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    Mars in the female and male chart

    The owner of the red planet in Cancer has been trying all his life to overcome his innate cowardice by choosing emphatically male hobbies – boxing, fishing, collecting weapons, car racing. Inside, however, he is strongly focused on home life with a beloved woman and children. He loves to cook gourmet meals, come up with romantic surprises, perfectly understands female psychology and quickly finds the key to the heart, if only he dares to apply it. His fear of rejection makes him jealously watch his beloved to prevent possible infidelity, and his infantile nature makes him shift the blame for mistakes in the relationship to her, which often puts a perfectly happy marriage at risk. A carrier of Mars in Cancer suits a confident and calm Venus in Taurus, Capricorn, or romantic Venus in Pisces. Expectation of a beautiful prince, kind, sensitive and understanding, as if descended from the pages of love novels, keeps a girl with Mars in Cancer from an early marriage and prevents her from taking a sober look at her real suitors. She wants to meet a strong, muscular handsome man with a tender, reverent heart, with whom she can merge soul and body. Since such specimens are rare, she is for a long time alone, which is bad for the character, provoking aggressiveness, tearfulness and feisty. In this case, it helps to be active in creativity and sports. The best union awaits with a man with a similar position of Mars in Cancer, Libra or Taurus.

    Important aspects with planets

    Any connection of the red planet with the Cancer ruler Moon has a strong effect on the character and destiny of the native. A trine and sextile gives one the ability to control a strong mental energy, to direct one’s feelings towards creation, and to strengthen one’s attachment to one’s mother and wife. At the same time, a person is bored to live without strong emotions, he provokes scandals and is tormented by suspicions, that is why if one of the planets is in the 4th sector of the horoscope, one should not sit at home, but be active. The opposition of Mars and the Moon speaks of the complex and irascible character of the mother, which affected the psyche of the native. He easily falls into anger and without thinking aggressively to any disrespect to himself, up to hand-to-hand violence in the family. This is mitigated by positive aspects to Venus, Jupiter and Saturn.

    Additional description

    People born with Mars in Cancer try to avoid direct confrontations, preferring to work things out or attack opponents by setting other people against them. Aggressive and competitive behavior makes Mars-born Cancerians very uncomfortable, so they try to avoid it. You don’t indulge your ego, keep your ambitions under control, and don’t try to go for broke if you see a conflict of interest. Inner satisfaction is much more important to Mars Cancers. You feel uncomfortable where drastic measures are needed. But if you suspect that something is threatening your loved ones or family and someone you really care about, you will persevere to the last, like no one else in the world, to protect them. This is your strength. The instinct to take matters into your own hands and fight to the end, if necessary, kicks in. All of Cancer’s goals and actions are centered around loved ones and family, and are all too personal. You can make any sacrifice for those closest to you, even if it’s not always justified. People with Mars in Cancer are prone to stress, they may not be able to handle high pressure and competitive situations. You may be overly resentful, cranky and irritable, and feel difficult from high demands and stressful work. Your energy level is not constant and is highly dependent on your emotional state, especially during times of strife in the home. You must avoid overeating during times of emotional upset or it will have bad consequences with your digestive system. Mars Cancers are hardworking, likable, capricious, protective, good intuition, sensitive, and likely to be overly emotional. Managing your emotions is very important to your health and well-being.