Astrological signs ranked from nicest to meanest

Meanest zodiac signs and people who represent them can irritate, troll you, and sometimes create problems out of nothing. MegaHarbor unveils the meanest qualities of each zodiac sign bearing in mind that even stars can be wrong sometimes. We hope this will help you avoid hidden pitfalls when dealing with people.

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Pisces (19 February–21 March)

Unlike Aquarius or Scorpio, Pisces are extremely sensitive and delicate. This is good on the one hand, but not very good on the other. Everything makes them cry, excessive emotions are common for them. But what really can be annoying about Pisces is their unreliability, lack of focus, and infantilism. These people will not miss the opportunity to condemn their relatives and friends behind their backs. Sometimes, Pisces demonstrate so much negativity with respect to people they don't even know very well. However, they are quite harmless most of the time. They lack energy and focus to become a real destructive force.

Aquarius (20 January–19 February)

They really want to be what they are not, they always play someone else's role instead of being themselves. And this ridiculous trait makes Aquarians look dumber than they are. Another irritating (or rather outrageous) feature of Aquarians is a lack of tact: Aquarius can hurt with a stupid joke, but they will only apologize out of decency. At the same time, if they are personally offended, they react noisily and violently. Aquarians' near and dear are often offended by their lack of attention. Anyway, their destructive and mean power is limited to their social circle.

Libra (23 September–23 October)

Representatives of this star sign find it difficult to voice claims to others or to initiate a conflict in order to protect their interests. Phsychological pressure accumulates and, as a discharge, Libras use sarcasm. Loved ones, as well as those who treat Libra with sympathy, often wonder: why is there so much unjustified bile in what they say? As soon as a friend stops giving something to Libra, they immediately switch to another friend who can give them more than the previous one. Libras can be unfaithful, but they will never admit it. At any rate, Mars, the planet of energy, is frustrated in this sign which means Libras lack energy to do anything really mean.

Taurus (20 April–21 May)

Stubbornness and laziness are frequent companions of Taurus. They do not tolerate change, they do not like to modify anything, and they have a lot of ambitions, and even more needs and desires. Lying on the couch and getting rich is the optimal scenario for a Taurus. In love, Taurus can show some cruelty or even sadism. They hate being contradicted and can develop dictatorial traits. But because of their laziness, the circle of their victims is narrow. They are unable to reach out for a wider audience, unless there is an extremely favorable background (Adolf Hitler, for instance).

Leo (23 July–23 August)

The exaggerated ego of Leos makes them arrogant, and lack of self-irony makes them funny. By the way, Leos are convinced that they have a great sense of humor. For this reason, they joke a lot, expecting applause, and are greatly surprised by the awkward silence that sometimes accompanies their jokes. At the same time, Leos are very generious. The can forgive not because of their compassionate nature but simply because they do not want to focus on something petty. They can become very angry and ferocious only when betrayed or deceived. Then, they can show their hidden nature of a real beast, make a serious scandal, and become quite dangerious.

Gemini (21 May–21 June)

Gemini are swift and extremely sociable, but this trait may hide their unwillingness to listen, excessive talkativeness, and a tendency to gossip. Many Geminis are really unable to perceive anyone other than themselves, they like to lead in conversations without even worrying about whether their tirades are interesting to their conversation partners. Add to this their dubious talent for creating rumors from scratch and their inability to keep other people's secrets, and it becomes clear why Geminis are sometimes shunned. This is the sign where Mercury, the planet of intellect and reason, feels great. Therefore, representatives of this star sign can create very complicated situations that may affect many people.

Virgo (23 August–23 September)

Sometimes, an obvious advantage turns out to be a disadvantage. This applies to Virgos, whose love of order, dutiful performance, and demanding behavior are both annoying and repulsive. This is another sign of Mercury (like Gemini), and the strong manifestation of intellect here is merged with the earth nature of the sign. As a result, Virgos are methodical, practical and systematic. Being critical of themselves, Virgos are also critical of other people. The habit of directing, criticizing, advising creates problems in communication: Virgos are often considered terrible bores and tyrants.

Scorpio (23 October–22 November)

Not so much nasty as unpleasant, Scorpio may be full of sarcasm, vitriol and arrogance. Representatives of this sign are often vindictive. They are skillful manipulators, and other people feel it. In friendship, Scorpios can also be mean towards even their best friends. However, their reputation as the meanest zodiac sign is exaggerated. Scorpios can faithfully love and give all of themselves to their beloved people until it seems to them that their partner has failed to comply with their high standards of trust and faithfulness. Then, beware!

Aries (21 March–20 April)

A great debater. Aries does not need a reason for discussion, the main thing for them is not the topic, but the tone: the louder and fiercer, the better. Aries does not know how to accept someone else's point of view. Democracy is not for them in principle. Some representatives of this sign are prone to do nasty things behind your back, surreptitiously. It doesn't have to do with cowardice, they just seem to like it. In love relationships, people of this fire sign can hide communication with the opposite sex from their partner. But they only do this when they don't get proper attention from their loved ones. Aries is the sign of Mars, the planet of energy, and they can be extremely destructive.

Cancer (21 June–23 July)

Moral issues are a standard problem faced by representatives of this star sign. They think they are strong, hard-working, open and honest. Cancers can use others for their own purpose. Most often, they only take, but they do not rush to give something in return. Because of this feature, Cancers are sometimes avoided by friends who were once very close to people of this sign. Often, a Cancer woman carefully calculates who can cope with the role of her husband, find out his material basis, and then go on the offensive. If a Cancer lady manages to lure a rich man into her net, she will cling to him with her large “claws” and will not let go anywhere. Male Cancers prohibit a lot of things to their partners. Ruled by the Moon, they behave like naughty kids, always dissatisfied with everything and always demand something. Although the planet of energy Mars is weak in this sign, Cancers are very cunning, and can do vile things which representatives of other signs can't even imagine.

Capricorn (22 December–20 January)

These people can be mean when trying to reach their goals. In this case, Capricorn moves ahead and pays no attention to other people. Capricorn can even betray. Of course, there is a narrow circle of closest associates against whom Capricorn will not go, but this sign is completely merciless to outsiders. In love relationships, Capricorns are real tyrants: they are jealous possessors. Capricorns are capable of careful planning, and they have energy to perform what they've planned (Mars is exalted in this sign). Capricorn women carefully plan their future, including money matters. Summing it up, Capricorn is a dangerious and devastating enemy for those who do not fall within the narrow circle of people who Capricons take care of.

Sagittarius (23 November–22 December)

Sagittarius is an ideal troll whose sources of energy are negative emotions and tricky situations. Let's face it, typical Sagittarians are hypocrites, although they'll never admit it. They find numerious reasons for squabbling. They are ruled by expansive Jupiter who gives them open-mindedness, but frustrated Mercury means that Sagittarians are often not good at thinking before they act. Sagittarians cheat in love because they are not loyal: they don't want to limit themselves with a single option. But they are categorical when it comes to themselves: if a someone deceives them, this person will no longer be trusted by Sagittarius. So, what's so wrong with Sagittarius that makes us rank them first in out list of meanest zodiac sings? Their expansive, propelling nature, rudeness, and lack of mindfulness that can cause immense destruction (for instance, Joseph Stalin in Russia). Therefore, Sagittarius is the meanest zodiac sign.


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