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Mars in Cancer makes people passive-aggressive. As a rule, these people do not like changes and strive for calm and balance. They avoid problems and disputes in every possible way.

However, they are always ready to stand up for friends and family members. From the outside, they may seem too soft and gentle, but in fact they have a huge inner strength! And this strength is in their determination!

If Mars is in the sign of Cancer in your natal chart, most likely, you are very sensual. You tend to build a protective wall around yourself. It will take quite a long time for you to let someone get close to you. However, once you trust someone, you will be close to that person forever.

People with Mars in Cancer are better off working under someone else’s guidance. Their work may be related to providing services to other people.

It is better for them to direct their energy outward, not inward. They tend to take a defensive stance and protect themselves from real or fictional dangers. They are very sensitive to external pressure.

Sometimes, Mars in Cancer tries to inspire other people with a sense of guilt or can manipulate them in order to achieve what they want. If people with such a Mars placement are faced with attacks in their address or feel cornered, they will show violent outbursts of aggression.

People with Mars in Cancer often have difficulty expressing their feelings. It can be difficult for them to deal with their mental mess. They are prone to anxiety. A clear daily routine and rules of behavior will help them reduce their level of anxiety.

Mars in Cancer gives a strong, calming energy. And despite the high walls such people can build around themselves, they are still confident enough to protect and take care of others.

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