The ‘Dynasty’ actress apparently refused to wear a face mask during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic until a French law enforcement officer ‘pounced’ on her.

Joan Collins has given in and will finally wear a face mask – but only if it matches her outfit.

The “Dynasty” star took to instagram to share a snap of herself looking sensational in a blue, floral dress and matching face mask, as she posed alongside her outdoor furniture at her home in St. Tropez.

“Thank you Jackie Palmer, even though I said I would never wear a matching mask,” she penned in the caption, praising the fashion designer.

In a column for Spectator, the 87-year-old “Dynasty” star said she was “pounced upon” when an official spotted her wearing a clear, plastic visor rather than a face mask, which have been mandatory in indoor public spaces in France since 21 July (20).

“An officious gendarme became deeply offended by it, and while I was mulling over the benefits of Ikea’s gravadlax vs its smoked salmon, he pounced,” she wrote.

“Gesticulating in Gallic fashion, he yelled at me to put on a proper mask, because visors aren’t legal. Chastised, I slunk away, muttering an Anglo-Saxon expletive under my breath, which, as he glared at me, I feared he might have understood.”

“I then tried wearing a clear plastic face mask, of the sort which all the staff at the Byblos were wearing, but although it was easier to speak and to be understood, it forced my face into a hideous rictus,” “The Royals” star added.

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