How to Promote Your Instagram and Start Making Money

TrendsHow to Promote Your Instagram and Start Making Money

Instagram has quickly transformed itself from a simple photo-sharing platform into a powerful advertising platform for developing a personal blog. However, to promote your account, you must clearly understand how the algorithm of the popular application works. We will tell you about a few simple ways of promotion, which you can use to pump up your account and increase your reach today.

Pick a niche you like

how to promote your instagram and start making money

The first thing you should do to promote your account is to choose a topic that you have a personal interest in. That way you’ll be more willing to create new content and develop your profile. You can build a successful business on the basis of any skills, so think about what you’d like to do. Maybe you’re good at foreign languages, travel a lot, you’re a good cook, you’re good at sports, or you already have an idea for a business start-up that’s hungry to reach an audience. Choose the best option for you that you want to spend your energy and time on.

Share interesting stories

If you think you can promote your Instagram just by sharing colorful photos, you’re wrong. The captions to these photos are just as important as the photos themselves, because they are what keep your followers engaged and interested. Share interesting stories and helpful tips, talk about yourself and your projects to increase the credibility of your personal brand. Remember, posts should be informative and written in plain language. People come to Instagram for distraction and rest, not to burden themselves with complicated terms.

Publish the posts consistently

Consistent publishing of content is another important prerequisite for promoting your Instagram. Most famous bloggers post daily or at least several times a week. If you’re having trouble keeping to that schedule, you can schedule your posts using tools like Seolit, Crowdfire or ViralTag. These platforms allow you to create content in advance by setting a date and time to publish, and automatically post to your feed.

how to promote your instagram and start making money

Choose the right hashtags

Hashtags are important because they allow other users to find your posts. Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per photo, but not all of them will be equally useful to you. Avoid using common terms, because their popularity doesn’t mean they’ll be right for your blog. In addition, they will show the posts of thousands of other people when you click through, so there’s a good chance that your content will get lost in the posts of more promoted bloggers and will not stand up to the competition.

Connect a business account

With a business account, you have access to a variety of tools to promote on Instagram. You can see where your followers are coming from, which posts are considered more interesting, and analyze the days and times when it’s best to post. Another benefit you get with a business account is the ability to run ads for your content, whether it’s interesting articles or specific products. The profile is free to join—you just need to have a Facebook page.

Anyone can start earning money on Instagram, but to do this, you need to optimize the performance of your account, in particular to attract subscribers and generate interest in your account.

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