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If your Mars is in Gemini, you may lack concentration and get distracted easily. It’s not your fault—your Mars gets bored quickly and seeks new impressions!

Gemini is an airy and changeable sign. Therefore, in order to feel good, you need new experiences and exciting adventures.

When there is little movement and change in your life, you get tired quickly. When your schedule is packed to the brim, you are energized and motivated. Being busy is best for you, otherwise you will get bored.

Mars demonstrates its aggressive side in Gemini by using sharp words. You will definitely say out loud the reason for your anger, because you have a need to explain your anger in words. It helps you deal with negative emotions.

When you are angry, or when you are hurt, you can be very sarcastic and offend other people with words.

People with Mars in Gemini love to argue, and they have no equal in arguing if the rest of their natal chart supports this. They are smart and use it to their advantage when trying to win an argument. These people are able to properly build dialogues, they will be able to find a common language with any person in any situation.

Mars in Gemini can result in nervous tics and increased nervousness. Many people with such a placement of Mars realize this nervous energy through their hands (Gemini rules hands). They may play musical instruments, draw, perform magic tricks, or otherwise express themselves by using their hands.

People with Mars in Gemini swim in the flow of life and enjoy it. And they get a special pleasure when life challenges them. They are usually up to their ears in business and spin like a squirrel in a wheel, because they like to take on new projects.

However, be careful, because you can take on too much and fail to accomplish the numerous tasks. This can result in depression.

As a rule, people with this position of Mars are not interested in something for long. So, it will be better to try to focus your skills on one area without dissipating energy in many directions.

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