Karmic Tasks Of Each Zodiac Sign

AstrologyKarmic Tasks Of Each Zodiac Sign


(21 March–19 April)

karmic tasks of each zodiac sign

Your karmic task is to be a leader and pioneer everywhere and in everything, to lead people, to initiate new ideas and projects. You are the driving force behind every action.

You cannot and should not live in a quiet routine of daily affairs, you need to make a breakthrough that, in the end, will have an indelible impact on the people around you.

Do not seek to sit on the bench: your task as a born leader is to elevate to new heights all that is in decline and requires new infusions of energy and pressure.

The desire to live is the driving principle that allows you to move forward quickly.


(20 April–20 May)

karmic tasks of each zodiac sign

The karmic task of Taurus is to develop skills and talents from birth throughout life.

You should strive to achieve a good financial position through hard work in your chosen career field. The second pillar and meaning of your life is your family.

You are encouraged to dedicate your life to the constant work of harmonizing and building lasting relationships in marriage to fulfill your destiny.


(21 May–20 June)

karmic tasks of each zodiac sign

It is important for Gemini to always think of their loved ones, sometimes forgetting about their needs and actively participating in the lives of others.

Gemini gets help from the Universe only by helping themselves. At the same time, try never to impose their advice and opinions, give without expecting anything in return.

You must learn not to collect a little information from everywhere and communicate with a large number of people, but, on the contrary, to deepen the knowledge in the selected areas, becoming, indeed, an expert in them.

Do not get distracted in communication, focus on your close people and real friends.


(21 June–22 July)

karmic tasks of each zodiac sign

Your task is not easy, but interesting. You have to realize your karmic debts and the program of your species. You need to complete those karmic tasks that were left unresolved in your family.

At the same time, it is important not to repeat the mistakes made by your ancestors. Talk to your parents, find out how your relatives, great-grandfathers and great-grandmothers lived, what dreams and plans they had, what they achieved in life and what was left out of their reach.

By resolving clan karma, you and your children will live without unnecessary burdens.


(23 July–22 August)

karmic tasks of each zodiac sign

Leo’s karmic task is to be a leader, but not for the sake of narcissism, but to guide people, to be a flagship and a guide for them.

You must, as a leader, take responsibility for your subordinates, be able to stand up for those around you. At the same time, you must not indulge in any form of despotism, violence and imposition of your position on others.

To follow their destiny, lions must also turn their gaze towards creativity and art. The stage is your vocation and art is the air you breathe.


(23 August–22 September)

karmic tasks of each zodiac sign

Destiny tells Virgo to work, learn and broaden their horizons. Without knowledge, they will not be able to reach a qualitatively new level of life.

The memory of the past may incline them to laziness, rest and abandonment of work. But, no matter how regrettable it was, “no pains, no gains.”

Therefore, Virgo must constantly perform intellectual work, analyze and look for new ways to solve existing problems by means of their professional erudition.


(23 September–22 October)

karmic tasks of each zodiac sign

Libra, your mission is to learn to see the reverse side of the coin in all life situations, to distinguish semitones and stop dividing the world only into black and white.

The law of karma tells you to stop trying to stick to one particular option or scenario. It urges you to understand that everything in this life has a double bottom line, has its own beauty and uniqueness.

Therefore, you should seek such a precarious balance and not try to give preference to one or the other “scale.”

The Universe has created you to create beauty and be a rare connoisseur of it. Admiration for beauty, subtlety and harmony of forms in the face of stark reality: this is the vector of your life.


(23 October–21 November)

karmic tasks of each zodiac sign

The karmic program of Scorpio is a total transformation of the personality.

You have to learn not to judge, not to be offended, not to argue and, most importantly, not to hold a grudge against anyone.

During your life, you have to go through four stages: a lizard, a tarantula, an eagle, and a dove.

If you can get rid of karmic debts, curb the emotions of anger, aggression and rage, stop manipulating others and criticizing everyone around you, you will approach liberation and a joyful and harmonious life.


(22 November–21 December)

karmic tasks of each zodiac sign

Sagittarius, you are very lucky in this life. Your destiny is to study, constantly engage in knowledge of the world around you, familiarize yourself with religions, cultures and various philosophies.

Be meaningful about what is happening to you, look for cause-and-effect relationships. You must stop chaotically spreading your energy left and right, “jumping” like a centaur, guided by your instincts and desires.

The voice of reason is what should guide you. Listen to the people around you, learn different points of view and only after that form your idea of a particular phenomenon.

Try to create in your perception a holistic picture of the world, where completely different points of view coexist.


(22 December–19 January)

karmic tasks of each zodiac sign

The vector of your development and karmic destiny is directed only upward, only forward. Hard work, a career and a position of high leadership: that’s why you appeared in this world.

You must establish yourself in society, consolidate your social position. Professional achievements and social growth are essential factors for a successful life.

You can afford to live only for yourself, following your personal aspirations and goals, but you cannot afford to “go over your head” and realize your dreams at the expense of other people’s resources. Otherwise, you will form negative karma for your family and especially for your children.


(20 January–18 February)

karmic tasks of each zodiac sign

You belong to the world. Your destiny simply forbids you to limit your life to a narrow circle of family and friends. Live and create for the world. Fresh ideas, original solutions, extraordinary projects: you must be the source of it all.

Aquarius, sometimes, you must forget about your own interests to please other people’s interests. Take an active part in social life, attend social events, work for the good of the community. Find your professional vocation in economics, politics, history, culture, philosophy or religion.

Revolutionary ideas and a non-standard view of the world: this is what you should bring wherever you work and create.


(19 February–20 March)

karmic tasks of each zodiac sign

You must completely abandon the narrow material perception of the world, relying only on spiritual feeling and subtle intuitive vision.

A pragmatic approach to life is strictly forbidden for you: you are a person of art. Do not try to limit the flight of your imagination, set it free, this will make your soul soar.

Find yourself a muse from which you will be inspired and create. If you create a family union, first of all, it must be based on a spiritual connection, and spiritual values must become the foundation. Make decisions based on your inner voice, don’t let reason and dry calculation take over.

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