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AstrologyMars in Aquarius

A person with Mars in Aquarius is passionate about progress and strives to make this world a better place for all people. “Strange” is the most appropriate description for those who were born with Mars in Aquarius. With your rebelliousness, you want to shake up society—starting from the choice of provocative clothing to unpredictable actions.

Mars in Aquarius is active in unique and original ways. Even in the most mundane matters, you can demonstrate a genius approach. You are inventive, a little eccentric, unconventional, and perhaps a little rebellious.

You may be interested in mechanics, electronics, science, science fiction. The left hemisphere of the brain, which deals with science, technology, engineering and mathematics, will guide you through life. You have an extraordinary mind, caution, independence, freedom and enterprise. You have a great response in emergency situations.

Mars in Aquarius has generously gifted you with organizational skills. When you turn on your electrified enthusiasm (Aquarius in astrology controls electricity), people rush to you, ready to take part in any mission. Your natural desire to “give” may lead you to working for a nonprofit fundraising organization or in other areas that help those in need.

Teamwork attracts people with Mars in Aquarius. You prefer to pursue your goal not alone, but in the company of like-minded people. You like to take part in social events, group events, and unite with other people with similar ideals and beliefs. You are progressive and democratic. You do not seek to have power over other people.

You are a team player. In your work and in your daily life, you apply an innovative and non-standard approach, as well as science and new technologies. You may be impatient and fickle in your desires.

When there are tense aspects, a person with Mars in Aquarius can be too aggressive, hostile, conflicted, and argumentative. In this case, you will have to control your radical and rebellious impulses and remember that sometimes haste can lead to losses.

When it comes to love and romance, you have no preconceptions or limitations. Traditional relationships may seem limited and boring to you. The energy of Mars in this sign gives you the opportunity to love several people at the same time. Because of this, you may prefer a short-term relationship or enter into a “free relationship.”

Of course, there are other elements in the birth chart that affect love—for example, the Moon and Venus, so you can also be monogamous with specific planet placements. But, in any case, you need a partner without prejudice, who will not be jealous of you if you hug someone or spend a lot of time with your many online and offline friends.

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