hasty in conclusions. When in this sign, the Moon encourages you to act spontaneously and without hesitation.

But at the same time, you are a very curious and positive person. You are open to people, cheerful, sociable, emotional. You are very mobile, you cannot sit still for a second, the thirst for action captures you constantly, and you need to be in the center of events.

You are ambitious and active, so you do not postpone anything. Aries people tend to immediately act on any idea that comes to their mind and seems worthwhile! You are an indispensable employee, active and even proactive, so you will always be appreciated by your superiors.

But at the same time, you are very demanding of yourself and what you achieve. This leads to extreme psycho-emotional tension and often to nervous breakdowns, since you do not know how to perceive failures as a positive experience. Often, you are overcome by internal anxiety, you are short-tempered and harsh with others, you can go to extremes. It is difficult for you to forgive others their imperfections and mistakes, to look at life simply and easily accept failures.

If your Moon sign is Aries, you demonstrate courage, energy, mobility. But if something or someone ruins your plans, you do not forgive it, you become sharp, hard, stubborn and wayward. Your ideal in interpersonal relationships is absolute independence from others and complete spiritual freedom.

The general recommendation for people of this sign is not to see only black and white in life, but also to be able to distinguish semitones. Not always all events and actions can be evaluated unambiguously.

Moon in Taurus ♉

If your Moon sign is Taurus, your distinguishing trait is stability in everything: in your preferences, habits, and relationships with people. You are quite conservative and have a very realistic view of the world, never build castles in the air, and your actions are extremely rational, logical and balanced. The Moon in Taurus gives people born during this period tolerance for others, enviable endurance, patience, predictability, calmness. For you, the material is always primary.

Your life is based on material well-being, security, stability, and devotion to your ideals.

Lunar Taurus are the best family men, farmers, gardeners, farmers. They are very attached to nature. They love home warmth and comfort.

Taurus are sentimental, kind, sincere people, sensitive to the suffering and needs of others. They often become volunteers, medical professionals, and carers.

You need harmony, a quiet environment and a friendly ecosystem around you.

But for all your altruism, self-interest and profit will always prevail. You will never make a deal with your own conscience for other purposes, no matter how noble they may seem to others.

Although Taurus are persistent in achieving goals and defending their own interests, but they are rarely aggressive. So, as a rule, they do not pose a danger to society.

Those born under the Moon sign of Taurus may often lack individualism and originality, so you are encouraged to work on yourself. And then, creativity will be added to your impeccable sense of taste. And this is a really valuable combination of qualities!

Moon in Gemini ♊

People born under the Moon sign of Gemini are very mobile, spiritually rich and, as a rule, have great intelligence. Such people are called “Jack of all trades”. But in almost everything, there will be a duality of their nature: they rush from one extreme to the other, take on everything at once, and often do not finish what they started. They have diverse interests, but their knowledge is superficial and not deep, and their concentration is low. It is very difficult for lunar Gemini to focus on one type of activity for a long time and concentrate on a specific task.

People born under this Moon sign need to pay more attention to themselves, to their true feelings and desires, not to be led by public opinion, and to control their emotions. Constant worry, irritation, and anxiety that takes hold of lunar Gemini can have a very negative impact on their mental health. This can manifest itself in increased agitation, emotional exhaustion, mental disorders.

You are very sociable, open to people, which attracts them to you like a magnet. You like to keep up to date with the latest news and events, to know all the details of the lives of your close (and not so) people. Lunar Gemini experience terrible discomfort when they can't express their thoughts, share another gossip, or just talk about the weather. Staying in social isolation for a long time can even cause depression and a nervous breakdown for them. But among dozens and hundreds of acquaintances, they almost never have real close friends.

To harmonize their lives, Gemini are sometimes recommended to engage themselves in self-reflection, not to act under the influence of momentary impulses, try to assess the situation and people more soberly, and try to plan their life rationally. Learn to see really important people around you and pay more attention to them.

Moon in Cancer ♋

Those born during the Moon's stay in Cancer have a wide range of positive qualities and feelings. As a rule, these people have sharpened intuition, increased sensitivity. They are astute and very impressionable. It is easy for them to feel the emotions and moods of others, which is not always good for them, since other people's problems and suffering easily disrupt their internal balance and peace.

Lunar Cancers often have outstanding psychic abilities. This allows them to easily manipulate people and use them to achieve their goals. However, they are timid and shy, and it is difficult for them to express emotions that often overwhelm them from the inside. Such people are reserved and taciturn, prudent, secretive. As a rule, they are typical introverts. But at the same time, those born under the Moon sign of Cancer are subject to sharp mood swings. You can never be sure that tomorrow this person will treat you the same way as today.

Both men and women with the Moon in Cancer have a strong parental instinct. They are caring and sensitive to their children, with great love and attention. Lunar Cancers are pronounced monogamous and possessive.

Lunar Cancers are very thrifty and calculating in terms of finances. They make excellent art historians, philosophers and critics, teachers and educators, financiers and gardeners.

Moon in Leo ♌

The person whose Moon sign is Leo will always stand out from the crowd. Such people love attention and recognition of others—they need to be among people.

Lunar Leos are self-sufficient and stubborn, self-confident and selfish, independent and authoritarian, mannered and irresistible. They always “play a role” that suits their status. It is very humiliating and unforgivable for them to look ridiculous. And if you try to humiliate them in some way, to belittle their dignity and qualities in public, you will forever become their enemy. They don't forgive insults! Even if they pretend that they are not offended, and play their role beautifully to the end.

People born under the Moon sign of Leo, as a rule, are very optimistic. They do not have unsolvable problems (at least, they show it with all their appearance). They are ready to help others.

Lunar Leos are talented orators and demagogues, and they often go into politics, become teachers, or engage in activities related to public speaking. They are very good at inspiring people with their ideas and vision of the world. The weak point of each lunar Leo is the opposite sex. They are cordial and open in relationships, always tend to talk directly about their desires. Lunar Leos are loyal and faithful spouses. Even though they often allow themselves to flirt with others, they don’t consider it treason or infidelity.

Sometimes, lunar Leos demonstrate such negative traits as self-confidence, narcissism, arrogance, pride, rudeness. They fill their lives with empty things and actions, trying to impress others, but not caring about their inner world.

Moon in Virgo ♍

Those whose Moon sign is Virgo have a very realistic view of life. They never wear rose-colored glasses and look at things soberly. These people are intelligent, pedantic, practical and pragmatic, they have a cold and reasonable mind. Since early childhood, they differ from their peers in their curiosity, ask everyone thousands of questions and will not rest until they get satisfactory answers to them. The Moon in Virgo gives those born during this period increased impressionability and sensitivity. But at the same time, these people are able to restrain themselves and hide their true feelings and emotions.

Lunar Virgos are good and reliable performers, they always strictly observe social norms, prescribed instructions, regulations and rules, even if they conflict with their internal beliefs. In addition, they are workaholics! Virgo cannot imagine their existence without their favorite work, it is very important for them to always feel themselves needed and be involved in various processes. They are trouble-free at work, so this is often used by unscrupulous bosses or colleagues, delegating all uninteresting, complex or boring tasks to them. And they will not refuse and will fulfill everything exactly on time!

Lunar Virgos always have a lot of friends and acquaintances, people are attracted to them like a magnet. They are very good and loyal husbands and wives, ideal parents and authority for their children. They are extremely rare to be caught in cheating, because loyalty for such perfectionists is another absolutized quality.

Virgos are recommended to pay more attention to themselves and their health, and engage in self-development.

Moon in Libra ♎

People who were born under the lunar sign of Libra are very sensitive and delicate natures with a fragile and vulnerable psyche. They have an outstanding intelligence, tact in behavior, delicacy and courtesy in relationships. They favorably differ in their upbringing, culture and good manners against the background of others.

People with their Moon in Libra act as arbiters reconciling conflicting parties. Thanks to their flexibility and ability to make compromises, such people easily find contact with others.

In personal life, lunar Libra cannot be long without a partner. They are romantics, hungry for love, attention and adoration. It is very difficult for them to live without understanding their partner. People with their Moon in Libra know how to present themselves to the public, attract attention to themselves. They are excellent actors who play their role inimitably! Therefore, it is often almost impossible to determine when they are “real” and when they are playing. Probably, even they themselves can hardly discriminate in such cases.

Lunar Libra has never been famous for practicality and stability. Their life is always changing, еhey often change their place of residence and… partners. Giving all of themselves to one person is boring and almost impossible for them.

They often lack practicality and rational thinking. They do not like physical labor very much, but they are extremely susceptible to everything beautiful. Music, art, poetry, ballet—this is what they are ready to devote all their time to.

Those born under the lunar sign of Libra are recommended to develop such qualities as concentration, attentiveness, be “earthlier” and get rid of their illusions.

Moon in Scorpio ♏

For people who had the Moon in the sign of Scorpio at the time of birth, it can be very difficult: calm and soft Moon conflicts with a strong and hard Scorpio. This makes this Moon sign very explosive and unstable. Scorpions are almost always outwardly calm and reserved, but they turn into a really rattling and dangerous mix sometimes! Their reactions and behavior become completely unpredictable.

If you are a lunar Scorpio, others already know for sure that you are responsible for the commitments you have made. In public, you are usually an emotionally reserved and strong-willed person, not used to openly show your feelings.

Due to the conflicting configuration of the planets at the time of their birth, lunar Scorpios are dual. On the one hand, they are restrained and rational, on the other—impulsive, aggressive, hot-tempered, vindictive. Such extremes of behavior may shock strangers, but relatives get used to such impermanence and adequately perceive it. After all, Scorpions have so many good qualities that make up for all their shortcomings.

Scorpios have a painfully accentuated sense of self-esteem, “losing face” for them is a huge humiliation, and such offenses are not forgiven even to the closest people. They always try to subordinate everything around them to their power, to have control and power over any events that occur in their lives. And if they do not always succeed in society, they turn into true dictators and little tyrants at home.

Lunar Scorpios always know what they want, go their own way, and it is often impossible to influence them from the outside.

Lunar Scorpios are terrible owners! They are jealous and suspicious, and cannot stand if someone interferes with their personal life, but they always control and try to subdue their partner.

Scorpios are recommended to work on themselves, calm their emotions, get rid of mad jealousy, let go of resentments, and choose partners more carefully.

Moon in Sagittarius ♐

Lunar Sagittarians are optimistic, positive and happy people. They believe in their lucky star, do not lose heart and do not give up when faced with obstacles.

If the Moon is in Sagittarius and it is not negatively affected by other planets, people born in this favorable period will be endowed with such qualities as generosity, kindness, and compassion for others. They are humane and committed to their ideals.

Lack of self-control may lead them to nervous breakdowns and depressions. They have a strong sense of self-importance, and they think they are exceptional, different from other people. Their constant desire for change and something new leads lunar Sagittarians to change their place of residence and not stay at one place for a long time. Their straightforwardness and frankness often do them harm, as they meet many dishonest people who take advantage of these weaknesses.

Sagittarians are avid lovers of nature and animals. From an early age, they will have a dog, cat, or at least a hamster or parrot in their house. One of the most favorite animals of Sagittarians at a conscious age are horses. Therefore, to be able to see these noble animals more often, they sometimes choose a job related to the racetrack, animal husbandry, or become veterinarians.

Many of lunar Sagittarians achieve a good financial situation. But it can be very difficult for them to keep their wealth, because of their generosity and extravagance!

For a more successful and happy life, Sagittarians are recommended to be more selective in relationships, limit the circle of their friends and acquaintances, and pay more attention to the really important people in their lives.

Moon in Capricorn ♑

People with the Moon in the sign of Capricorn are great individualists. They often keep a distance in relation even to their loved ones, are reserved in the expression of feelings, are cold and not verbose. If you try to invade their “comfort zone” against their will, lunar Capricorns will lock themselves in and their icy attitude to you will never change.

Lunar Capricorns can sometimes suffer from a mild form of paranoia, they are distrustful, suspicious, indecisive and extremely careful in their actions and decisions. They have no sense of humor, they do not understand jokes, taking everything seriously. So, you should always think before you say something to them or make a joke about them. Those born during this period are ambitious, ambitious and always have a high opinion of themselves, often overestimate their qualities and capabilities.

Since lunar Capricorns rarely enter into disputes and prefer to remain silent even when they absolutely disagree with their conversation partner, there may be a misconception that they are easy to give up their ideas. But this is not the case at all. They almost never do anything against their will. In a sense, they are successful manipulators who may seem weak to others, but in fact have a very strong inner core and are able to lead the crowd. These are typical “grey cardinals”.

Capricorns are practical and rational in their actions, but also do not lack intuition, which often saves them and allows them to find an unexpected solution in dead-end situations. They are victims of rules and procedures. If, in childhood, lunar Capricorns strongly suggest something, it will never be possible to change their point of view on this issue. Until the end of life, lunar Capricorns are devoted to their parents, take care of them and never forget. They are loyal and grateful to them for the rest of their lives. A particularly strong connection occurs if the upbringing was strict.

Career ambitions of people of this sign are always present, but they do not strive to achieve everything at once, get all the stars of the world and rest on their laurels. As a rule, their career progress is very slow, but confident. Once they set out on their chosen path, they will never turn away from it and will achieve all their goals.

Lunar Capricorns are melancholic by nature. So, the ideal partner in marriage for them will be a person who has inexhaustible resources of positive energy to stir them up.

Moon in Aquarius ♒

Born under the Moon sign of Aquarius, people are open and friendly. They are benevolent, friendly and good-natured to people, sincere in the manifestations of their feelings. As a rule, these people have a lot of friends and acquaintances, it is difficult for them to be alone.

But strangely enough, at the same time, they are extremely independent and freedom-loving individuals who do not like obligations. They seem to have two different natures, two different sides of their character: on the one hand, they have a sense of deep attachment to their friends, family and friends; they are friendly to others, sympathetic and caring. On the other hand, they can demonstrate pronounced individualism, obsession with their thoughts and ideas.

If lunar Aquarians do something, they are always sincere about it. They can selflessly help an unfamiliar person, and evade an important task or request the next moment. This is the duality of their nature!

Lunar Aquarians are intellectuals from birth. It does not matter how many diplomas and certificates they will receive during their lifetime. They have a surprisingly practical mind.

Lunar Aquarian women can be too eccentric and emotional, prone to unusual experiments. They need to try to develop empathy, gentleness, compassion, and kindness.

With an unfavorable configuration of the planets at the time of birth, lunar Aquarians can be subject to frequent physical and emotional diseases, suffer from mental breakdowns. But, as a rule, such cases are extremely rare.

Lunar Aquarians are recommended to start paying attention to people, be more selective in their desires, and try to lead a more settled lifestyle. You don't have to be like everyone else. Just try to realize that your actions also affect the lives of other people.

With an unfavorable configuration of the planets at the time of birth, lunar Aquarians can be subject to frequent physical and emotional diseases, suffer from mental breakdowns. But, as a rule, such cases are extremely rare.

Lunar Aquarians are recommended to start paying attention to people, be more selective in their desires, and try to lead a more settled lifestyle. You don't have to be like everyone else. Just try to realize that your actions also affect the lives of other people.

Moon in Pisces ♓

The Moon in Pisces at the moment of birth indicates that such people have a strong character, but increased sensitivity and impressionability. They are calm, soft, not prone to conflicts. They easily make concessions to others. It is extremely important for them to stay in comfort at all times, in any place, as they hate inconveniences.

Lunar Pisces are dreamers! They are always in their own world, somewhere in the clouds. This is a very useful quality for those of them who devote themselves to creative professions: artists, musicians, designers. But in real life, this trait makes lunar Pisces vulnerable and often helpless.

Lunar Pisces are rarely aggressive. As a rule, they are malleable. But this is not because they always agree with what is happening, but because of their own changeable opinions, lack of understanding of what they really want from life, inability to defend their ideas and views, their fear of offending others.

People with the Moon in the sign of Pisces are sensitive to the suffering of others. They intuitively understand people, do not reject those who need help. Often, Lunar Pisceans are people with an unusual fate and an amazing life. Since early childhood, they can manifest phenomenal and psychic abilities. They can heal diseases, as they have a lot of hidden energy.

If, at the time of their birth, the Moon was in an unfavorable position relative to the planets, lunar Pisces will suffer uncontrolled laziness, apathy, inertia. They can be extremely distrustful and suspicious, or on the contrary, treat people too openly and friendly. Those born during this period are romantics, idealists and utopians. It is possible that for a long period of life they will experience financial difficulties.

For a more successful and peaceful life, lunar Pisces are recommended to be more discerning about people. Don't waste all your fine qualities on those who don't deserve them. Focus on your loved ones, parents, and children, surround them with warmth, care, and attention, and give them more positivity and smiles. After all, only they are able to forgive and understand you always!


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