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Mars in Leo gives people a constant desire to do something. They are active, resourceful and strive for creativity in any form. Such people strive for a successful life and a high social status.

People with Mars in Leo love to perform in public. They are creative and always ready to improvise. Mars in Leo accelerates the human reaction and gives confidence in their actions. This position of Mars is great for sports. These people do not just focus on winning, but also try to create a spectacular show for the audience. They want to be admired, and so they work for the public. They will be good wherever physical activity and competition are combined with elements of the show. They can’t stand failure. Therefore, they choose only those competitions where they are sure of their victory.

Such people deal with aggression in an adequate way, since the sign of Leo does not prevent the expression of the energy of Mars. Creativity (for example, dancing or singing) or physical exercise will help them get rid of anger. The only problem with this Mars is over-dramatizing the situation in moments of anger, because Leo wants to be the center of the universe even when they are annoyed. Pumping up emotions can cause heart problems, especially when there are stressful aspects to Mars in the natal chart. In this case, you need to learn how to control your emotions and not overexercise.

People with Mars in Leo are very passionate and emotional. They like to take risks, but, as a rule, they do not act in a hurry. They need to think everything well first. It is important for them to have a goal in life and a plan to achieve it.

Those who have their Mars in Leo are very sociable, their charm is hard to resist, and they use it to their advantage to get what they want.

They are quite sexy and excitable, but their feelings and affection are usually constant. Despite the fact that they enjoy physical intimacy much more than many other signs, yet they are extremely important to romance and psychological intimacy in the relationship. They want to see loyalty and adoration in their partner.

If someone offends a person with Mars in Leo, they will do their best to defend their honor and dignity. People with such a placement of Mars are often egocentric, but they always listen to their heart and are ready to share their love with others.

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