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AstrologyMars In Aries

Aries is a fast sign, acting instinctively. These qualities can also be attributed to the position of Mars in Aries. People with Mars in Aries are impulsive, active, and excellent at making quick decisions.

As for the manifestations of anger, these people are very hot-tempered, but also forgiving. They express their anger sincerely and directly. People with Mars in Aries prefer to live in the present, without dwelling on the past.

People with Mars in Aries usually trust their intuition and purposefully go to their goal. They are willing to work hard to achieve what they want. They are able to quickly make effective decisions and benefit from them.

When making decisions, they are primarily focused on themselves and their needs. They will only do what is most appropriate for them. They don’t care what other people think.

The characteristics of this Mars placement are spontaneity, ability to transform, and simplicity.

People with Mars in Aries are always one step ahead. They’re always on the lookout. These people love a life full of surprises. They hate monotony, they are bored with routine, predictability gives them psychological discomfort.

Starting a new project from scratch is the perfect task for Mars in Aries. They’ll do it with great pleasure. They passionately overcome any obstacles they face, and they even like to face problems head-on.

If you are in a relationship with such a person, prepare for strong emotions. They are incredibly impulsive, and sometimes it may seem that they are on a different wave. Just go with the flow, being prepared for unpredictabile turns. These people charge others with their energy and enthusiasm. With them, you will definitely not get bored.

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