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Mars in Capricorn is in exaltation! To have a birth chart with Mars in the ambitious sign of Capricorn is a double blessing, especially for a career. Success is already in your cosmic DNA. Having set yourself a worthy goal, you begin to work tirelessly to achieve it. Your tanks are filled to the brim with energy! Mars repeatedly enhances the qualities inherent in Capricorn: perseverance, leadership, hard work and wealth accumulation skills.

If your Mars is located in Capricorn, your activity will be directed to the realization of ambitions related to power, recognition and social status. You don’t want to play a secondary role—you want to be a leader in everything you do. If you use this energy unwisely, you can give others the impression of a ruthless manipulator who sweeps away everything in their path.

Mars in Capricorn is efficient, persistent, organized, practical, disciplined and constant in their pursuit of success. All the energy of such a person is directed to the realization of practical, material goals and the achievement of concrete results.

Mars in Capricorn gives a special magic. You are as creative as you are productive. First you draw inspiration from deep sources of your soul, and then you use that inspiration to reach the heights of success. Be warned: it’s easy for you to cross the line of workaholism by performing an important professional task or obsessively creating a work of art. Until you achieve what you want, it will be difficult to relax.

You are very hardworking. You are able to give up the comfort of here and now in order to achieve long-term goals. You can easily become a workaholic, because responsibility and conscientiousness are qualities inherent in you from birth. You are absolutely unable to take risks when it comes to the implementation of your plans. Most likely, you will prefer a conservative, proven path. You rely on your own efforts and perseverance, not on the favor of fortune.

Mars in Capricorn gives the native a powerful insight and intuition in the field of business and management. You are ambitious, persistent, patient, independent, and responsible. You may be slow to assimilate the material, which is why training make take quite a long time; but all the knowledge is stored in your brain deeply and firmly.

With stressful aspects, a person can be quick-tempered and touchy about any little thing. In this case, it is important to control your aggression. Learn to forgive and forget grievances, and to release the accumulated negative emotions in a positive way.

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