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    Astrology, is it a science or not?

    In simple words, astrology is a multi-level system with descriptive and predictive methods that tell us about the influence of celestial objects on a person, his actions, character, temperament, milestones of destiny, as well as the impact on the world around us. By the position of celestial bodies, their interaction with each other, and their movement through the celestial sphere, it is possible to predict the future. Astrology uses various formulas that make it both a science and an art.

    A natal chart is a kind of mathematical chart where an astrologer with knowledge of the formulas and their interpretations can show a client his personal talents, developmental characteristics and possible events as well as fate risks.

    There is no fatalism in astrology, but each person has their own set of characteristics. On top of that set comes inner freedom, which is limitless.

    It is impossible to reduce astrology to a single mechanism for all, where you do this, you get that, because the actions for each horoscope will be individual.