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    Mars in Women’s and Men’s Horoscope

    A Mars in Gemini owner often doesn’t know what he wants from a relationship, striving for an idealized image assembled from small details, each of which is perfect. The only thing they have in common is one idea: interesting and colorful conversation. Without communication, conversations that excite physical energy and sexual attraction, he does not think of love. The sympathy of a man with Mars in Gemini is born in the mental, not in the heart. He is a perpetual boy, inquisitive, passionate, but not deep into feelings. He is interested in reading about sex and psychology and applying knowledge in practice. Do not expect him to be faithful until he has experienced the full range of known pleasures, but as a friend he is willing to listen, help and offer a fan of ideas to solve problems. A windy and optimistic Venus in Gemini or Aquarius will suit him. A woman with Mars in Gemini remains young externally and internally for a long time, which makes it easy to find common ground with children. She is gifted with literary, acting, sports talents, understands technology and programming no worse than men, yet easily adapts to any team, is non-confrontational, often says what they want to hear from her if it does not concern the spiritual principles. About love prefers to talk, write poems, dream more than to experience its physical side in practice, so that beyond the conversation relations with men go seldom. In love with the eloquent jokers, sociable and unpredictable. Mars in Leo, Libra, and Sagittarius would suit her.

    Important aspects with planets

    The chief ruler of Gemini is Mercury. Favorable aspects of Mars with it enhance oratorical skills, the ability to punch one’s way to success with words, and to defend oneself in difficult circumstances. Negative aspects push the native into the thick of verbal squabbles and create confusion in active expression: instead of a dignified response, fists are used, and when fighting is necessary, the native mistakenly tries to negotiate. Fractures of hands, wrists, and fingers are possible. The second ruler, Proserpine in conjunction with Mars, gives a lively analytical mind and a magical command of the word, when a correctly expressed message can revive the soul from depression, but tense aspects make the native a destroyer of everything he touches in anger or rage. Favorable conjunctions with the Moon and Selene harmonize turbulent sensuality.

    Additional description

    Martian Gemini are always busy mentally or physically, like little bees. They are constantly on the move, immersed in various activities, usually several at once. You are happy only when you have something to do, as you just hate boredom. The mind of such Twins is alert and active, constantly striving to learn something new. You absorb knowledge like a sponge and are ready to constantly discuss something or argue with anyone who wants to fight you in this battle of wits. You are subject to a lot of nervous tension and anxiety, so you need to get regular physical activity to relieve this stress. You like to gesticulate when speaking and can probably wield both hands equally or have a mechanical ability. People born with Mars in Gemini in their natal chart need to think things through first before taking action and develop patience – this will help them keep themselves out of trouble. Sometimes you do something just for the sake of doing something, although it’s not always a good idea. You need to measure seven times before you do something. You are characterized by travel in which you never know what you will encounter, what you may learn or whom you may meet on your way. Because of the rush, you are often prone to burns or accidents involving your hands or shoulders. You handle short-term projects well, while tasks that require long-term commitment, stamina, consistency, and perseverance don’t come easily to you. Mars Gemini spreads their energy all at once, doing many things at once – this leads to not being able to finish something or maintain some of those projects. You vitally need variety, change, and challenges that you can solve with your brilliant mind. Mars in the sign of Gemini endows you with a sharp mind. Such people love to solve problems of a mental nature and are fond of games and competitions. The desire to match someone’s strength of mind brings out the competitor in you. Your drive and energy – more mental than physical. You use your wit, intelligence, communication skills, social sophistication and awareness to achieve your goals. Sarcasm and humor come very easily to you, with Gemini needing to learn to conserve energy, in order to avoid emotional burnout and the concentration needed to complete the projects you start and keep your promises.