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June 2021 Monthly Horoscope by Zodiac Sign

June will be for most people a month of braking and “freezing” of most cases and processes. The five planets that are already moving or will start to move retrograde in June, as well as the solar eclipse of June 10, are to blame for this outrage.

Saturn and Pluto will be retrograde for the month, and Mercury will be retrograde through June 23. Jupiter, in turn, will turn retrograde after June 21, and Neptune will be in its retrograde phase June 26. Not only that, but Pluto in trine to the Black Moon all month long will be throwing nasty things at people in the form of confusion, destruction of well-planned affairs, and seduction to big new projects that will most likely have no future, but will involve a lot of financial, time and physical expenses.

We strongly recommend not to start any important projects in all areas of life after June 21—they are guaranteed to fail.

During the month, planetary transits will bring the following nuances to the picture. On June 1-2, the Sun will be in conjunction to the Moon’s North Node, and Mars will be in a trine to Neptune and sextile to the Black Moon. Men will have fateful meetings and acquaintances, some with a new “lady of the heart” for life, and this love will be somewhat “fatal.” Some will meet a new devoted friend, and some will meet a business partner for a long and very fateful collaboration. And most importantly: these people will really be sent to them by heaven itself, so if any acquaintance happens on these days, then it was simply impossible to avoid it.

June 2-4, Venus in trine to Jupiter. This is one of the few dates in June when everything, whether amorous or material, will be successful. So they are good for planning important matters and for taking important actions, from engagements and weddings to important financial and business transactions.

June 4-6 are Sun sextiles to Chiron, and Mars in opposition to Pluto retrograde, but also Mercury in square to Neptune. These days the cheaters and swindlers are on fire. So don’t meet new business and love partners on these days, don’t trust unfamiliar people, take care of your wallets in public places, don’t borrow and lend money, and under no circumstances allow large expenses—the consequences can be disastrous. If someone on these days gets robbed, steals something, gets sucked into a financial adventure or is harshly cheated in love, know—this person deserved such an event by their wrong behavior in the past.

June 10-19 Saturn square Uranus, plus the June 10 solar eclipse adds a fateful twist to this aspect. Unexpected devastating scandals are highly likely throughout this time period, both in your personal and business life with dramatic break-ups forever. Try to restrain yourself and avoid noisy squabbles and personal attacks that won’t end well, but there will be plenty of bad consequences.

This is completely inappropriate time to “lay down the law”, to demonstrate your pride and “self-will”, to try to put someone in his place, to scare someone by demonstratively slamming the door—relationships will be destroyed, the results achieved will be forever lost and will leave a bitterness in the heart for many years.

Also this period of increased danger of accidents and injuries, because everyone is advised to be as careful and cautious on the street, in public places, to observe traffic regulations and safety equipment in everyday life.



(21 March–19 April)

Aries in the first half of the month will be very happy with life—they will be lucky in love and in business. However, in the second half of the month they are very likely to have annoying slippages.

Tip: if something does not go as you wish, leave it for two or three months, and then it will work itself out. If it’s going without a hitch, go ahead and do it, it’ll work out for you!



(20 April–20 May)

Taurus, born May 2-4, should be very careful about their health, as well as the observance of safety at home and traffic regulations on the roads, the probability of serious illnesses and serious injuries is very high now, especially the head and hands. They also have a high chance of committing a love or financial adventure with long-lasting negative consequences. Therefore, it is better not to trust new people and not to go along with their emotions, only in this way it is possible to keep calm and order, both in business and in love.

For other Taurus people it will be a very favorable time to make repairs in the apartment, with high quality and on a budget, to move to a new place of residence, to solve housing issues, as well as radically improve health and adjust for the better personal energy.



(21 May–20 June)

Gemini will experience a time of momentous change, but it will be more of a positive one. Some will find the love of their lives, some will find the job of their dreams, some will find a true friend, sponsor, or patron, and many entrepreneurs will have a breakthrough in business or an unanticipated financial windfall.

But in order to do so, they will have to give something up, perhaps a bad habit, a tired job, or an outdated relationship.



(21 June–22 July)

Cancerians in June can live absolutely peacefully and enjoy the simple pleasures of life, there will be plenty of them this month, especially in the amorous sphere.

All business projects that were previously initiated will be successfully continued and completed. But it is better not to start new projects for Cancer, as they are guaranteed to fail.



(23 July–22 August)

Lions born on August 4-7 need to be extremely careful and be patient. July is a time of increased traumatization and painfulness for them. Also now they are very likely to have unexpected painful ruptures in their personal lives without the possibility of correcting anything, and there is also a high probability of losing their jobs or going bankrupt in business.

That is why these “kings of beasts” should observe traffic rules and safety rules in everyday life, be as quiet as water and beneath the grass at work and with loved ones, forget about manifestations of pride for a time, hang on to what they have – love partners, work, business projects, do not “rock the boat”, do not start anything new, do not trust unfamiliar people.

Other Lions have a great opportunity to change something globally and destiny for the better in the first half of the month, especially in love.



(23 August–22 September)

Virgo can lay the foundation for future success in June. For this purpose, they should engage in obtaining additional education, development of new useful professional skills and competencies, correction of love energy, and pumping up their personal qualities.

Subsequently, these actions will bring them very positive fruit.



(23 September–22 October)

Libra in June can passionately fall in love, and this love is almost guaranteed to be mutual and long-lasting, and subsequently founded a family – strong and harmonious.

In business they have some lull, but they do not have to wait for any negative things—this period of some stagnation is given to them to gain strength, to improve their health and to search for new business horizons and planning very promising business projects.



(23 October–21 November)

Scorpions born on November 4-6 need in June to take all precautions to avoid accidents, serious injury, robbery, fights, as well as to protect themselves from the actions of thieves or crooks. Also, it is extremely undesirable to quit your job, to cross the boss, to try to “bend over” the love partner—all this is fraught with long-term and irreparable negative.

But Scorpios born October 22-25, have a chance to snap up a big money prize or meet a love partner, higher in social and financial status, especially between June 1-12. For all other Scorpios, June will be a relatively peaceful time, without any negativity, but also without bright accomplishments.



(22 November–21 December)

Sagittarians, just as in May, will continue to face the consequences of past events, according to the principle “what you sow, you reap”. If in the past you did good and practically expedient things, you will get back a lot of positive events, both in terms of affairs or health, as well as in the amorous sphere.

If you were lazy to do something in the past, or did something reprehensible or wrong from the point of view of Superior Powers, the sown negativity will return to you boomerang in exactly the same quantity and quality. However, on the whole, the period until June 20 will be very positive for most people, with momentous changes and bright events.



(22 December–19 January)

Capricorns will be literally drowning in a flood of career events and rapidly changing scenery in business. Many of them will realize that what they were doing before is unpromising, and they will refuse to follow this false path.

In contrast, some will return to old business projects and connections from which they mistakenly abandoned. In any case, the decision taken will most likely turn out to be the right one and lead to the desired business and financial result. In love, June will either be empty or just quiet, with no particularly prominent events, but peaceful.



(20 January–18 February)

Aquarians who were born January 31 – February 3, should seriously take care of health and monitor their physical and financial security in June, now there is a very high probability of injury, robbery, accidents and meeting with crooks. They are also likely to have high-profile scandals with breakups, both with love and with business partners.

They should categorically not quit their job in June—they might not find it for a long time afterwards. The same applies to love partners—now is the worst time for scandals or break-ups, as the consequences of such cases will turn into wounds in the soul that will not heal for many years. Other Aquarians will experience many happy moments. Someone will achieve reciprocity from their love partners, someone will get a chance to move up the career ladder quickly, and someone will be lucky enough to “grab” a couple of wagons full of money from the train of Fortune.



(19 February–20 March)

In the first half of the month, Pisces may meet a new love, which will later turn into a stable, very tender and romantic relationship with the transformation into a friendly family.

Some Pisces will find a new job or open a new, very successful line of business with great income in the future. But after June 20, it is better for them not to undertake anything important either in love or in business, most likely, these undertakings will not end well.

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