The Japanese multinational technology and entertainment company, Sony, took the world in a storm with Wednesday’s release of the PlayStation 5 and a pre-order just the day after. The hype and craze for Sony’s new console swept up all stocks of the PlayStation 5’s pre-order from Sony and even its retailers, with scalpers taking most of the console and reselling it more than its price.

One of the most-awaited and in-demand pieces of technology today, the PlayStation 5, dominates the entire market with its crazy hype and popularity since Sony’s showcase event. Sony’s PlayStation 5 was recently unveiled through the company’s social media live stream on September 16.

The PlayStation 5 would be available on November 12 for the US, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korean markets while its global-wide release would occur on November 19. Sony announced the PlayStation’s pre-order on its live streams and Twitter post, thus confirming the next day’s purchase availability.


Sony’s launch is one of the most hyped and celebrated releases of this year, with pre-orders stock vanishing in just a short time. The console demand in today’s market-led to loads of scalpers to get their hands on the console and sell it for more than its retail price.

American multinational e-commerce company, eBay, now sees a massive surge of scalpers selling their pre-order rights for almost twice the retail price. The average selling price of “legit” pre-ordered PS5 sells for $700 to $1000. However, some resellers take advantage of the demand and offer the console for insane prices.

eBay’s Insane PlayStation 5 Scalpers

The e-commerce website recently received a surge in bids, offers, and listings that show “CONFIRMED” and “Legit” pre-orders of the in-demand PlayStation 5. The console floods the website with numerous listings and offers that are $200 to $500 more than its selling price.


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Two hundred dollars to $500 is already a considerable amount of money for the sellers to receive, more than what they have spent on the console’s pre-orders. This money can be used to buy a new PlayStation 5 for its retail price once the November release occurs, and Sony replenishes stocks, accessories, and numerous games to play.

Retail Price $500 to $1000

There are still eBay bidders who offer a low-balled price of the console, only one-centavo more expensive than its original retail with Sony. PlayStation 5 consoles as low as $500 appears on eBay and have numerous bids under its list.


(Photo : eBay Screenshot)

Some eBay resellers list their pre-ordered PlayStation 5 for $200 more than the retail price at $700. This price point is the average and mostly seen on the e-commerce website. Many users offer just a small price increase for the in-demand console. However, bidding wars raised the price from its $700 start, now on the $1000 range.

Crazy Price $8,000 to $10,000, and a whopping $25,000

Moving up to the crazy price range, eBay sellers list their pre-ordered PS5s in the $8,000 to $10,000 mark with several bids fighting for the sale even though it exceeds the retail price by $7500 to $9500. Retailer names are even used, such as “Target Confirmed” and “Gamespot Verified,” along with its title.


(Photo : eBay Screenshot)

However, the most insane listing to ever grace eBay is a user offering the precious console at a starting bid of $25,000. This price is relatively the most massive pre-order price on eBay that is 50 times more than its original Sony price.


(Photo : eBay Screenshot)

Gamers worldwide are becoming more desperate to get their hands on Sony’s latest console release, the PlayStation 5, to get the best in gaming.

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  1. Oh No!! I just read that Gamestop put up PS5 preorder on their website! They sold out so fast. I guess I don’t mind rocking my PS4 for a while longer. Were you quick enough to get your preorder in?


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