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People with Mars in Virgo are characterized by realism and analytical thinking. Their lives follow a clear, well-coordinated schedule. They are always in business, always on the move. These are people with sense of duty who try to complete the work they started and fulfill their promises.

People with Mars in Virgo are attentive to the smallest details. They are perfectionists and, if they do something, they strive to do it perfectly. It is important for them to be an expert in their field of activity.

They can criticize themselves and others, but they do not like rudeness—usually, their criticism does not go beyond the bounds of decency.

If something upsets them, they will whine and complain—and this is quite a serious test for those who will be around. But the good news is that their whining usually doesn’t last long.

They have a delicate nervous system. These people think too much, and sometimes it leads to a nervous breakdown.

Mars in Virgo endows people with a love of order and structure. Their lives are ordered, every step carefully thought out. Their daily life and work are usually subject to a strict schedule. Since they are naturally prone to mental chaos, they like to organize their lives to the maximum and get rid of everything superfluous.

If necessary, they can manage multiple tasks at the same time. Unpromising projects are abandoned without regret.

As for the romantic life, they use the same perfectionist approach—they try to be the best at what they do. Their curious nature makes them open to experiments in bed. However, on the first date, they may seem timid and insecure.

The zodiac sign of Virgo, although it belongs to the earth element, which gives thoroughness and patience, is a sign of the mutable cross. And the disadvantage of the position of Mars in Virgo is that when starting work, a person is too carried away with details and can go far from the original task in the process, delving into new details.

The details take them further and further away. And, as a result, people with Mars in Virgo feel that they will never finish their work. They want to take into account every minor detail. This can be manifested both in everyday life and in professional activity.

The position of Mars in Virgo inclines a person to follow a strictly established order. Such people know what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. And if someone in the environment does not follow their rules, this can outrage people with Mars in Virgo. People with this Mars placement are prone to boredom and nitpicking.

People with their Mars in Virgo in the natal chart do not possess much willpower, but can concentrate on the task at hand—they are diligent and patient.

In general, the position of Mars in Virgo helps people become a professional in any area that is of interest for them. It may take much longer for them to reach their ultimate goal than others, but their results are often close to perfect.

People with Mars in Virgo should moderate their criticality a little and learn to be more lenient with both their own and other people’s mistakes. They should remember that there are no perfect people.

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