Money Horoscope: The Zodiac Signs and Money

AstrologyMoney Horoscope: The Zodiac Signs and Money

Each zodiac sign has a certain energy. Therefore, people have different attitudes to finance and, therefore, their money horoscope is different. Someone wants to spend money without thinking about tomorrow, while someone, on the contrary, adds up a penny to a penny, cherishing a global goal. Accordingly, a profession in the sphere of finance does not promise success to all signs of the zodiac.

money horoscope: the zodiac signs and money


(21 March–19 April)

Likes to spend and spends thoughtlessly. Saving and thrifting is not about Aries at all. They want to spend “here and now” without even thinking about if it’s appropriate and affordable for them. Money literally “burns in their hands”. When faced with financial problems, most likely, they will borrow without much thinking about how they will repay what they borrowed. However, their will and resourcefulness are at a high level which is enough for them to avoid bankruptcy.

Aries is the most risky and desperate financier, who can bet on rare opportunities, often loses, but sometimes wins big.

money horoscope: the zodiac signs and money


(20 April–20 May)

Taurus loves money and knows how to earn it. They try to plan their budget carefully. They know where their money should go, and they always put some money aside. They are perfect savers, even if there is no such need. If they face financial problems, which is unlikely for Taurus, they know how to shrink their spending so that they do not have to borrow. Taurus has good luck for money, which helps them achieve financial success.

Taurus is the best financier in the world, but they are hampered by their conservative approach trying avoid risks. Real estate brings good results.

money horoscope: the zodiac signs and money


(21 May–20 June)

For Gemini, money is just a means of survival. They don’t understand the value of money. Therefore, they spend very quickly on all sorts of nonsense. Gemini are definitely not natural born financiers—bankruptcy is the fate of many of them.

Gemini loves to collect information always looking for a silver bullet or a topic that can bring a one-time, but huge wealth. More often, small profits are gained, but Gemini believes in luck (mostly, hopelessly). Their mission is to make themselves get down to work. They can be successful in the area of communication, television or PR as long as they learn to count money.

money horoscope: the zodiac signs and money


(21 June–22 July)

Cancers love money and take great care of it. They can deny themselves satisfying their desires for years fearing to overspend. They keep their money in several accounts, in multiple banks, in different currencies. They can easily be generous only for their comfort, home or children. When their financial situation is unstable, they begin to worry and save even more, squeezing themselves in everything where they can. Cancer rarely go bankrupt—thrifty Moon, their ruler, protects them.

Cancers can link their finance to the field of education and new technologies, in which they are particularly advanced.

money horoscope: the zodiac signs and money


(23 July–22 August)

Leo loves money and loves to spend it. They spend mainly on themselves, their appearance and broad gestures towards others. Therefore, they often strive for a high income, so that they can spend without thinking about the future. In case of a crisis, they can risk it till the last dime to get more.

They are not afraid to give everything they have—their nature is generous (unless their Mercury and Venus are in the next zodiac sign of Virgo). Leos are prone to launching their own business in order to reach financial success without nagging bosses above them.

Leo feels well in the stock market—they are lucky when choosing promising stocks.

money horoscope: the zodiac signs and money


(23 August–22 September)

Virgos tend to save money and manage it wisely and expediently. They always have everything according to a plan and as part of a system. Often, the demonstrate abnormal prudence and count every penny. At the same time, they easily spend money on beauty and health procedures—they love useful little things.

They do not hesitate to apply for various benefits and always have a bank account. Virgos make excellent accountants who will meticulously check everything.

Virgo is drawn to global corporations, multinational companies and businesses without borders—they easily establish contacts with international partners.

money horoscope: the zodiac signs and money


(23 September–22 October)

Libra spends money very easily. If they want to buy something, they will immediately do it, even if they do not have much money. They do not dream of a large fortune. Rather, they dream of comfort. They dream of becoming a VIP so that they are always welcome everywhere.

Very often, this positive outlook (and their ruler—the money planet Venus) helps them reach what they want by means of subconscious visualization.

In addition, they are skillful administrators—big business values this quality. Libra can proceed from relations with officials and state contracts.

money horoscope: the zodiac signs and money


(23 October–21 November)

Scorpios love money, especially other people’s money. They count, put money aside, and invest so that the money works. By the way, Scorpio is the zodiac sign who can earn really big money. Scorpios feel comfortable both as business owners or as financial directors. In most cases, their business acumen is perfect.

Scorpio often own or manage large fortunes. Even if they don’t succeed in business, they always become an authority in a subject, and their teaching talent helps them earn good money in the field of information business, e. g. training courses or as business coaches.

money horoscope: the zodiac signs and money


(22 November–21 December)

Sagittarius is capable of grand gestures. They tend to squander money. They can save only if there is a “high goal.” At the same time, Sagittarius is a highflyer who has a holistic vision of every situation. Many people value this quality.

In addition, Sagittarius is very communicative and charming. They make the best and most effective salesmen of the zodiac.

Sagittarius achieves success mostly in cooperation with good companions—the optimal format is two or three partners who can attract large finances. Their natural charm helps them achieve financial success in professions related to communication or sales.

money horoscope: the zodiac signs and money


(22 December–19 January)

They spend money carefully, intelligently, all their desires are under constant control. Capricorn prefers to spend on training, on status things and on their own development (or even in their appearance, if their career depends on it). Capricorns tend to save on everything they can—they look for stores with discounts and save every penny. Another thrifty zodiac sign in our list.

Capricorn loves money and tries to make a fortune gradually and quietly without telling anyone about their plans and intentions. Minimum publicity—this is the motto of Capricorns with respect to finance.

Capricorns can make unexpectedly big money as administrators, because they are overachievers of the zodiac.

money horoscope: the zodiac signs and money


(20 January–18 February)

Their desires are boundless and so global or even universal that they prevail over common sense. They can save on food, but at the same time spend money on something not really necessary. Aquarians love to spend money on something that gives them pleasure and a feeling of participation in the global drama.

We live in the age of Aquarius—the world when seemingly futuristic things become ordinary very quickly. Aquarius is on the cutting edge of this progress.

Aquarius is a fan of e-commerce, virtual money and securities and enjoys it, even without a special education. Aquarius intuitively works their way to wealth in this area.

money horoscope: the zodiac signs and money


(19 February–20 March)

Pisces has weak control over money. Even if their financial situation is deplorable, they keep spending mindlessly. Ultimately, they will not hesitate to turn to their loved ones for help.

Pisces are imaginative and lucky, but their financial success is not easy to grasp and reach. They may become extremely wealthy only if they find their unique and very specific product—Pisceanness which sells very good, if found.

Pisces paradoxically achieve success and wealth in areas where they did not invest much effort. But, again, finding this area is not an easy task. Jupiter, the planet of luck, helps Pisces achieve this goal.

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