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    Mars in the male and female chart

    The only authority of a man with Mars in Aries is himself. The powerfully assertive leader can’t stand people of delicate mental organization, and in a personal relationship he seeks to end the bouquet-and-candy romance as soon as possible and move on to the physical side of things. If intimacy does not happen on the third date, he is likely to switch to a more accessible and determined woman. With a long-term union, it is necessary to constantly support his sexual interest with external appeal and even eccentric actions, because the carrier of Mars in Aries loves with his eyes, and the intensity of interest in a girl is measured by the level of adrenaline. The sporty, sexy and independent Venus in Aries, Aquarius and Sagittarius will suit him. Active, inquisitive, prone to experiments in the intimate sphere and dominating in the workplace, the owner of Mars in Aries looks like a bright and sexy woman, but the main character traits are male: straightforward, harsh, pushy to the point of impudence and fearless to the point of recklessness. She is thrilled to defeat the stronger sex, both in profession and sports, and in love. She is indifferent to romance, preferring to conquer, inflame and conquer, rarely satisfied with a relationship with one man, unless he is a leader of the highest category, with whom she will satisfy ambition and bodily passions. A companion with Mars in Leo, Sagittarius, or Aries would suit her.

    Important aspects with planets

    The militant planet is the ruler of the constellation Aries, so the strength of the effect on the nativity will depend on the aspects with other planets. Harmonious balances and reduces the degree of internal tension, but the relationship with the Sun increases egocentrism and overbearing ambition with undoubted great mission and giftedness. Positive conjunctions with the Moon harmonize one’s emotional state, give one the ability to control oneself, respect one’s partner, and demonstrate sensitivity and understanding, and with Mercury one is blessed with wit and quick thinking. Negative aspects to Saturn and Uranus threaten traumatic and dangerous situations. The person is so caught up in extreme games that they don’t feel the threat approaching, especially if Aries is in the 1st and 8th houses. Intense aspects with Pluto portend danger from transportation.

    Additional Aspects

    People with Mars in Aries are aggressive, adventurous, love adventure and are always on the lookout for new projects and perspectives. You hate restrictions and don’t like to be told what to do or how to do it. You want to lead, not catch up. At times you can be willful, impulsive and impatient. Waiting – it is not about you. You are eager to get what you want and don’t take no for an answer. Mars Aries love competition and anything that allows you to test yourself or prove something to yourself. Cooperation is not your forte and you can be very opinionated, self-centered and sometimes cruel – the “Me-first” principle is very strong in you. These Aries are independent and hate depending on someone or relying on others. You need to be your own person and do things your own way, even if it won’t be the best option. One of your talents is getting progress quickly in the initial stages. If initial success doesn’t come quickly, you may get bored with that project and move on to the next one. Maintenance is not a strong suit of Martian Aries. Long-term efforts are not as appealing to you as quick, short-term endeavors that you can finish quickly and start something else. Energy and enthusiasm are your strengths. Self-control, just so you know, is very important for Aries with Mars; it won’t lead to burnout. Physical activity and keeping yourself in shape is essential for you. Because of the rush, such Aries can be prone to accidents. You need to learn to stick to a project until its completion before dashing off into a new endeavor. It also wouldn’t hurt to learn how to control your temper and impulsiveness.