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Mars in the compassionate Pisces gives the innate gift of empathy. There are many feelings floating in your ocean of emotions! You are naturally attuned to other people’s needs and can become something of a psychological sponge.

The anxious and emotional Mars in Pisces makes it difficult for you to relax, knowing that there are people around who need help. Sometimes your desire to alleviate the suffering of others can become a heavy burden. You take other people’s problems too much to heart.

You need to learn how to separate yourself from other people, set personal boundaries, and protect your personal space. Only this will give you peace of mind. Also, psychotherapy, energy recovery techniques (for example, Reiki), salt baths will help to calm down. Make time for meditative activities, such as keeping a diary, gardening, swimming (a special pleasure for Pisces), listening to soothing music.

If Mars is in Pisces in your natal chart, you tend to express your activity and aggression gently, without entering into a struggle and confrontation. At heart, you are a pacifist—you do not like direct clashes and confrontations. You prefer clandestine activities and avoid open conflicts. In extreme cases, you are ready to give up something, just not to join the fight.

Since you are not too interested in personal achievements, fame, material benefits, and defeating opponents, you may seem unstable and weak-willed to others. You have no ambitions for professional, social or financial heights—you will be quite happy to support and work for the benefit of other people or for the cause in which you believe.

You may have difficulty setting clear and defined goals. You don’t fully understand what you want from life. The only thing you know and feel for sure is that you need to find a spiritual goal. You are full of dreams and high ideals. You have a powerful mystical or religious impulse. You also have a creative imagination and can be successful in art or music. You are intuitive, diplomatic, and have a good sense of humor.

In love, a man with Mars in Pisces is a typical romantic. You do not waste time on small things, you need a relationship for life. Mars, the planet of passion, in the sign of Pisces can make you fixated on the topic of love and relationships.

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