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    Mars in a woman’s and a man’s chart

    Even a strong and deep feeling will not encourage the owner of Mars in Taurus to take the initiative in a relationship, although she may indirectly show her passionate nature by demonstrating her homeliness: giving her amazingly delicious pies or skillfully knitted sweaters. She has high ideals: the chosen one must be charming and physically developed, secure and promising, so she is in no hurry to choose, waiting until the last. Falling in love, will be faithful, happy to devote themselves to the home and inventing pleasures for her beloved husband as in cooking, and in intimate life. A good companion for her will be a man with Mars in Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo. The energy of a young man with a scarlet planet in the earth element is grounded and aimed at obtaining material comfort: a cozy, comfortably located apartment, a job with a stable income and pleasant surroundings, a nice, caring wife. He is practical and romantic at the same time, showing signs of attention through gifts and flowers, as he does not know how to win a pretty woman with words. Love is expressed through actions and materialized symbols of feelings, and generosity is shown when there is already confidence in the continuation of a lasting relationship. In conflicts, the carrier of Mars in Taurus does not go to the trouble, but he will not be able to restrain his anger if he offends important inner values or someone close to him. He is caring and considerate, but demands the same for himself. A good companion for him would be Venus in Taurus, Virgo, or Pisces.

    Important aspects to other planets

    The first ruler of Taurus is Venus. Any aspects from Mars to it will increase passion, sensuality, creativity, and a desire to make a mark on history. The square and opposition give bright loves with many obstacles that only excite the blood and make you do stupid things. Such intense feelings overwhelm the nervous and emotional sphere of the soul. The harmonious conjunction of Mars and Venus is an excellent tandem for success, when inspiration and passion are subordinated to the will and capacity for work. As the second ruler of Taurus, Chiron in aspect to Mars, there is insecurity and doubt about the theme of the house, which is carefully concealed by the nativity through contrived bravado, and difficulties with gender identity when there is a skewing of one’s character or appearance toward the opposite sex. It is good if there are harmonious aspects to the Moon in women and Jupiter or Saturn in men, harmonizing the inner state.

    Additional description

    Once something has occurred to people born with Mars in Taurus, they will strive for the goal with all dedication, determination and incredible dedication. You never give up and changing your mind or changing course midway is a big challenge for you. No matter what you aim for, you never give up or let go of your goal. You forgive mistakes until someone betrays you-it makes you furious. Taurus is usually patient and not irritated, only if there is no good reason for it, then they become enraged akin to a bull. You are reliable and consistent, while coping with more stress than the people around you. Taurus prefers the daily routine with its routines, certain responsibilities and tasks, also you like construction and visible results of your hard work. Things you can touch have direct relevance to you. You need to see practical results, not theories. People with Mars in the sign of Taurus will never settle for intangible objects such as just having a good time. At the same time, they have laziness, a love of comfort, and inertia that must be overcome before they can move forward. Once they get the momentum, their energy increases and enables them to develop. Running a business is their forte, especially if someone else triggers it. Material well-being and security are the main and determining factors of what you do. Your stamina and perseverance are a driving force that can also work against you, as you can get stuck in a rut and refuse to take advantage of new opportunities by constantly overreacting and limiting yourself. Change scares you as much as illness and pain. Sometimes a stubborn streak awakens in you, and then no one can influence you or change your mind. Possession and jealousy can also cause serious relationship problems. Money and things that are so important to Taurus provide them with a sense of security. You need to reevaluate your values and cultivate sharing. Taurus talkativeness can also be unmanageable at times.