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AstrologyMars In Sagittarius

If your Mars is placed in Sagittarius, then you are distinguished by purposefulness, enterprise, and idealism. You are following a bright and distant star in the sky. You are constantly making plans, launching new projects, exploring new opportunities, and expanding your horizons. You are exploring this world. You are looking for the wisdom of life, interested in high spiritual and philosophical ideologies of different cultures.

Mars in Sagittarius strives for a high goal. People with this placement will not be content with a quiet and secure existence. They like to expand their horizons, get out of their comfort zone, take risks.

Mars in Sagittarius gives you positive thinking, faith in success and a philosophical attitude to failure. Such a person knows how to be flexible and can quickly recover from disappointments, inspired by a new promising idea. These are people who infect others with their enthusiasm and self-confidence. It is not difficult for them to enlist the support of others.

If Mars is placed in Sagittarius in your birth chart, you may make promises you can’t keep—because of excessive optimism or lack of realism. You tend to get distracted and start doing several things at once. You need to develop perseverance and staying power to make your dreams and goals come true. Often, you do not achieve what you could have achieved, because you give up when faced with difficulties.

You like to compete, but you usually don’t take it too seriously. You are friendly, optimistic, impulsive, enthusiastic, and independent. You can be an active traveler. This is a very sporty Mars. You can be an athlete, or at least do some outdoor fitness. Other alternatives for you: hiking, mountaineering, cycling, camping.

You are prone to risk-taking and gambling! The cosmic energy of Mars in Sagittarius can make you a daredevil who risks their finances and personal safety.

You have a tendency to exaggerate. Strong religious and philosophical beliefs can send you on a “crusade.” With an aflicted Mars in Sagittarius, a person can be harsh, conflicted, unpleasant, self-satisfied, verbose, intolerant, and dishonest. Living for some lofty purpose with such a Mars can complicate a person’s future if they don’t become more practical.

Mars in Sagittarius in a woman’s horoscope indicates preferences in love. Such women like freedom-loving and enterprising men. They need a partner who will be their best friend. People with Mars in Sagittarius have a hot temperament, and monogamy is probably not their choice. However, if you do not want to remain a perpetual bachelor, look for a partner who is more flexible in the relationship.

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